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  Meeting with Honble MOC&IT and Law & Justice Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad

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Mumbai circle

Date News
27-03-15 Prime Minister Office forwards the letter of GS MEA, on MTNL revival to DOT.

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MTNL CO called vacancy positions of AO/Dy. Manager (Fin.) (E3) from Delhi and Mumbai Units for the promotion from JAO to AO and also the information i.r.o. JAO working in both Units.

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17-03-15 Meeting with Director (HR)----GS, Com V K Tomar along with Com Sunil Kumar, CS & Com Satyavir Singh, CT met Director (HR) on 16-03-15 and discussed following issues.
  1.  DPC for regular promotion to DE/Sr Manager (T)---In view of supreme court decision to constitute a committee under the chairman ship of  retired high court judge to look into the issue of TES Gr B seniority and give report in six months, Corporate office has stopped the regular DPC for DE promotion. Association. Association expressed its apprehension that court may take a long time to give decision, and there is acute shortage of regular DEs and also many of officers who are due for their promotion in the ensuing DPC will retire without getting their legitimate right of promotion. Therefore GS demanded that DPC be conducted and promotion orders issued at the earliest subject to out come of court decision. Director (HR) assured to look into it if it is legally ok.
  2. 1999-2000 year of recruitment JTOs of Mumbai circle seniority issue and local promotions--Association discussed the issue in length and asked Dir )HR) not to go to the supreme court against high court decision, because it will unnecessarily delay the promotion of officers and bring dissatisfaction and demoralization because of management action. GS also requested him to consider the officers for officiating promotion by taking undertaking that these promotions will be subject to the final decision if management goes to supreme court.
  3. DM(Mktg/HR/Legal/CS) RRs-- We expressed our serious concern over long delay in deciding the issue. He said that finance wing had raised some queries which are being replied and issue will be resolved shortly.
  4. Hindi cadre promotion & pay scale issue--GS informed him that in spite of the letter from DOT to MTNL management to decide the Hindi cadre promotion and pay scale issue and convey to DOT, no action has been taken so far. He asked certain information from GS and assured to intervene in the matter.
  5. JAO seniority & promotion issue--He said that he has instructed to issue the promotion orders,
  6. Pending  cases of antedating of promotion dates of SDEs--We have informed him about the pending cases of antedating promotions and requested to get the settlement of these cases expedited.
  7. Issue of revival of MTNL was discussed. He gave some information related  to the issues of revival plan and govt policie, but stressed that main issue for the employees is to get revenue increased by increasing the telephone connections as suggested by his plan circulated to all GMs.  

Moving a step forward to implement its pre-poll promise of providing free wi-fi connectivity across the city, Delhi government has decided to hold a three-day consultation with various stakeholders from March 24.. Government has sought suggestions of interested persons, organisations, stakeholders to send their suggestions on business models, technologies, implementation strategies and any other aspects on email - till March 23,.

MTNL Management has prepared wi-fi connectivity plan and is going to meet Delhi government next week.

14-03-15 GS Com V K Tomar met Jt Secretary/Advisor, DPE (Department of Public Enterprises)  ,who is the concerned officer dealing the CPSEs in all matters on 13-03-15 and discussed about the recent reports appearing in media on the basis of the statement given by Minister (Public Enterprises). He informed that a list of loss making/ Sick CPSUs was provided to hon'ble Minister in reference of a Parliament question. Because MTNL is loss making and is sick as per DPE criteria, so its name was figuring in the list of 61 sick PSUs, but there was no proposal of shutting down it. GS explained him that present condition  of MTNL is because of Govt policies and sought DPEs support in revival process. He assured DPE's full support and positive role if MTNL managment and Administrative Ministry comes with viable revival plan.
13-03-15 MTNL submits revival plan to DOT, to invest Rs 805 crore

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12-03-15 No plan to shut down MTNL--Ravishankar Prasad. click media report

Media report.

View Media Reports:

12-0315 ED MTNL ND office issues orders of DGM(LA) of three Officers. Please click the link for viewing the orders ............. <orders>
11-03-15 Meeting with Jt Secretary (T), DOT---- GS Com V K Tomar along with AGS Com Sanjay Kumar & CS Com Sunil Kumar met Jt Secretary (T) today and discussed about the media news of declaring MTNL sick and shutting down it. He said that no such proposal has been sent by DOT so the news of shutting down of MTNL has no ground, But he said that lot of work is to be done for the revival of the MTNL otherwise it may also come in the list in the next round. He also made it clear that govt will not extend financial assistance for MTNL revival and resources will have to be explored by MTNL for working capital. GS asked JS (T) to provide only two thing to MTNL for its revival, no 1- Regular CMD with full board  2-Authority to MTNl to monetize its assets made by it after its formation. GS told him that if these two things are done than MTNL will be revived in two years. JS (T) said that DOT will support both the demands but decision is to be taken by Minister. He asked us to meet Hon'ble Minister to see the favorable decision on these issues.

He also shared the alternate revival plans and discussed how MTNL services can be improved and also how Association can play a vital role in the revival of the company. He was kind enough to discuss the things candidly for revival of the company. But was very open to tell us that situation is very alarming for MTNL which can be controlled by joint efforts of the Association/Union and Management.        

11-03-15  MTNL Delhi ED office issues two time bound promotion lists -- E2 to E3 <list>   

  &        E3 to E4      <list>

11-03-15 Shri P K Purwar, Dir (Fin) gets further extension of looking after CMD, MTNL till 30th April 2015.
Media Reports:

Don't be in panic,  concentrate on your work to improve the services, Association along with other stakeholders will do every thing possible for revival of MTNL, merely declaring sick doesn't mean shutting down. We will meet all concerned authorities and decide further course of action.

05-03-15 GS writes to Hon'ble MOC & IT Shri Ravishankar Prasad  regarding indifferent approach of the govt towards MTNL revival by not appointing regular CMD and Director (Tech) & Director (Marketing) on MTNL board. It is highly exaggerated to talk about  revival of a company which is headless and having half board only.


05-03-15 View Media Reports:

Contempt case filed by SNEA (I), AIBSNLEA and BSNLEU relating to deployment of ITS in BSNL in Honble Delhi HC came up for hearing today, the Hon. Judge recused to hear this case under the plea that he  was a standing counsel for Govt. of India earlier and directed for hearing by a different bench, the case is posted on 23-03-2015.

It is understood that the Review petition filed by DoT in Hon. Delhi High court  against the Hon. Delhi High Court order  for  repatriation of un absorbed  ITS officers from BSNL / MTNL   is dismissed.  DoT filed the review petition after three years of the original order.

05-03-15  ED Delhi issues LA promotion orders of 5 officers from CAO to DGM(Fin).


04-03-15 Media Reports:


04-03-15 GS along with AGS Com D P S Chaudhary and Jt Secretary Com R S Maan met Addl GM(Pers) and discussed about the pending case of RRs of DM(Mktg)/HR and also the waiting list of E3 LICE candidates. Regarding RRs, he will send the file in a day or so after clarifying the queries raised by finance wing.

We also discussed the supreme Court decision regarding SDE seniority  with DGM(Legal) and asked him to give legal opinion at the earliest so that DE regular promotion DPC is conducted at the earliest.

01-03-15 NCOA writes to Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to consider the proposal of constitution of 3rd PRC (Pay Revision Committee) for CPSE Executives. <<<letter>>>
28-02-15 Meeting with GM(A) Delhi----GS along with  CS Shri Sunil Kumar & AGS Shri D P S chaudhary met GM(A) and expressed Association's strong discontentment over undue delay in offtg/LA promotions in the cadre of SDE and left out financial up gradation orders in different grades. She assured early actions on both the cases. Issue of canteen of ITTM was also discussed, we asked her to provide the MTNL staff for running the ITTM canteen. She explained the problem in providing the welfare staff and asked that tender be called for running canteen. Issue will be further discussed after getting feedback from GM(ITTM). Other individual issues were also discussed.
26-02-15 GS mailed to CMD & Dir (HR) on 22-02-15 regarding long pending HR  issues so that issues can be discussed in the review meeting of CMD with Dir (HR) on 23-02-15.

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26-02-15   Revival Plan through increased revenue  Prepared by Dir (Technical,HR & EB) Shri Sunil Kuma         

MTNL is passing through a very crucial period. Govt has already supported through pension payment and BWA refund but it is not sufficient for revival of company. MTNL management has cleared some major projects, still with out increasing revenue , it is not possible to get company revived. So, Dirctor ( Technical,HR & EB), Shri Sunil Kumar has drafted a plan to increase revenue by another Rs 3000/- crore in 3 years. All are requested to deliver on each and every point of attached draft. Dir (HR & EB) will meet every GM along with his staff to discuss and evolve the shared vision.

