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CR Screening Report & Vigilance Clearance of officers for Regular promotion to the grade of E-3 i.e, SDE(Telecom). << for detail click here>>

30-12-2008 ACR Screening Report & Vigilance Clearance of officers for Regular promotion to the grade of E-5<<Click here for details>> Yes
30-12-2008 Revision of Seniority List of TES Group "B" Officers of MTNL in compliance of Hon'ble High court of Delhi judgment Dated 11-08-2008 in CWP No.12584-614/2005-reg.<<Click here for details>> Yes

National executives' meeting of NCOA was held on 28-12-08 in swami siwanand memorial institute east punjabi bagh, Delhi. meeting was attended by  representatives of different PSUs. from MTNL, meeting was attended by Com.V.K.Tomar, GS, Com Parmil Gupta, Sr. Vice president & Com. G.P.Bose SDE (MLDN).After a long discussion a resolution was passed tha following points are further to be taken up with DPE.

1.Restoration of risk pay which was recommended by 2nd PRC which was taken away by GoS.
2.Annual increament 4% instead of 3%, because it is already 4% in many PSUs.
3. Periodicity of pay revision 5 years.
4.Pay scales of A category to all PSUs instead of present orders of pay scales of D category  to all PSUs .etc

29-12-2008 Extension of last date (28/02/2009) for exercising the option for Pro-rata Pensionary Benefits by Gr. A & B offficers absorved in MTNL w. e. f. 01.10.2000 under Rule 37-A of CCS (Pension) Rule, 1972. <<Click here for letter>> Yes

GS spoke to DIR(HR) , who informed that Association's demand for extending last date of pro-rata pension option is being considered and orders will be issued shortly. He also informed that pay scales notified by DPE has been adopted by MTNL Board in its meeting on dated 26/12/2008. This decision will be conveyed to DoT for its approval . Decision on fitment and implementation of scales will be taken shortly . He also informed that management Trainees recruitment against outsiders quota was also discussed . GS has conveyed  the decision of Association to oppose any such move of management.


MTNL has adopted the pay scales notified by DPE in today’s Board Meeting.


We have come to know that cabinet note for pension at par with BSNL was prepared and sent to group of ministers for their perusal before taking it to cabinet. GoM has asked 2-3 queries from Dot. Reply is being prepared.

23.12.08 After Our persistent efforts and persuasions MTNL  Corporate Office has ultimately decided to hold DPC for regular promotion to E3 grade posts of various disciplines . CO has asked for CR screening report and vigilance clearance of Officers from Delhi/Mumbai units. PLease click <the link for downloading the letter>    yes

GS along with other CHQ office bearers met DIR(HR) on 22-12-08 and discussed following points.
1.Extension of last date of exercising pro rata-option - Association demanded extension of last date of exercising prorata option from 31 Dec upto the final decision by cabinet on pension in MTNL at par with BSNL. After detailed discussion Dir(HR) was convinced with our arguments for extending the last date. He asked GS to write a letter to him in this respect. GS has written latter to Dir(HR) for extending the last date upto june 2009.

2.Ist time bound financial upgradation from E2 to E3 in 5 years instead of 6 years--Dir (HR) informed that he had cleared the proposal and sent to Dir(fin) for financial concurrence.

3.Time bound financial upgradation to those who were promoted bet Oct 2000 and oct2004 in 4 years instead of 5 years.-- dir (HR) informed that he had cleared the proposal and sent to Dir(Fin) for financial concurrence.

4.Seniority list of MTNL recruited JTOs--- Association told to Dir(HR) that seniority list has not yet been prepared because of pending information from CETTM mumbai in respect of trg marks of some JTOs. He asked DGM(HR) to get information immediately and finalize the seniority list.