<<covering letter of dir (HR & EB(>>>              <<<revival draft>>>   

<<<revival draft II>>>

25-02-15 Meeting with GM(HR)

GS along with Jt Secretary Shri R S Maan met GM(HR) on 24-02-15 and discussed about the undue delay in DE DPC and EE(Civil) promotion orders. We strongly conveyed the resentment of officers on undue delay in DPCs and promotion orders. He informed that regarding DE/Sr Manager (T) DPC, Supreme Court decision regarding SDE seniority has come which will be studied by legal cell and accordingly DPC will be conducted. As for  EE (civil) promotions, he instructed concerned staff to put the case.


Congratulations ......       Congratulations ......      Congratulations ......

After our persuasion with Management the order for increment on promotion from Am to DM through LICE-2011 issued today.

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23-02-15 Hon Supreme Court Judgment in CA 4389 of 2010 in SDE seniority as per Rule 206 case. Hon Supreme Court judgment
22-02-15 GS writes to CMD for urgent requirement to approach Delhi Government for showing intent to be a partner in the implementation of their " CCTV WiFi project . If we fail to take any initiative , then some other operator will seize this opportunity & we will have to face high surrender rate of BB connections.  <<letter>>
20-02-15 Delhi unit calls for CRs for promotion to the grade  of Sr Manager (Finance)/ E5 on regular basis. <<<letter>>


Mumbai Circle organized a very grand  open session in a very large and beautiful  Veer sawarkar auditorium, Shivaji park, Dadar (W) on 13-02-15,which was attended by about 500 officers. Anchoring of the programme was done by Mrs Ameya Pathare , CWC member in a very excellent and impressive way. Chief guest of the programme was Shri Sunil Kumar, Director (HR) and guest of the honour were Shri Peeyush Agarwal, ED Mumbai, PGM(O), Shri Pravin Punj, PGM(D) Shri G V R S Kumar, GM(A) Shri P K Adhikari , Com W S Rao, Ex GS, TEOA & Ex President SNEA, Com K Sabestin GS, SNEA (BSNL), Com  Baby Thomus Secretary General, NCOA, Com S N Prasad, CHQ President  & GS MEA/ President NCOA Com V K Tomar.

Com G P Yadav, Circle Secretary, Mumbai Circle delivered a very excellent  key note address covering various issues related to the improvement of services and revival of MTNL. GS Com V K Tomar in his address thanked Director (HR) for his efforts in pension issue & other HR issues and also his keen interest in formulating MTNL revival plan as well as improvement in services / revenue.GS requested him to evolve the mechanism so that Association and officers do not require to chase HR issues at every step rather there should be a tracking system to enable every one to know the status of the HR issues. GS also asked Director (HR) to expedite the other cases of regular DPC/promotions, 75: 25 STS quota, promulgation of RRs of  HR/Mktg/legal  and other pending issues so that Association and officers can concentrate on revival of MTNL. GS stressed that for revival of MTNL there is a need of collective efforts by Management , Associations/Unions and employees to get govt policies in favor and improvement of MTNL services through our efforts & also appealed every one to concentrate on their own work and efforts instead of pointing the faults of other and do their best, this alone can make difference in the system..GS said that today's condition of MTNL is because of Govt policies not because of employees, but we are the sufferer not govt or any body else and also have no option other than MTNL, so we will have to make all efforts for revival and survival of MTNL for our own survival.

ED Mumbai Shri Peeyush Agarwal in his address appreciated the work of Mumbai officers and hoped that collective efforts will definitely can improve the services further. He briefed about the new plans for development and maintenance of Mumbai Circle services. He gave stress on FTTH services and requested every one  to focus on one's work. Both the PGMs  in their address also stressed on improving of services and concentrating on one's own work. All the officers hoped that collective team work of management and employees can bring the desired results to increase the revenue, which is ultimate aim of every one to revive company.

Director (HR) Shri Sunil Kumar, informed about the financial condition of MTNL and also said that govt is not willing to give support to MTNL for its revival. He stressed that if present revenue of Rs 3500/- crore is increased to Rs-5000 crore than revival is possible. He informed that MTNL board has approved the expansion plan  of WS services and process has been started to increase the BTS  in Delhi & Mumbai. He also elaborately explained how the revenue can be increased with the present resources and shared his experience on adding new customers. He assured that the proposal of GS MEA regarding evolving the system to keep traching on HR issues will be implimented and also assured to expedite the other HR issues.

Com W S Rao, Com K Sabestin & Com Baby Thomus also spoke in the open session and gave very excellent information and ideas for the revival of MTNL/BSNL and public sector as a whole. They apprised house how govt policies are making PSUs sick in general and MTNL/BSNL in particular. Vote of thanks was given by Com  P N Vasane. After National anthem, house was adjourned.

Mumbai Comrades keep it up. Our Aim is  MTNL revival and legitimate rights of executives.




15-02-15  Beautifully organised successful CWC meeting at CETTM Mumbai---

A  very beautifully organized CWC (Central Working Committee) meeting was held on 12-02-14 at CETTM , Mumbai.  CHQ office bearers/ Circle Secretaries/ Presidents and CWC members of Delhi and Mumbai attended the meeting. veteran leader Com W. Sheshagiri Rao graced the CWC meeting and gave his expert opinion on various matters. Com S N Prasad  CHQ President presided over the meeting. 2 minutes silence was observed in the memory of departed souls and after presidential address by Com S N Prasad, Circle Secretary, Delhi Com Sunil Kumar and Mumbai Circle secretary Com G P Yadav placed their Circle Secretary report before the CWC. Both the Circle Secretaries briefed the house about the activities of their circles and assured that paid membership of the circles will be increased in 2015. GS elaborately explained about DPCs, promotion policies & RRs  in different executive cadres of all disciplines, issues related to Civil/ Electrical, Finance/ Mktg/HR/legal/Hindi cadres were also explained and efforts being taken by Association were also briefed by GS. GS also briefed CWC about the 3rd pay revision committee, revival of MTNL and implementation of pay revision in loss making PSUs. Role of NCOA for revival of loss making PSUs and implementation of 2nd pay revision components like, 78.2% fitment, 30% corpus for superannuation benefits were also discussed. In the agenda of organizational matters, Mumbai circle issue of illegal collection by some persons by using the MEA name was discussed and vacant post of 4 CHQ office bearers were filled by co-opting the office bearers from Mumbai Circle.   After detailed discussion following resolutions were passed-

1--Association will make all out efforts in all directions to see revival of company to ensure implementation of  3rd PRC

2---Association will keep pursuing/fighting for personal upgradation of post upto E7 as per terms & conditions of absorption & no lateral entry above E2 level

3---Association will pursue/ fight for 75;25 quota in STS cadres/ Sr Manager as in BSNL

3--Association will fight along with like minded Associations & unions for 78.2% fitment, 30% corpus for superannuation benefits, LTC & other perks

4--Association will come out with a circular to all members of Mumbai Circle to inform them  to pay subscription to authorized office bearers only, not to persons who are illegally collecting  money in the name of MEA.

5--Association will take up the issue of implementing pay revision provisions in loss making PSUs through NCOA.

5--Following office bearers were co-opted

         1--Shri R K Agarwal---Vice President

         2--Shri S S Shete--------AGS

         3--Shri Ashish Baranwal---AGS

         4--Shri H L Yadav--------Jt Secretary

<<<photos of the CWC meeting>>>

We extand our sincere thanks to Shri G P Yadav, Circle Secretary and whole team of Mumbai Circle for organising the CWC meeting in a very nice way and making the stay of CWC members in CETTM hostels very comfortable.


11-02-15 Meeting with director (HR)---GS along with AGS met Director (HR) on 09-02-15 and discussed the issues of DE regular DPC, 75:25 quota of STS promotion, DM(Mktg)/HR/legal/CS RRs, JAO seniority and promotion to AO, issue of SMT RR of mktg stream. We requested him to expedite the actions on these issues. he informed about the actions being taken on these issues.
08-02-15  CWC (Central Working Committee) meeting will be held on 12th & 13th February,15 at CETTM Mumbai


open session on 13th February at Swatantraya Veer Savarkar Auditorium,  Opposite Shivaji Park Ground, V S Marg, Dadar (W) Mumbai at 2PM.

07-02-15 CEC Meeting of Delhi Circle---CEC meeting was held on 05-02-15 in BSNL recreation club, Kidwai Bhawan. Com S R Singh, circle president presided over the meeting which was addressed by GS, com V K Tomar, CS Com Sunil Kumar & other CHQ/Circle office bearers. CS briefed house about the circle issues and GS elaborated the issues regarding revival of company, pay revision, promotions/DPCs and other HR issues of various executive cadres. Members raised many queries which were replied by GS. Following resolutions were adopted

1--Association should continue to fight for its stand of time bound functional promotions by personal upgradation of post upto E7 and no lateral entry above E2 level.

2- Pursue for Expediting the pending DPCs and promotion orders in different Executive cadres with 75:25 in STS cadre.

3-- 30% corpus for superannuation benefits to MTNL recruited employees.

4---NCOA should fight to ensure pay revision implementation in loss making PSUs.

5--DM(Mktg)/HR/legal/CS RRs early notification 

07-02-15 GS writes to CMD regarding counting of training period for drawl of increment to MTNL recruited officers. <<<letter>>


07-02-15 GS writes to Dir (HR) regarding injustice with the AMs(Mktg) who were recruited with specialized qualification as MBA (Mktg), but made ineligible in SMT because of less experience, while the external candidates with MBA in any stream with 2 year experience in any field  were eligible. These officers are very much agitated against this approach of management because their experience and qualification in relevant field was not taken  into consideration and were representing to cancel the external recruitment and fill up these posts from internal candidates. Now GS writes to consider their representation and cancel lateral entry. <<letter>>
04-02-15 GS writes to Director (HR) to fill up unfilled vacancies of Sr Manager/ EE (Electrical).


03-02-15 Meeting with GM(HR)---GS along with CS & CT met GM(HR) today and discussed following issues--
  1. Regular DPC for promotion to DE cadre---GM(HR) informed that every thing is ready for DPC but because of Supreme court decision in respect of SDE/TES Gr B seniority, some instructions are required from DOT for which MTNL has asked DOT to send the instruction at the earliest. We also requested GM(HR) to expedite the whole process so that DPC can be conducted in this month only. He assured that he himself will ask the Director (staff), DOT to send the required instructions at the earliest.
  2. Regular DPC for promotion to CAO--We asked him to expedite the process of regular DPC for promotion from AO to CAO. He informed that AO seniority list is being prepared and DPC will be conducted in the month of March.
  3. Regular DPC for promotion to SDE (E) & EE (Elect)--- We asked the GM (HR) to fill up the unfilled vacancies of SDE & EE (Elect). GM (HR) asked Sr Manager to provide the details of these cadres so that decision can be taken.
  4. JAO seniority and promotion to eligible JAOs to AO in case of pending seniority--We again requested him to issue the promotion orders of all eligible JAOs against the vacant posts of AOs in the the month of February itself. He agreed with us that if seniority is not decided than promotion orders may be issued, but was not sure about releasing orders in the month of February. After our insisting to issue the orders in the month of Feb, he said, efforts will be made.
  5. RRs of DM(HR)/Mktg/legal/CS-- He informed that case is in process and after the approval of Dir (HR), board note will be prepared .
  6. Hindi cadre promotion and pay scale issue--He said that concerned staff has been asked to prepare draft of the issue and once draft is prepared it will be discussed with the Association before any decision.
  7. Pending antedating- promotion dates-- Concerned staff was instructed to put the cases.
  8.  Case of 1999 year of recruitment JTOs case of offtg promotion was discussed and GM(HR) assured to talk to Mumbai unit and find some solution.
  9. Corrigendum for giving one increment on promotion in the same grade-regarding recently issued promotion orders for DM(T)---After our representation, GM(HR) has recommended the case of one increment as per provision of promotion policy and case has been sent to Finance wing for financial concurrence.
02-02-15 ED Delhi unit issues E6 to E7 financial upgradation orders of finance wing officers. <<<letter>>>

National Convention on Compensation to CPSE Executives was held at IPE (Institute of Public Enterprises), Osmania University Hyderabad on 29-01-15. Issues of Pay revision of executives, superannuation benefits, PRP, pay revision in loss making CPSEs were deliberated and resolutions were adopted for pay revision committee and Govt. Shri K R S Shastri, Convener & Sr faculty of IPE, Shri K Ashok Rao, Chief Patron NCOA, Shri V K Tomar President NCOA, CMD Midhani, Shri R K Mishra, Director IPE, Shri Mukul Kumar President COMCO, Shri Baby Thomus Secretary General NCOA addressed the delegates.


NEC of NCOA was also held at ECIL Officers' Association Building, Hydrabad on 28-01-15. Issues related to Pay revision, PRP, Superannuation benefits, revival of sick PSUs were deliberated and resolutions adopted.


<<<Resolutions passed in convention>>>


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28-01-15 GS writes to Director (HR) regarding one increment on regular promotion to the post of Dy Manager by E2 to E3 LICE-2011.

<<<< click here for letter >>>>

27-01-15 CEC of MTNL EA Delhi will be held on dated 05.02.2015 at 2 PM in NTR Recreation Club 5th Floor Kidwai Bhawan.
25-01-15 GS writes to Director (HR) for conducting E3 LICE for promotion from AM(T) to DM(T) against 1/3rd  quota of vacancies of July 2011 onward. <<letter>>
25-01-15 Meeting with CMD--GS along with AGS Com D P S Chaudhary met CMD on 23-01-15 and discussed regarding 75 : 25 SCF and competitive quota for Sr Manager post as in BSNL. We requested CMD to consider 75:25 ratio for promotion to Sr Manager post instead of 50:50 ratio of SCF and competitive quota at present. After detailed discussion he said  he will discuss with Director (HR) and further discussion will be held with the Association after some time.

We also had discussion on the improvement of services. He appreciated  both the interactive meetings on improvement of services with out door officers on 03-01-15 and 21st Jan meeting with officers of different disciplines.

25-01-15 Meeting with GM(HR)--GS along with AGS Com D P S chaudhary met GM(HR) on 23-01-15 and had discussion on following issues-
  1. Regular DPC for DE/Sr Manager (T)--We  requested him to conduct the pending DPC for DE promotions. He assured that DPC date will be decided shortly.
  2. JTO/ AM(T) to SDE/Dy Manager (T) DPC against SCF quota---We  pleaded for conducting DPC against all posts of SCF quota so that JTOs upto 2000 year of recruitment can be considered. He said that a court case of 1999 year of recruitment of Mumbai circle is pending so this DPC will be conducted upto 1998 year of recruitment for which screening report and VC is still awaited from Delhi and Mumbai circles.  All members and office bearers of Mumbai and Delhi kindly see that ACRs of all concerned  officers are received in ED offices and screening is conducted as early as possible.
  3. LICE for JTO/AM(T) to SDE/Dy Manager (T) promotion against competitive quota--We requested him to notify the LICE to fill up unfilled competitive quota. He assured that process will be started after March 2015.
  4. RRs of DM(Mktg)/HR/Legal/CS---He informed that the reply of the queries raised by finance wing has been prepared and file will be put up shortly for further decision,
  5. Clarification regarding pay fixation of the officers recently promoted from AM(T) to DM(T)--We expressed our serious concern over delay in clarifying the issue of pay fixation on promotion in recent promotion orders where in it was not mentioned how pay will be fixed on promotion according to FR 21(a). He assured that he will ask Addl GM(P) to put up the case when he returns from leave on tuesday.
  6. Hindi cadre Pay & Promotion issues--We informed him that this association had written to CMD on this issue with the copy to DOT and now DOT has written to CMD to resolve the issue, He informed us that letter has been received by MTNL and action is being taken accordingly and also assured that issue will be resolved shortly.
  7. Regular DPCs in Electrical/Civil/Finance cadres--- We expressed concern about non action on these DPCs. He asked us to discuss these issues again when concerned staff will be available.
  8.   Fixation of seniority and promotion from JAO to AO--He informed that again one committee has been formed to decide seniority issue and that committee has been asked to submit report by the end of this month. We requested him to issue promotion orders positively in the month of Feburary so that these officers are not deprived from one increment on their promotion. He assured that if committee  report is accepted by senior officers, than promotion orders will be issued in the month of February 2015.
  9. 2nd Anomaly case---He assured to discuss the case with the concerened staff and take necessary steps to expedite the case.
25-01-15 Area General Body Meeting of BCP Area---GB meeting was held on 22-01-15 in BCP building, which was attended by a large number officers of BCP Area. Meeting was presided over by Shri  H S Shukla and addressed by GS, Com V K Tomar,CS Com Sunil Kumar, CT Com Satyavir Singh & AS Com J S Yadav. GS & CS apprised the house about the CHQ and Circle issues. Members raised queries which were replied by GS and appealed to do their best to improve the services.
23-01-2015 Congratulations!