5.Filling of all SDE vacancies of seniority cum fitness and competitive quota on regular basis immediately-- association expressed its resentment and concern over abnormal delay in filling the vacant vacancies on regular basis --Dir(HR) informed that the delay in holding competitive exam from JTO to SDE was because of unexpected delay in JAO exam. He assured that he will get the things expedited so that exam is conducted as early as possible & regarding seniority-cum-fitness promotion from E2 to E3 the process has begun.

6-MT recruitment from open market-- Association has strongly opposed the idea of management to recruit MT from out side and demanded that all vacancies are filled up from amongst internal candidates only. Dir(HR) asked association to rethink on this issue in the interest of MTNL and come again to discuss this issue.

7. Implementation of new pay package notified by DPE-- Dir (HR) informed that finance wing is calculating financial implications .It will shortly put up in board of directors meeting , and after board approval it will be sent to DOT for its approval   


United Forum of Executives of BSNL/MTNL held a discussion with Secretary DOT on his invitation at Sanchar Bhawan on dated 19-12-2008 and after a persistent negotiation concluded the meeting with a positive written assurance from the Secretary DOT to solve the various problem highlighted by the staff side. Hence it has been decided to defer the agitational programme of 22 Dec.2008 AND 23 Dec.2008 for the time being .For details click on the Yes link in the attachment column

17-12-2008 All India conference of SNEA was held at Badodra, Gujrat w.e.f 13-12-08 to 16-12-08. A grand open session was held on 15-12-08 in which Com.V.K.Tomar, MEA GS was invited. Huge gathering of open session was addressed by Shri.kuldip Goel, CMD BSNL, Shri satyapal CGM Gujrat, Com G.L.Jogi, Com W.S.Rao president NCOA , Com V.K.Tomar,GS,MEA,and General secretaries of United forum . All trade union leaders stressed on the need of removing duality in the Executive cadres,and reitrated thier demand of repatriation to DOT if the duality amongst Executives is not removed which is very much required for the servival of MTNL & BSNL . AIC SNEA & and  representatives of Executives Associations of MTNL/BSNL resolved and warned Govt & MTNL/BSNL managment that if the demand of united forum is not accepted than govt will have to face the music of strike starting from 23rd December 08. United forum appeals all executives to make 22nd Dec Rally from MTNL CGO office to MOC office Electronic Niketan and 23rd Dec STRIKE a grand success so that govt is compelled to consider our demand immediately.  No

Steel Authority Executives' Fedration of India (SEFI) called a meeting in their office at Hindustan Times building Connaught place to discuss the cabinet decision & DPE notification in respect of pay revision of CPSE's executives. Meeting was attended by representatives of various CPSEs. MEA was represented by GS, Com V.K.Tomar & OS, com R.K.Mudgil.In the meeting it was felt that committe of secretaries has taken away many good things recommended by justice M.G.Rao committee. Therefore ,Associations concluded to sought an appointment with Prime minister of India & Ministr of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises shri. Santosh mohan Dev so that beaurocratic attack on public sectors can be brought to the notice of PM & Minister . Steel Sector & Coal Sector took the responsibility to manage appoint with PM Minister.


NTPC Executives' Fedration of India (NEFI) held a demonstration infront of DPE office CGO complex on 11-12-08 and demanded improvement in the new pay compensations approved by cabinet. A copy of DPE notification in respect of pay revision was burnt infront of DPE office. Gathering was addressed by Com. V.K.Tomar, GS, MEA, Com . H.S.Jodhaka, GS, BHEL Executives' Fedration, President & GS of NEFI, Com Tuli, GS FCI officers Association.  

16-12-2008 For press cutting of News papers << Click Here>> Yes
13-12-2008 Rally on 22nd Dec 08 from MTNL office CGO Complex to Minister Office Electronic Niketen CGO, and indefinate Stick w. e. f. 23rd DEC 2008.HANDBILLS FOR THE Rally CAN BE DOWNLOADED BY CLICKING <THIS LINK> Yes

GS& AGS Com Sunil Kr met GM(HR) on 11-12-08 and discussed the  following issues.
1.Seniority list of MTNL recruited JTOs-- GM(HR) called the concerned DGM & AM in the meeting who informed that trg marks of some of JTOs are still to be recieved from CETTM Mumbai. GM(HR) directed DGM to cordinate with concerned CETTM officer to get marks immediately so that gradation list can be prepared.