Delhi unit issues time bound IDA scale upgradation of 204 executives from E4 to E5 in Telecom Stream ( two retired executives also).


22-01-15 Interaction of MTNL officers with CMD & Dir (HR&EB)---A very effective session for betterment of company

-A interactive meeting with CMD & Dir (HR) was organized in CGO Auditorium on 21-01-2015, which was attended by about 150 officers of different streams like Telecom, Marketing, HR , legal, Finance etc . Recently promoted officers from AM(T) to DM(T)  thanked management for these promotions. Shri P K Purwar, CMD, Shri Sunil Kumar, Dir (HR) & Shri V K Tomar GS, MEA addressed the gathering. GS in his address  thanked MTNL management for AM(T) to DM(T) promotions and while congratulating  officers who got their promotions, GS asked them to do their best to improve the MTNL services . GS also raised the issue of RRs of  DM(HR)/Mktg/Legal/CS, and while requesting to expedite the SCF DPCs, he asked management to conduct E2 to E3 LICE against competitive quota. GS also said that satisfied employee can only bring customer delight and urged management to bring employees satisfaction for customer delight. Dir (HR) in his address stressed on improvement of services and outlined the ways and means how services can be improved. He also assured to finalize the RRs of Mktg/HR/Legal/CS streams shortly and other issues of the officers. CMD in his address stressed  on the improvement of services and hoped that with the combined efforts of all employees and management can revive the MTNL. he gave very effective address and covered various aspects for the betterment of the company.

After this a very effective and purposeful interactive session was held for more than one hour in which officers raised many queries related to EB, mobile services, value added services, marketing, revenue generation, single window concept, etc. CMD & Dir (HR& EB) noted all the points raised by the officers and replied the queries. CMD & Dir (HR) asked the officers to come with innovative ideas and practical solutions and assured actions on the part of management.

Com Sunil Sonkar, Com Anirudh Kumar, Com Arvind Dhayal, Com Shakti Yadav also spoke on this occasion. Com Dinesh Bhatt, Com Brijesh Sharma,  Com Pal, Com Siddharth, Com Abhishek Singh, Com Amit solanki & many other comrades raised important issues related to the improvement of the services. They also thanked Com Dinesh Bhutt, Com Vivek Goel, Com Sanjay  Bhardwaj, Com Pankaj Sharma & Com Hardev Singh for taking LICE classes. Com Ajay Pal anchored the programme.   Com Sunil Kumar CS Delhi gave vote of thanks. This programme was attended by both Jr and Sr comrades. Organizing committee members were: Sunil Sonkar, Anirudh kumar, Shakti yadav, Anjeet kumar, Anshul rajpal, Prakash kumar singh, Upendra Singh, Amit Gupta & Arvind dhayal.

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Hon. Supreme Court directs generalization of TES Gr B Seniority on basis of Rule 206. Seniority lists 1 to 17 restored. Court appoints committee headed by a Judge of Delhi HC to examine the issue of consequential benefits and to minimize the  impact on those who got promotion after revision of seniority in 2000. Benefits already extended to 45 people stand protected.
21-01-15 E4 to E5 Time Bound Promotion in MTNL ND - Vigilance clearance of the candidates has been taken again by the administration. It is anticipated that the list will be issued in a day or so.
19-01-15                                        Meeting with MOC & IT

Today, our CHQ President Shri S N Prasad along with CHQ Treasurer Shri V P Prajapati, Circle WP, Shri R Mohandoss, Jt CS Shri V S Singh, Treasurer Shri D J Shelar, Asstt Treasurer Shr V K Gangwar & Shri H L Yadav met Hon'ble MOC & IT Shri Ravishankar Prasad at Mumbai  and raised the issue of revival of MTNL and posting of regular CMD in MTNL. He responded in a positive way  and said that he would do his best possible for revival of MTNL and also asked office bearers to do their best for improvement of MTNL services.

15-01-15 National Executive Committee Meeting of NCOA will be held on 28th January 2015 at Hyderabad. A National Convention on Executives' Compensation in CPSEs will be held on 29th January 2015 at IPE's Auditorium-Osmania University Campus Hydrabad. This convention is being organized by Institute of Public Enterprises In Association with NCOA.

<<<NEC Notice>>

15-01-15 E5 to E6 time bound financial upgradation orders in telecom stream  have been issued by ED MTNL Delhi . Please click the link for details ......... <file>

For viewing E5 to E6 list of retired persons please click the following link...     <link>

14-01-15 In refrence to GS MEA Letter , DDG(DoT) has written a letter to CMD MTNL for settlement Hindi Officer Pay Scales & promotion in MTNL .... please click the link for the letter............<link>
13-01-15 After our long persuasion ED Delhi has issued LA Promotion orders of 12 AOs to the post of CAO.

<<<< click for order >>>>

10-01-15 GS writes to ED Mumbai to include the missing  name of Smt P R Shinde, ACS in the list of circle office bearers conveyed to him by GS. <<letter>>>
10-01-15 Meeting with ED Mumbai--GS along with CHQ President and newly elected Circle Representatives of Mumbai circle met ED Mumbai on 07-01-15 and had a discussion on various issues including improvement of services in MTNL Mumbai. <<<Photos>>
10-01-15 Coordination committee of PSU officers Associations of Mumbai Zone--

GS MEA & President NCOA, Com V K Tomar called a meeting of PSU officers Associations on 6th January 15 in City Telephone Exchange, MTNL building, Mumbai, in which a Coordination Committee of Mumbai Zone was formed with following office bearers.
Convener--- Sh Shekhar Kadam from banking sector
Co- Convener-- Sh Sanjay Wasnik-RCF
Co- Convener-- Sh S N Prasad-MTNL
Members from MDL, BSNl & Power Sector
This committee will conduct a seminar in third week of Feb 15 on saving of PSUs and govt policies regarding Public sector. Com Ashok Rao is the National convener of Joint Forum of PSU Officers Associations


Grand Mumbai Circle Conference

A beautifully organized circle conference of Mumbai Circle was held on 5th January 2015 in a resort on the outskirt of New Mumbai. Delegate session was attended by 175 delegates. CHQ President Com S N Prasad, GS Com V K Tomar, AGS Com D P S Chaudhary, CHQ Vice President Com P H Naikar, CHQ Treasurer Com V P Prajapati, joint Secretary Com D K Chaddha, CS Delhi Com Sunil Kumar & CT Delhi Com Satyavir Singh attended the Delegate session. A good number of delegates were from Direct Recruit Officers, Adhoc Committee Circle Secretary Com V S Singh presented his 2 months period report and expressed satisfaction in accomplishing the task of conducting circle conference in a stipulated period given by GS. He thanked every one for cooperating and supporting in re-electing 52 division bodies and holding circle conference. A detailed and healthy discussion was held on various issues related to the executives. Delegates raised various issues. Com S N Prasad, Com V K Tomar, Com DPS Chaudhary, Com Sunil Kumar & Com Satyavir Singh addressed the delegate session. G S in his address elaborately explained various issues of revival of MTNL and cadre issues and also recalled the achievements of the Association in 2014 with the assurance to go strongly ahead to achieve the agenda of 2015. GS also replied the queries raised by the delegates and assured that best efforts will be made to settle the issues raised in the meeting. GS stressed on hard work to improve the MTNL services. At last new circle body was elected in the presence of CHQ office bearers. Com J N Upadhyay, Com G P Yadav & Com D J Shelhar were elected as Circle President, Circle Secretary & Circle Treasurer including working President Mohanadoss Raja along with other office bearers.