2. Regular promotion from JTO to SDE(telecom) against competitive & seniority cum fitness quota-- GM(HR) instructed concerned staff to call for CRs against resultant vacancies of seniority cum fitness quota after taking into account the regular promotion against 50% post of DEs.GM(HR) could not give the acuurate time of holding the competitive exam. this will again be discussed with DIR(HR) shortly.

3. Ist time bound financial upgradation in 5 years including trg instead of 6 yrs .-- GM(hr) informed that almost decision has been taken and orders may be issued shortly.

4. Time bound promotion of those who were promoted between oct 2000 & Oct 2004 in four yrs instead of 5 yrs .-- Decision has been taken orders will be issued by next week

5.Implementation of new pay packages-- GM(HR) said that case will be shortly put up to finance wing as per DPE guidelines for thier exercise. He informed that they are making some exercise on new set of transport allowance . It will finally be put to higher ups after the discussion with Association.GS asked GM(HR) to have cafetaria approach while deciding perks so that one can choose perks according to his/her requirment.GM(HR) asked GS to give proposal for the same.

6.Revising the seniority of officers of MTNL who are in 553 officers whose seniority is to be decided as per court decision -- He asked concerned staff to expedite the case. concerned staff informed to GM(HR) that case will be put up in the month of Dec itself for decision at appropriate level.

12-12-2008 GS Write to CMD MTNL, regarding implementation of new pay of executives notified by DPE.
<<Click here for letter>>
12-12-2008 GS Write to Director (Fin) MTNL, regarding deduction of tax on prequisites from those who are provided with govt accommodation.
<<Click here for letter>>
11.12.2008 Congratulations ! Today PM launched our 3G services , which is india's first 3G network by the name “MTNL 3G Jadoo”. Initially, the coverage for 3G services would have core of Delhi covering Connaught Place, Sanchar Bhawan, Rajaji Marg, India Gate, Pragati Maidan, Delhi Gate and Minto Road. Tariffs are yet to be decided.  
General secretary along with President com jagvir singh,AGS, com Sunil Kr, Os com. R.K.Mudgil, Jt Secy com. R.S .Maan met ED Delhi on 4/12/08 and discussed following points.
1. Replacement of garuda service connections of officers with dolphin--after detailed discussion Ed assured to look into the demand raised by Association.
2.Filling of 4 posts of Executive Engineer(Civil) on officiating basis--Some posts of civil wing right from Chief Engineer to JTO were transfered from corporate office to Delhi unit. almost all posts of civil wing transfered from CO have been filled on officiating /regular basis except XEN posts. Now after detailed discussion ,ED appeared to beconvinced with the arguments of the association. he assured to look into this matter.
3 Frequent cable theft-- Association apprised ED with the frequent cable theft and also the reluctant attitude of Delhi police in lodging FIR. association requested ED to have a meeting with police commissioner of Delhi police. Ed assured to have a meeting with police commissioner .
4.Poor quality of telephone instruments and modems--Association raised that the quality of instrument and modems is very poor because of which it is being felt very much difficult to satisfy the customers. ED assured to look into this problem.
5.RF optimisation team for Wire less services-- At present there is no RF team in MTNL for radio frequency optimization of mobile services  because of wich proper optimization of mobile signals is not  being done.association took this issue very strongly. Ed informed that tender process has been started to procure optimization instrument and very shortly RF team will be in place.
6. Renovation of Kalibari inspection quarters.-- kalibari IQs are in a very bad condition. Association demanded for renovation of these IQs. Ed also agreed that Kalibari IQs are really in pathetic condition ,so he assured to do some thing for maintaining them in  proper condition.
7.Maintenance of power plant and other services were also discussed. Ed has asked detail information about the issues raised by assocition. 

A MASSIVE DHARNA at BSNL Corporate Office was a grand success. The leaders of United Forum gave a clarion call to intensify the course of trade union actions in the days to come. Further a rally will be held at Hon'ble MOC & IT's office on 22nd of December and indefinite strike will be held from 23rd December onwards.

The United Forum of BSNL & MTNL Executives’ Association have decided unanimously to re-exercise our option in line with the ongoing Gr.A absorption. All executives of BSNL & MTNL are requested to re-exercise  their option for DOT only as the DOT has already extended the dated of option up to 15.12.2008. All Executives of MTNL & BSNL are requested  to fill up the fresh option form  & submit the option to Secretary DOT New Delhi (Total 4 copies).

First Copy = addressed directly  to Secy. DoT by post.

Second Copy = addressed to Secy. DoT through Proper channel.

Third Copy = for the association.

Fourth Copy= for self.

<<<<absorption form>>>

<<<Press note>>>

04-12-2008 Extension of last date for calling of option for absorption of Group A officers of various services in MTNL/BSNL<Click here> Yes

Notice of Day long Dharna on 8th Dec. 2008, Rally on 22nd Dec 08 from MTNL office CGO Complex to Minister Office Electronic Niketen CGO, and indefinate Stick w. e. f. 23rd DEC 2008.HANDBILLS FOR THE DHARNA CAN BE DOWNLOADED BY CLICKING <THIS LINK>

For Notice <<Click here to download>>

2.12.2008 22 Officers have been promoted to STS of ITS Gp A. <Click the link for letter> yes
28.11.2008 DPE orders regarding pay commission- complete orders can be seen in the attchment. Please click this link yes
25-11-2008 Consolidated list of Empanelled Hospitals Yes
25-11-2008 GS Write to Executive Director MTNL Delhi, regarding replacement of Garuda service connection of the officers with dolphin connections.
<<Click here for letter>>
24-11-2008 You can calculate the second instalment of IDA merger Arear. <<For Formula please click here>> Yes

Union Cabinet has approved the recommendations of Pay revision committee of CPSE Executives. <<For Details click here>

20-11-2008 For news cutting 20-11-2008 of various news papers visit our media & press section or << Click here>> Yes

GS Write to Director (HR) regarding unjustified, illegal and unilateral decision of management by not allowing encashment of the earned leave at the credit of the pro-rata optee officers as on 30-09-2008
<<Click here for letter>>


ED Delhi unit has called for CRs on 17-11-2008 from directly recruited JTOs / JAOs / AMs, who have completed the required service period for considering them for time  bound upgradation. All the eligible officers are requested to send  their CRs to SDE (DPC), Room No 325, K. L. Bhawan, ND at the earliest.
<<Click here for the letter>>


Rally of United forum from BSNL Corporate office to parliament street, New Delhi. 

More then 3000 executives of the United forum participated in a massive rally which started from BSNL corporate office and was intercepted by police at Parliament street police station. The rally was addressed by GS/TEAM, GS/AIBSNL EA, GS/MTNL EA, GS/ SNEA(I) and Com M.K.Bagchi, ex-GS/JTOA(I). The enthusiasm and motivation of the participants of the rally was simply superb, with everyone reiterating his resolve to struggle to the last drop of his blood till the issue reaches its logical conclusion i.e repatriation of all the absorbed executives of BSNL/MTNL to DOT.  

Later on, a memorandum was submitted to Jt Secy/DOT by the GSs of all the constituents of the United forum, since Secy/DOT is out of Country and is expected to return on 24th Nov,08. We explained in detail our stand to Jt Secy/DOT and unequivocally conveyed to him that executives of BSNL/MTNL mean serious and real business in terms of completely ending the present dual policy of the govt. by repatriating all the absorbed executives of BSNL/MTNL to DOT. We also conveyed it to him that very shortly there would be a war like situation in both BSNL/MTNL when the resolution of the United forum that no absorbed executive would report to or obey the orders of the deputationists after 22nd Dec.,08 would be enforced by the United forum. The internal strife that will arise because of our total defiant stand to blatantly disobey the orders of outsiders after 22nd Dec.,08 must be avoided by DOT by acting concretely and decisively on the resolution of the United forum i.e repatriation of all absorbed executives to DOT from BSNL/MTNL, clearly we impressed upon Jt Secy/DOT, asking him to convey it to the concerned authorities. 