Photos of the Conference        <<<< photos >>>>     <<<< More Photos>>>>

 <<<Newly Elected MEA,Mumbai Body >>

  Year 2014 completed with lot of achievements by our Association and now we are entering in 2015 with lot of enthusiasm, positivity and great hopes to achieve a lot for executives of MTNL and its revival

some of our achievements  of 2014

  1. Settlement of Govt pension to DOT employees absorbed in MTNL
  2. Refund of BWA spectrum charges ( exclusive efforts of MEA along with management)
  3. First time regular promotion in DGM cadre because of exclusive efforts of MEA
  4. Implementation of Child care leave in MTNL ( 3 months paid with the assurance from management to increase paid leave in future)
  5. 1966 SDE seniority restoration implementation in MTNL
  6. Settlement of  civil ACP case
  7. Regular promotion of 217 officers from AM(T) to DM(T)
  8. Process of regular DPC for promotion of 200 officers in DE/SM(T)
  9. Calling of ACRs of JTO of recruitment year of 1995-1998 for regular promotion
  10. Successfully highlighting the issues of revival of MTNL through meetings with Hon'ble MOC & IT Shri Ravishankar Prasad & Secretary DOT Shri Rakesh Garg and other senior officers of DOT
  11. Successfully raising the issue of sick PSUs, revision of pay & pension and also other issues related to CPSE executives through meetings with Hon'ble Cabinet Minister Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises, Shri Anant Geete, Honble State Minister HI& PE & Secretary DPE Shri K D Tripathi and other officers of DPE.
  12. Formation of  National Joint Forum of Public Sector Officers to save PSUs and a grand rally to Parliament to submit Memorandum to Hon'ble Prime Minister
  13. National President post of NCOA to GS,MEA & many more.

Issues for 2015

  1. Revival of MTNL
  2. one time option of combined pension to pro-rata optees
  3. Merger of 50% IDA effectively amounting to 78.2% as on 01-01-2007
  4. payment of arrears accrued due to revision of pension
  5. Merger of MTNL/BSNL & HR issues
  6. Formation of corpus with 30% Basic & IDA for terminal benefits of MTNL recruited employees.
  7. DM(HR)/Mktg/Legal/CS RR and promotions
  8. Streaming promotion policy of executives aiming time bound fast promotions
  9. Revision of perks and allowances
  10. Restoration of LTC
  11. Improvement in Medical Policy
  12. Implementation of CGHS in MTNL
  13. Improvement in MTNL services
  14. Struggle through PSU officers Joint Forum to save PSUs
  15. JAO's seniority
  16. Filling of all vacant posts of executives on regular basis in in different caders of all discipline. 

Mumbai Circle Conference

Please click below for the list of newly elected office bearers of Mumbai Circle duly recognized by General Secretary:





02-01-15 DPC for financial upgradation from E5 to E6 has been conducted today in Delhi Unit. Order will be issue in a day or two.
02-01-15 ED Delhi issues financial upgradation orders of 50 officers of finance wing from E5 to E6



GS writes to CMD regarding distribution of SCF and competitive quota as 75-25 instead of 50-50 as interim measure for Sr Manager Promotion till the whole promotion policy of the company is revised in CPSU hierarchy as in BSNL.


30-12-14 In supersession of earlier notice dated 26-12-14 to combined pensioners of MTNL regarding submission of additional documents, corrigendum has been issued.

<<<corrigendum>>       <<<ecs mandate form>>>     <<<undertaking>>>

specimen signature and thumb impression

29-12-14                                            Notice for Pensioners

Pr CCA DOT Prasad Nagar New Delhi has decided to take over the liability of disburshment of Govt pension to all the combined pension optees of MTNL w.e.f January 2015. Hence all the pensioners and family pensioners of MTNL combined pension optees who have been retired from MTNL during the period w e f 01-11-1998 to 31-03-2014 are hereby requested to submit the following documents on or before 10-01-2015 by post or in person to the Account officer (Pen-dist) MTNL HQ STD Hall, Eastern court, New Delhi. These documents are required  by pension  disburshing Authority CCA DOT New Delhi.  <<<<click for documents>>>

28-12-14 GS issues CWC notification.  <<<click for notification>>>
28-12-14 GS along with CS Com Sunil Kumar and CT Com Satyavir Singh met CMD on 26-12-14 and discussed regarding the on going development in the govt to decide the revival of the company. He informed that nothing positive seems to be moving merger of MTNL/BSNL and revival of MTNL. He stressed to improve the quality of service.

We also had a detailed discussion on retention of officers in Delhi and Mumbai who have been transferred from Delhi to Mumbai and vise versa, We requested him to retain all officers but he retained 19 officers out of 28.

Discussion was also held on RRs of DM(HR)/Mktg/Legal/CS-he said that he has further asked some clarification from HR wing and consider this case after receiving the clarification .

28-12-14 GS along with CS Delhi  met Director (HR) on 25-12-14 and had a discussion on1--1- revival plan of MTNL being taken up by Govt, 2--retaintion of officers in their circles who were transferred to  other circle on  promotion in this respect he had responded positive.
26-12-14 After our long persuasions LA Promotion order in DGM cadre issued by ED Delhi unit.

<<<<click for LA Promotion orders >>>>

26-12-14 After our long persuasions ED Delhi office issued LA promotion orders for 32 executives in DE/Sr Manager (T) cadre

<<<< click for order >>>>


Congratulations   congratulations   congratulations

Due to our great efforts CO issued modified order to retain 15 officers from Delhi Unit and 4 officers from Mumbai Unit.

<<<< office order >>>>

26-12-14                                Notice for Pensioners

Pr CCA DOT Prashad Nagar New Delhi has decided to take over the liability of disbursement of Govt Pension to all the combined pension to all the combined pension optees of MTNL w.e.f January 2015. Hence all the pensioner and family pensioner of MTNL combined pension optee who have been retired from MTNL during the period w e f 01-11-1998 to 31-03-2014 are hereby requested to submit the following documents on or before 10-01-2015 by post or in person to the account officer (pen disb) MTNL HQ, STD Hall, Eastern court, New Delhi. These documents are required by pension disbursement authority CCA DOT, New Delhi.

<<<<click for documents>>>>

25-12-14 MEA Mumbai Circle has launched its new website.

25-12-14 Delhi unit has conducted DPC for financial upgradation from E5 to E6 of executives of Finance wing on 23rd December, 14.

Keeping in view the shortage of JAOs in MTNL Delhi & Mumbai Units, corporate office is considering departmental exam for JAO. <<<letter>>>

23-12-14 Meeting with Hon'ble Minister of State Heavy industries & Public Enterprises, Shri G M Siddeshwara-

Shri V K Tomar, GS, MEA & President NCOA, Shri K M Lakshmi Narayan, GS, BEL & Wkg President NCOA, Shri K Sabestin, GS, SNEA (BSNL) & Shri Sunil Kumar, CS Delhi met Hon'ble Minister today and discussed all the issues which were discussed with Secretary DPE yesterday and a memorandum on all the issues was given to him. We had about 40 minutes discussion in which he listened us very patiently on all issues ranging from pay revision committee to revival of sick PSUs and assured his best to do what ever is possible in his capacity.  