19-11-2008 Writ petition filed for seeking directions to respondent to fix their seniority in term of Hon'ble Supreme Court. Yes
19-11-2008 Images of Rally on 18/11/08 by UF of Executives' of BSNL/MTNL at New Delhi. Yes
18-11-2008 Memorandum against dual policy of the Government on the issue of absorption and demand of immediate repatriation of BSNL & MTNL executives to DOT.<<Click here for Memorandum>> Yes
15-11-2008 IDA scale upgradation E3 to E4 under time bound Executive Promotional policy under MTNLYes

MEA & SNEA participated in the demonstration programmee of oil sector officers associations(OSOA) in front of DPE office in lunch hour on 14-11-08. Gathering was addressed by Shri.Amit Kumar,president OSOA, Shri. V.K.Tomar,GS,MEA, Shri Rakesh pandey Chairman,NEFI (NTPC Executives'fedration of India) & Shri. A.A.Khan, AGS, SNEA.

Charter of Demand was
1.Uniform categorisation of PSUs
2.Introduction of open ended scales
3.Removal of 50% cieling on perks & allowances
4.Five years periodicity of pay revision

5.Fixed annual and promotional incremen @ 4 and 6%. 
15-11-2008 GS spoke to GM(HR) CO and inquired about the status of pending issues on which discussion was held with GM(HR) last week.GM(HR) said that he needs one more week to get some of issues settled.  No

MTNL Corporate office writes to BSNL Corporate office, not to disconnect MTNL Service connections in non-payment. Action was taken after GS MEA wrote to MTNL CO in this regards.  

<<For Letter click here>>

14-11-2008 MTNLMS staged a day long dharna infront of Dept of Pension, loknayak bhawan, khan market, New Delhi on 11-11-08 to protest against the negative approach of DoP&PW in respect of our demand of pension at par with BSNL. Com V.K.Tomar, GS, MEA was invited to address the gathering. He along with other trade union leaders sressed on  the importance  of pension at par with BSNL and also the need of total unity amongst executives & non executives to fight this issue of great importance.
12-11-2008 CR Screening report and vigilance clearance of Officers for regular promotion. Yes

Representatives of NCOA and BHEL Executives’ Association met the Hon’ble Minister of Heavy Industry Shri. Santosh Mohan Dev on 06/11/2008. Hon’ble Minister informed them regarding the implementation of Justice M. J. Rao Committee’s recommendations. The committee of Secretaries has submitted their report, and it will most probably be put-up in coming Thursday’s cabinet meeting.   

10-11-2008 GS Writes to Dir (HR) regarding Immediate restoration of seniority of 1966 TES Gr B officers (about 250 officers in MTNL) Yes

A massive lunch hour demonstration under the banner of united forum of MTNL/BSNL executives  was held infront of BSNL HQ,Janpath New Delhi.Gathering was addressed by Com.Namboodri, Gen Secy BSNL employees union, Com.Satyanarayan CHQ president AIBSNLEA, Com.V.K.Tomar Gen Secy,MEA, Com.A.K.Kaushik, Gen Secy, TEAM, Com.A.A.Khan, Asstt. Gen Secy, SNEA & others. All the speaker sressed on the need of demanding repatriation to DOT because no body in DOT & ministery seems to be intrested to the servival of companies. They are adopting dual policy in respect of employees/officers of MTNL/BSNL.Absorbed officers are being given step motherly treatment.So the united forum has demanded same status of all officers/employees of MTNL/BSNL. ALL THE OFFICERS ARE REQUESTED TO ATTEND RALLY ON 18 th  NOV. RALLY WILL START FROM BSNL HQ TO PM OFFICE.

Related News cutting visit our Media & Press Section or <<Click Here>>


NCOA held a messive demonstration infront of Secretary DPE office CGO complex on 4th Nov at lunch hour. More than 600 officers participated in the demonstration. Gathering was addressed by shri. V.K.Tomar,GS, MEA & national Org Secretary, NCOA, Shri H.S.jodhka, Secretary general BHEL Executives Association, Mrs Seema Kakkar, President FCI officers Association & others.After demonsration , a memorandum of demands was submitted to Scretary DPE. All constituents of NCOA demanded immediate implementation of new pay scales with no anomalies.

Related Pictures visit our Gallery Section or <<Click Here>>.


IDA Upgradation ---- Time Bound Promotions from E-2 to E-3.

For Details see Attachment


Letter to be sent to the following,

1. Hon'ble Minister of Communication and IT.



4. Chairman, telecom commission.



03-11-2008 For the Press Release of 4th Nov 2008, Kindly visit our Media & Press Section Yes
CEC meeting was held on 1-11-08. GS apprised the CEC  about The organizational programmes of United forum of MTNL/BSNL executives & NCOA. GS stressed on making the all programmes a grand success & asked CEC to  mobilize the rank & file, and bring members in all programmes in 100% strength. CEC was very enthusiastic and assured for full participation. GS also apprised CEC about the status of the issues of executives pending in corporate office and assured CEC that if pending issues are not settled in a reasonable time than Association will serve the notice to management for early settlement of issues.
Agitational programmes are as follows-
1.     4th Nov lunch hour demonstration in front of DPE office, CGO Complex for issues related to pay revision.
2.     7th Nov- lunch hour demonstration in front of BSNL HQ, Janpath, near K.L.Bhawan for repatriation to DOT
3.     18th Nov – Rally to PM office-Rally will start from Eastern court at 12 O’clock.                              
CEC also discussed about the poor response of division in subscription payment & holding of GB meetings at Div/Area level. After prolonged discussion it was decided that every Div would hold quarterly GB meeting & periodical meetings with Administration. Following resolution was also adopted.

“ All Divisions will pay Rs 2000/- as adhoc payment by 15th Nov 08 and up to date subscription by 30th Nov 08 along with their membership list” 

GS along wioth OS met GM(HR) CO on 31 Oct 08 and discussed the following points.
1.Regular promotion in the cadre of DE/CAO--- GM(HR) informed that approval of Dir(HR) for regular promotion in DE cadre for 50% vacancies has been recieved and DPC process will be started shortly.
2. Seniority list of MTNL recruited JTOs-- Association strongly expressed its resentment over abnormal delay in preparing seniority list inspite of many assurances. GM(HR) spoke to concerned staff dealing with this issue and directed them to prepare list in 15 days time. He asked GS  to contact him again on 10th Nov to know the progress of the issue.
3. First time bound financial upgradation to the Executives of E2 level in 5 years including Trg instead of 6 years -- GM(HR) informed that a note in this regard has been put to Dir(HR) who is discuusing this issue with all concerned officers.
4. First financial upgradation of officers who were promoted on regular basis between Oct 2000 and Oct 2004 is to be considered in 4 years instead of 5 years --GM(HR) informed that this issue has been discussed again with Dir(HR) and is likely shorted out shortly because Dir(HR) also having positive approach in this issue.
5 25% competitive exam from JTO to SDE-association strongly expressed its resentment in hard words over abnormal delay in notifying the Exam---GM(HR) talked to all concerned officers and assured GS that action will be initiated in a weeks time.
6 Regular promotion from JTO to SDE against 75% seniority cum fitness quota-- Association demanded that immediate action be started to fill up 75% quota--GM(HR) said that this issue will be taken up after regular promotion in DE cadre. 