22-12-14 Meeting with Secretary DPE--- Shri V K Tomar, GS, MEA & President NCOA, Shri Baby Thomus, SG, NCOA, Shri Laxmi Narayan, Wkg President NCOA & GS, BEL Officers Association, Shri K Sabestin, GS, SNEA & Ms  Shivani Khurana from BHEL met Secretary DPE Shri K D tripathi and discussed following issues. Jt Secretary & Director DPE were also present in the meeting.
  1. Pay revision of CPSU  Executives--Secretary informed that DPE proposal of constituting pay revision committee has gone to PMO and is expected to be clear any time.
  2. Merger of IDA--He said that govt has not still taken any decision regarding the DA merger of central govt employees. He assured that if govt takes decision in respect of Govt employees, DPE will recommend for CPSE employees also
  3. Monitoring the implementation of various guidelines of DPE in respect of  pay revision and other allowances like 30%  retirement benefit corpus, pension etc.--Secretary  DPE assured that if any Board of the company has recommended any thing on the basis of the guidelines of DPE and  Administrative Ministry is not approving it than DPE will intervene and ensure the approval of ministry.
  4. Pay revision for sick or marginal profit making PSE--Secretary  DPE assured that if any sick PSU comes with proposal of pay revision along with the viable revival plan than than DPE may recommend the pay revision in the revival package to the cabinet.
  5. Fast decision making in case of revival or closure of  sick units---He said that DPE is also of the same view and has written to all sick PSUs to come with the  revival plans immediately. He also assured that again he will write to Administrative ministries and CMDs of such CPSEs. He also said that  revival packages have been approved for ITI, Air India, MTNL & BSNL. For other loss making/sick PSUs, he asked NCOA to pursue with the concerned Ministries and Managements to recommend the revival plans at the earliest so that early decisions can be taken in such cases.
  6. Issues related to women executives like maternity leave CCL etc--Secretary DPE was very much positive on these issues and asked us to organize a meeting of CPSE women in which maximum number of women CMDs & Directors of boards be invited. He assured to chair such meeting along with Jt secretary & Director DPE and to convince CPSE managements to implement DPE guidelines and govt orders  regarding women issues.
  7. Revision of pension of MTNL /BSNL employees ---we asked Secretary to include the revision of pension of MTNL/BSNL employees whose pension is given by govt in the terms and reference of pay revision committee so that committee can give the recommendation of pension revision along with pay revision as in case of govt employees. Secretary assured that NCOA will be given opportunity to raise and discuss such issues with pay revision committee.
22-12-14 Screening report of Delhi and Mumbai unit for DE regular promotions--- Delhi unit has sent screening  and vig report to corporate office today  for regular DPC in DE cadre. Mumbai unit screening and vig report has already been received in corporate office long back. As discussed with GM(HR) & DGM(HR), DPC can be conducted in next 15 days.
22-12-14 Meeting with CCA Delhi---GS along with AGS  Shri Chaudhary, CT Shri Satyavir Singh met CCA Delhi on 19-12-14 and discussed about the issuance of PPOs of MTNL retired employees. He informed that PPOs of the employees retired upto July 2015 have been issued. We pleaded him to expedite the process so that upto date PPOs can be issued. He assured best efforts on his part but asked Association to get required staff relieved from Delhi unit. GS informed him that he had discussed with ED Delhi to relieve the staff for CCA Delhi unit and ED assured immediate action in this regard.
20-12-14 GS writes to Director (HR) regarding filling-up of vacant posts of AE(Electrical) on regular basis. <<<letter>>
19-12-14 GS along with AGS Com D P S Chaudhary met GM(HR) & DGM (HR) on 18-12-14 and discussed the  issues of antedating of promotion dates of officers, re-fixation of seniority and antedating promotion date of 13 SC/ST officers of Mumbai unit (Nagrale and others), regular DPC of NTIP in E2 scale, DM(HR)/Mktg/legal?CS RRs, regular DPC from AO to CAO & Promotions of sealed cover cases. We requested them to expedite the pending cases. They informed the status of all the issues and assured early actions to resolve these cases.

17-12-14 GS writes to GM(HR) regarding long pending issues like antedating of promotion date, refixation of seniority, official language cadre issue, regular DPC of NTIP in E2 scale & left out promotion cases. <<letter>>
17-12-14 GS writes to GM(HR) regarding change of seniority in SDE cadre of Shri V N Nagrale SDE Mumbai and 12 other officers of SC/ST category who were recruited as JTO against  SC/ST special drive-1994. <<<letter>>
17-12-14 CWC (Central Working Committee ) meeting of the Association will be held on 12 & 13 February, 2015 in Mumbai. Meeting will be attended by CHQ office bearers, Circle Presidents, Circle Secretaries, Circle Treasurers & CWC members of Delhi & Mumbai Circles.
15-12-14 Corporate Office has granted relaxation as one time measure for considering APAR of 55 officers who have submitted their  APAR in offline mode instead of online for the period 2013-14 because their reporting/reviewing officers have retired or have left MTNL, Delhi.


12-12-14 Photo of Parliament march

<<<< Photos of Rally >>>>


12-12-14 GS met GM(HR) today and discussed following issues-
  1. RRs of Mktg/HR/Legal/CS cadres---He informed that case is in very advance stage and is likely to be decided shortly.
  2. Seniority case 1999-2000 batch JTOs of Mumbai unit---He informed that approval of competent authority has come to challenge the Mumbai High Court Decision in Supreme court and case will be filed shortly.
  3. Mumbai transfer case of JTOs who were transferred from Delhi to Mumbai and Vice Versa- GS requested to expedite the case for early decision on the representations of Association & individual officers . He said that issue is still under discussion at higher level. 
12-12-14 Meeting with ED (Delhi)----GS Shri V K Tomar along with Shri Sunil Kumar CS, CHQ Vice President Shri Praveen Passi, AGS Shri D P S Chaudhary & CT Shri Satyavir Singh met ED Delhi on 11-12-14, GM(A), Mrs Meena Chauhan was also present in the meeting. Following issues were discussed --
  1. Local Promotion orders in Different Executive Posts--Association expressed its resentment over undue delay  in filliping unfilled posts in SDE, DE, DGM and  AO,CAO posts and asked him to fill up these posts by local promotion orders to off load the overburdened officers who are holding double triple charges. ED asked GM(A) to immediately start the process of filling unfilled posts and assured that very shortly orders will be issued in different cadres.
  2. Reply of clarification sought by Corporate Office regarding EE (Civil) regular DPC--We informed him that corporate office has written a letter to ED regarding some clarification on the complaints recieved in corporate office. ED said that he is not aware about the letter and asked GM(A) to find out the letter and give reply to CO.
  3. Improvement in land line services of MTNL Delhi--A detailed discussion was held and many suggestions were given for improvement of services and problems faced by officers in their day to day working. ED assured to take actions on the suggestions given by  Association. he also gave some instructions to concerened CGM to look into the issues raised by association.
10-12-14 Parliament March to save PSUs----

Joint forum of Public Sector Officers Associations organized a parliament march on 09-12-14 from Jantar Mantar against the government policy to privatize PSUs. About 1500 officers of different sectors gathered at Jantar Mantar and the gathering was addressed by Shri Sitaram Yachuri, MP, Shri Virjesh Upadhyay, All India General Secretary, BMS, CITU President Sri Padamanabha, MP, CPI Leader Shri P Raja, MP, Shri P Rajiv, MP, Shri K Ashok Rao, Convener of JF, Shri Shailendra Dubey , SG AIPEF, Shri Harvinder Singh, GS, AIBOC, Shri Baby Thomus, SG, NCOA, Shri V K Tomar, GS MEA & President NCOA & Shri Arvind Dahia, AGS, SNEA. From Jantar Mantar, rally started march to Parliament which was stopped by police at Parliament Street Police station and took the JF representative to Prime Minister office to submit memorandum.    

<<<< Photos of Rally >>>>

10-12-14 Corporate Office Area meeting---GB meeting of Corporate office Area was held today, which was attended by about 60 officers, meeting was addressed by GS , CHQ Vice President Shri Praveen Passi, &CS, AGS Shri D P S Chaudhary & CT Shri Satyavir Singh were also present in the meeting. Area Body of corporate office was also elected. Shri Alok Jaiswal was elected as Area Secretary of Corporate office..
10-12-14  GB meeting of BB Area---Area GB of BB was held on 05-12-14 in BSNL recreation club In KBN. GS,CS, AGS Com D P S Chaudhary, CT Com Satyavir Singh and Area Secretary Com Vimal Sundriyal addressed the meeting. Four Divisional Representative bodies were also elected, Com Hardev Singh, Com R P Verma, Com Priyavarat Singh & Com Amit Gupta were elected as Divisional Secretaries of four Divisions of BB Area
08-12-14 GS MEA Shri V K Tomar has been elected as National President of NCOA (National Confedration of Officers' Associations of Central PSUs ) in National General Council meeting held in New Delhi today
08-12-14 Meeting with Hon'ble Minister of Heavy industries and Public Enterprises-Shri Anant Geete----Today, GS MEA Shri V K Tomar, SG, NCOA Shri Baby Thomus, GS ITI Shri Anil Kumar, Wkg President NCOA Shri Satish Deshpandey met Hon'ble Minister Shri Anant Geete in his Chamber In Parliament and discussed  about the revival of Sick PSUs and Constitution of 3rd Pay Revision Committee of CPSE Executives . A detailed discussion was held on both the issues and his response was positive.  
07-12-14 Mumbai Circle Conference---Mumbai circle CEC meeting was held on 25-11-14 in which it was decided to hold circle conference of Mumbai circle on 5th January 2014. Circle Secretary  of adhoc committee of Mumbai Circle  Com V S Singh has notified the circle conference.

<<<conference notification>>

Various divisional bodies  have been elected in GM(North)/ GM(South) & GM (West) Areas which have been recognized by Circle Secretary Com V S Singh.  Formation or re-election of Divisional Bodies of MEA in Mumbai is to be recognized by Circle Secretary Com V S Singh. Delegates are to be elected as per the provision of the constitution mentioned in conference notification.