Delhi zone meeting of NCOA was held on 29th OCt in BHEL office Noida. GS & Com Satyavir singh A.treasurer attended meeting. It was decided that 4th Nov NCOA demonstration will be held in front of DPE office CGO complex in lunch hour.
Demands of NCOA.
1. Upgradation of categorisations of PSUs.
2. Increase in span of scales to accomodate full fixation.
3.Annual stagnation increments with out limit.
4.Minimum annual increment 4%.
All members are requested to make demonstration programme a grand success.    


GS along with AGS,OS,and Jt. Secy Shri.Sunil Soanker met ED on 23-10-08 and had a brief discussion on steps taken by ED for improvement of work culture and efficiency of MTNL Delhi. Association appriciated his initiatives for improvement of services and also pointed out some problems which are being faced by officers. ED assured that his actions are only for improvement of service if any thing is there to be reviewed for practical purpose, it will be reviewed time to time.
Assocition expressed concern over the low profile of MTNL towards Data card / Wireless card internet service. ED  informed that he has taken keen intrest in expanding Data card service. he also informed that he has started the procurement process for Data cards, meanwhile some dData cards have been taken from BSNl on loan.
Association also raised the issue of RF team for mobile service. ED informed that earlier  one  team was working but unfortunately taday there is practically no team is working but he strongly agreed with us that 4 teams are very much required. he assured that he will take immediate steps to form required teams.
He also informed that he had taken hard steps to short out the problem of



Resolution adopted by United Forum of Executives of BSNL/MTNL on repatriation of executives from BSNL/MTNL to DOT

Programmes of Organizational actions decided by the United forum of executives of BSNL/MTNL on the issue of immediate repatriation of executives from BSNL/MTNL to DOT: 

A)   Saving gram campaign by Branches/SSAs/Circles on 1st Nov.,08, addressed to Hon’ble MOC&IT. Text of the saving gram;

“United Forum of BSNL/MTNL Executives’ Associations express serious discontentment & resentment against non completion of Gr ‘A’ officers’ absorption in BSNL/MTNL. Strongly demands repatriation of BSNL/MTNL Executives to DoT. Delay in absorption process is adversely affecting the viability of BSNL/MTNL”. 

B)   Lunch/Closing hour at SSA/Circle/Hq level on 7th Nov.,08. (In Delhi lunch hour demonstrations will be held in front of BSNL HQ.) 

C)  Rally at Hqs on 18th Nov.,08. Rallies at Circle/SSA Hqs should also be held.


24-10-2008 Letter of United Forum addressed to Hon'ble MOC&IT enclosing the resolution adopted by United Forum. Yes
22-10-2008 DPE has issued orders in respect of 6.2% DA on IDA on 22-10-08 No

Meeting of united forum of executives of MTNL & BSNL held on 21-10-08. ITS Gr A absorption was discussed in detail and a decision was taken to fight for a safe future of absorbed officers.Decision will be conveyed to Govt in this regard very shortly.


Delhi High Coourt has extended the date of submission of option form for Gr. A to 31-10-2008

20-10-2008 Letter to CMD MTNL regarding recovery of pay and allowances drawn by the executuves on officiating to higher posts-on implementation of financial upgradation. Yes

NEC meeting of NCOA was held in Mumbai on 12/10/08 in Mazgaon Dock Officers club. GS alongwith AGS Sh. Sunil Kumar , Sh. Prasad with Mumbai Office Bearers attended the meeting . NEC passed a resolution to hold one day Nationwide Dharna/demonstration on 4th November in support of its demands-

(a) Proper categorization of PSUs, i.e. Schedule A company as A+
Schedule B company as A
Schedule C,D company as B
(b) Open ended scales to avoid stagnation .
( c ) For post retirement benefits 30 % instead of Basic Pay +DA instead of
30% of Basic as recommended by committee etc.

20-10-2008 Time Bound promotion for officers retired after Oct 2004- Corporate office has clarified that time bound promotion financial upgradation will be given to such Officers No
20-10-2008 Gen secy along with AGS, OS and Area secy, JKP Shri Sanjay Kumar met Chief Vigilence Officer, MTNL on 20-10-2008, and discssed the vigilence cases in which promotee officers are being falsly implicated to save senior officers. CVO was very transparent in discussing the case and assured that no innocent officer will be harrased or punished.

1. A delegation of NCOA met the Secretary DPE on Monday the 20th October 2008.Shri V.K.Tomar, General Secy,MEA was also the part of deligation.

2. The Secretary stated that the most critical issue was what decision the Union Cabinet would take on the categorisation recommended by the Justice Rao Committee. He stated further that all other issues like stagnation etc. raised by NCOA could be sorted out without separately.

3. The Secretary DPE confirmed that the issue of PSU executive pay revision was being reviewed by the Committee of Secretaries. He further stated that he had briefed the committee about the concerns raised by NCOA. He said that normally cabinet notes contain only the comments given by the administrative ministries nut in this note an exception had been made and the concerns of NCOA were effectively stated.

4. The Secretary said that the suggestion made by NEC of NCOA of bringing all exisiting A PSUs into Rao Committee A+ and all B into A and C&D into B had been placed before the Committee of Secretaries. He however stated that the wage package had to be seen as a total package.

5. The Secretary stated that unless the Cabinet differed a decision or refered the matter to a Group of Ministers decision on the pay revision of PSU executives, based on Rao Committee report, would be completed by end of Nov.

6. The Secretary stated that whatever was possible would be done for the loss making sick units since it is not possible to revive the units if the units lost their competent executives.

The decision of the NEC to observe 4th November as a protest day stands.

Kindly make preparations and make it a success

15-09-2008 Letter to cabinet secretary on pay revision Yes
29-09-2008 Pro-rata pension - Clarification Yes
We have come to know that pay revision committee’s report has been given to Committee of Secretaries for review. Any time it may be put in Cabinet
Court order for second time option for DoT for one  grp A officer Yes
MTNL passes new EL rules Yes
GS & AGS met DDG (Estt.) & Dir (Estt.) theyv informed that Dept. of Expenditure comments on DOT's proposal for the pension in MTNL at par with BSNL given negative- comments from DOP & PW are yet to receive
Arear Calculator - DA merger with Basic Pay - take out print Yes

Meeting with GM(HR) was attended by Sh.V.K.Tomar,GS, Sh.Sunil Kr,AGS, Sh.R.K.Mudgil,OS, Sh.R.S.Maan,Jt Secy, Sh.K.K.Kassy, Jt Secy on 16-08-08. Following points were Discussed.

  1. Seniority list of MTNL recruited JTOs—GM(HR) assured to work on this at the earliest.
  2. Ist time bound promotion to all executives in E2 scale in 5 years including trg instead of 6 years.—GM(HR) informed that after indepth discussion with DIR(HR), it has been agreed. HR not has been prepared.
  3. time bound promotion to those who were promoted bet Oct 2000 & Oct 2004---Case is still with Dir(HR),GM(HR) told that he would again discuss this case with Dir(HR).
  4. Sr.Manager designation to be replaced with AGM—GM(HR) assured to review this demand of Association.
  5. Competitive Exam from JTO to SDE(T)—movement of syllabus file is being traced.As and when file is traced,it will be approved by Dir(T),who has assured to clear file immediately after he gets it.
  6. implementing IDA scales of Civil & Elect wing officers w.e.f Oct 2000—GM(HR) told that he tried his level best to get this issue settled ,but it was not agreed. It can further be discussed at higher level.
  7. Holding time bound promotion DPC on half yearly basis—GM(HR) informed that this issue has been discussed length. After discussion with in the management,it has been decided that it can’t be.
  8. time bound promotion to the retired officers-it has been agreed ,orders will be issued shortly.

in Certain other clarification are also being replied by corporate office shortly.



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