07-12-14 Nation General Council Meet--Triannual NGC meeting of NCOA will be held on 08-12-14 in Delhi. Election of NEC( National Executive Committee) for next three three years will be held in this NGC meeting.
07-12-14 Meeting with GM(HR) & Addl GM(Pers)---GS met GM(HR) and Addl GM(Pers) on 06-12-14 and discussed following issues---
  1. RRs for the promotion of AM(HR)/Mktg/Legal/CS to DM--They informed that RRs approved by Dir (HR) were put up to CMD for his approval but he has raised some queries which will be replied by HR wing shortly.
  2. Transfer of AM(T)s from Delhi to Mumbai and vice -versa on their promotion to DM(T)--GS asked them to put up the representation of Association and individual officers for decision at Dir (HR) and CMD level. Addl GM informed that issue is being discussed at higher level. Cases will be put up in a day or so.
  3. Allowing offline ACRs of the officers whose reporting or reviewing officers have retired.---GM(A) Delhi unit has sought the relaxation from  CO from online ACRs of such officers . GM(HR) assured that offline ACRs will be allowed of such officers and approval will be given in two/three days.



04-12-14  Media News :  Govt not looking to disinvest MTNL, BSNL: Telecom minister. Please click following media links .......... <Mc>    ...<ET>
04-12-14 GS writes to CMD  regarding financial upgradation from due date if no vig/disp case pending on that date irrespective of any case came up after due date even before DPC date. <<letter>>
04-12-14  E5 to E6 Financial upgradation DPC of Delhi unit which was to be conducted is now rescheduled for 06-12-14
04-12-14 Download the poster of 9th December 2014 Jantar Mantar Rally by Joint Forum of PSU officers' Associations . <<<poster>>
                             04-12-14                          Mumbai unit has sent screening report of 246 officers to Corporate office for regular promotion to the post of DE on 02-12-14
03-12-14 Joint Forum Of Public Sector Officers Associations is organizing Rally at Jantar Mantar on 9th December, 2014 at 11 AM to submit the memorandum to Hon'ble Prime Minister of India  against the policies of Privatization of Public Sector undertakings and demanding the participation of major stake holders i,e employees in the process of reviving PSUs etc

All officers are requested to reach Jantar Mantar in full strength on 9th December,14 at 11 AM sharp to make the programme a grand success.

<<notice to CMD>>           <<<notice to PM>>>

01-12-14 Meeting with Director (HR)---GS along with CS met Director (HR) on 30-11-14 and discussed following issues-
  1. Transfers of AM(T) on their promotion to DM(T) from Delhi to Mumbai and vice -versa.
  2. DM(HR)/Mktg/Legal/CS RRs
  3. EE (Civil) promotion orders
  4. Including working spouse in OPD scheme

Detailed discussion was held on above issues, Dir (HR) assured appropriate actions on these issue.

30-11-14 ED Mumbai issues promotion and posting orders of 96 AM(T) to DM(T) who qualified LICE and promoted by corporate office.


30-11-14 ED Mumbai issues officiating promotion orders of 21 officers from Dy Manager (T) to Sr Manager (T). 


30-11-14 GB meeting of Electrical wing of MTNL Delhi unit---GB meeting was held on 29-11-14 in KBN. Almost all XEN, AEs and JTOs of Electrical wing of MTNL Delhi attended the meeting. GS, Com V K Tomar,CS, Com Sunil Kumar, CHQ Vice President, Com Praveen Passi, AGS Com DPS Chaudhary, Jt Secretary Com R S Maan & Jt Circle secretary Com Rajkumar Sharma addressed the meeting. Members raised thier issues, GS assured to take up the issues at appropriate level.Divisional body of Electrical wing was formed. Following office bearers were elected as Divisional representatives.

1--President                   Shri Ramesh Chandra         XEN (Electrical) KBN

2--Divisional Secretary    Shri D K Singhal             AE (Electrical), LN

3--Treasurer                   Shri Navin Gupta        AE (Elec-Proj), CGO  


View Media Reports:
Telecom department urges industry to go green. 
Telecom operators told to cut carbon emissions by 17% in next five years.
Telecom companies, supermarkets can start banks.
A dampener for telecom companies with 100% FDI.
FIR against telecom firm in Utkarsh case.

Global telecom body asks DoT to put more spectrum on auction. 

Telecom department wants GIS mapping of telecom towers.


29-11-14 Government considering proposal to reduce Retirement Age -
29-11-14 E5 to E6 financial upgradation DPC in Delhi unit is scheduled to be held on 2nd December. E4 to E5 screening of CR work is almost 90% is completed, DPC will be held after E5 to E6 DPC.
29-11-14 Meeting with Joint Secretary (T), DOT-GS along with AGS com Chaudhary met Jt Secretary (T) on 28-11-14 and had a detailed discussion on the revival plans of the MTNL being considered by Govt including merger of MTNL & BSNL for about 45 minutes. He expressed serious concern about the poor MTNL services, particularly mobile services and said that Govt perception regarding MTNL mobile services has become very bad in last 6 months. He said that if you could not improve your services in two/three months,  govt will take hard decisions. We explained the factual position and reasons of deterioration of MTNL services, the main reason is non availability of funds for maintenance and development. He agreed with us but said that funds are to be managed by MTNL management only. He also assured serious efforts at his part to see the MTNL revival and survival, but said very candidly that govt support will be subject to improvement of services.

other issues like salary support, augmentation of BTS to improve mobile services, 2G spectrum, regular CMD etc were also discussed in details.       

29-11-14 GS writes to Director (HR) to revise the posting orders of SC candidates who have been transferred to Mumbai from Delhi on their promotion to SDE cadre by considering them in general category.  <<letter>>
28-11-14 GS writes to Director (HR) to request to consider the representations of retention of the officers transferred from Delhi to Mumbai and vise-versa on promotion to the post of SDE/DM through LICE. <<<<letter>>

GS also discussed this issue with CMD yesterday. He assured to look into the matter

28-11-14 GS writes to CMD regarding  messy and unsystematic withholding of promotion order to the post of Executive Engineer (Civil).


27-11-14 MTNL CO has asked for CR of promotion to DM (Telecom) E-3 grade. Based on this ED MTNL ND office has issued a letter asking for CRs of 161 persons. All the candidates are requested to ensure their APARs completion. Area Secy. of all  wings are requested to expedite CR deposition for early submission of CR dossiers. The ED MTNL ND office letter is attached for ready reference please ...........<Letter>
  Status of Promotions and DPCs in different Executive Cadres----
  • JTO (T) to SDE (T)---unfilled vacancies upto June 2011 were 696. After our long persuasion and sincere efforts, 2/3rd Seniority cum Fitness quota of these vacancies was filled on regular basis by promoting 464 JTOs of recruitment years upto 1994/95in 2012, and for 1/3rd competitive quota LICE was conducted for 232 vacancies in 2012 itself, but because of pending court case, result could not be declared. Now after the court vacated the stay orders, result declared and promotion orders of 217 JTOs have been issued. Here it is also to be clarified that officers already promoted on regular basis through SCF (Seniority Cum Fitness Quota) will remain  en-block senior to the officers promoted through LICE. 
  •  for the unfilled vacancies from June 2011 onward, screening report of JTOs upto the recruitment year 1998 for General category and sufficient number of SC/ST candidates   have been called for by corporate office to fill up the SCF (Seniority cum Fitness Quota) of these vacancies. Delhi and Mumbai units are being pursued by our Association to send the screening reports at the earliest .LICE quota will also be filled up of these vacancies after SCF quota promotions.
  • SDE (T) to DE---Screening  report to fill up 202 vacancies of DE against SCF quota has already been called for from Delhi and Mumbai units. our Association is strongly pursuing to send screening report and vig clearance as early as possible from both the units. For competitive quota, there is already court case pending. After court decision, we will take appropriate action to get these vacancies filled up from amongst our officers already working in MTNL.
  • SDE to EE (Civil)---DPC for regular promotion has already been conducted in corporate office but because of certain complaints, promotion orders have not been issued. We are pursuing and will see that orders are issued at the earliest.
  • JAO to AO--- seniority case is pending in corporate office, management has taken undue time in deciding the seniority, but now we will put sufficient pressure to ensure promotions at the earliest. for AO to CAO regular promotions also Association is pursuing.
  •   JTO (Elec) to AE (Elect)---Association is now writing to Management and pursue for starting the process for regular DPC.
  • Regular promotions in DGM cadre in all disciplines will now be taken up for filling vacant vacancies.


25-11-14 ED Delhi had issued revised Promotion order from AM to DM(Telecom) for 103 successful candidate of LICE Examination. <<order Copy>> <<order Copy for mumbai posted officers>>
25-11-14 GS along with Jt Secy Shri Sunil Sonkar met Addl GM(Pers) on 24-11-14 and discussed about the discrepancies in the promotion orders issued for the post of Dy Manager (T) and also the transfer orders on promotion from Delhi to Mumbai and vise versa. He assured to correct the discrepancies. We also discussed the case of RRs for promotion to DM (HR/Mktg?Legal?CS), he informed that case has been processed for further decision at higher level.
25-11-14 Sr Manager Trainee recruitment case---Final arguments in the case continued on 24-11-14. Our Advocate argued very effectively  to place our stand in the court for time bound functional promotions upto E7 (Joint GM) level as assured at the time of absorption and also assurance given by management in the meeting of Chairman Telecom Commission that there will be no lateral entry above E2 level. Final argument completed after hearing the councils of applicants and respondents. Court kept decision reserved.
24-11-14 ED Delhi had issued Promotion order from AM to DM(Telecom) for 103 successful candidate of LICE Examination. <<order Copy>>>
22-11-14 GS writes to CMD regarding pay scales and designations of Official language cadres. <<letter>>>
22-11-14 Meeting with GM(HR)---GS along with CS met GM(HR) and Addl GM(P) on 21-11-14 and thanked for issuing promotion orders of 217 officers for the post of Dy Manager (T) and discussed following issues-
  1. Antedating promotion dates of SDEs and restoration and revision of seniority cases of SDEs---A detailed discussion was held and we pleaded for for early settlement of these pending cases. GM(HR) asked Sr Manager (HR) to put up the cases.
  2. RRs for promotion to DM(HR)/Mktg/Legal/CS---GM(HR) and Addl GM(HR), Shri M K Saxena who was also present in the meeting said that issue is in active consideration and will be settled shortly.
  3. JAO seniority case---We requested GM(HR) to issue the promotion orders of all JAOs whose seniority case is pending in CO and inter-se-seniority will be decided later on after the settlement of seniority issue. GM(HR) said that case has gone to CMD let us wait for some time.
  4. EE (Civil) promotion orders--They informed that case has gone to Dir (HR) /CMD in respect of some complaints. Let us wait reply from higher ups. Association will meet CMD & Dir (HR) in this respect..
  5. Seniority case of 1999-2000 batch JTOs of Mumbai Circle--We wanted to get Mumbai high court decision to be implimented so that JTOs upto the  2000 year of recruitment  of Delhi and Mumbai can be promoted against Seniority Cum fitness quota, but GM(HR) informed that management has decided to challenge the Hon'ble high court decision in the Supreme court that is why screening report has been called for upto the year of 1998.
  6. E2 non Tech promotion orders--he assured to discuss the issue with DGM(HR) and decide.
Management Trainee (E5) recruitment rule case- MEA Vs MTNL

captioned matter was listed today as Item No. 27 in Court No. 3 at the CAT, Principal Bench before the Hon'ble Members Shri V. Ajay Kumar and Shri P.K. Basu.

Mr. Rajshekhar Rao appeared on behalf of the Applicants (MEA).  Senior Advocate, Ms. Jyoti Singh appeared on behalf of MTNL, assisted by Sikri and Company. Mr. MK Bhardwaj also appeared on behalf of the impleaded respondents who had moved an application for vacation of Stay on the result of the examinations as was directed vide Order dated 07.03.2014.
 Mr. Rao advanced submissions highlighting the fact that the RRs were executive instructions and not statutory rules which had legislative backing. For that, the representations made to the employees in 2000 and pursuant to the settlement in 2002, the department cannot resile from its assurances made, because it was on the basis of that representation, did the employees choose to opt for MTNL for better career progression. He further submitted that the impugned RRs and the advertisement permitted lateral entry to the extent of 25% which was against the Settlement arrived at between the Applicants and the Department as far back as in 2002.
 However, due to paucity of time, the matter could not be heard in completion and hence has been adjourned to Monday i.e. 24.11.2014 under the 'Part Heard' category


21-11-14 Congratulations!      Congratulations!

Corporate Office issues promotion orders of 217 officers  to the post of Dy Manager (Telecom) who qualified LICE.  <<<orders>>>


20-11-14 GB meeting of CGO division of Wireless Services---Meeting was conducted on 19-11-14 in Doorsanchar Sadan CGO building which was attended by more than 50 officers of BSS Division. Main agenda of the meeting was improvement of WS services in Delhi. In a very clear way members explained the reasons of poor mobile services of MTNL in Delhi. GS, Com V K Tomar, CS Com Sunil Kumar, CT Com Satyavir Singh addressed the meeting. GS in his speech explained all HR issues and the developments in the govt regarding revival of the MTNL. GS also assured house that the reasons and problems raised by members in respect of poor services of MTNL will be taken up at all appropriate platforms to find the solution of the problems. Meeting was presided over by Com R K Chhabra ACS. Com B L Singh, ACS and Com Anirudh Singh OS WS and all Divisional Secretaries of WS also attended the meeting. 
19-11-14 After our long persuasion, as assured by Director (HR) and GM(HR), corporate office has called for screening report of eligible JTOs of the recruitment years 1995 to 1998 in case of general category and sufficient number of officers belonging to SC/ST category along with latest vig/discp report. <<<corporate office letter>>

All circle secretaries/ Area Secretaries/Divisional Secretaries,  other office bearers and concerned officers are requested to get the ACR completed and send the screening report of  Delhi and Mumbai as early as possible so that DPC can be conducted in corporate office immediately after SDE to DE DPC.

19-11-14 Delhi Circle CEC Meeting--

CEC meeting was held on 18-11-2014 at BSNL recreation club, Kidwai Bhawan, New Delhi. More than 100 office bearers attended the meeting. which was presided over by Shri S R Singh Circle President, Delhi Circle. GS, CS Delhi and other CHQ and Circle office bearers addressed the meeting. CS Shri Sunil Kumar apprised the house about the circle issues like financial upgradations, LA promotions etc and asked the members to give their views regarding improvement of the services.  GS explained how the govt is considering various options to revive the MTNL, and asked CEC to mobilize all officers to work hard to improve the services, but be ready to oppose any move of the govt to privatize PSUs . GS also explained the developments on HR issues.

He informed that

  1. promotion orders of the officers, who cleared  E3 LICE, will be issued most probably on 20th November and process for SCF quota promotion for SDE post will be started shortly as assured by Director (HR) and GM(HR).   
  2. DE regular promotion orders may  be issued most probably in the month of december,14, because screening report of Delhi and Mumbai unit is still awaited, which are expected by the end of Nov or first week of  Dec.
  3. RRs for promotion from AM to DM in HR/Mktg/CS/Legal are expected shortly as assured by Director (HR) and GM(HR). CMD has also been briefed by Association and he is also positive on this issue. 
  4. GS also explained how our some major demands like 78.2% fitment, 30% corpus for MTNL recruited employees & filling all vacant posts on regular basis in all disciplines have been conveyed to DOT by management in reference of  MTNL & BSNL merger.

A detailed discussion was held on improvement of services and revival of MTNL. Many office bearers came out very honestly and clearly on their observations on the working of the company. some important observations which majority of members felt are

  1.  lack of ownership at higher level
  2. lack of monitoring at all levels
  3. lack of unwillingness of taking responsibility at all levels particularly at junior and middle level officers who don't take the decisions on the matters which can be decided at their level, but prefer to pass on to higher level.
  4.  Non availability of spares for maintenance
  5. Non availability of funds

GS stressed that all officers must take decisions at their levels according to the powers and authorities conferred on them. Association will manage to provide the powers and authorities of all officers at different level.

GS also appealed CEC to ensure 100% participation of officers in the rally to Parliament on 9th December to oppose the move of Govt to privatise PSUs and to demand the revival of sick and loss making PSUs 

Shri Vimal Sundriyal was co opted as Area Secretary (BB) consequent upon the transfer of Shri Shailendra Chauhan



18-11-19 GB meeting of WS CGO Division will be held on 19-11-14 at 2nd floor CGO for improvement of WS services. All members are requested to attend the meeting.
17-11-18 GS writes to GM(HR) regarding antidation of promotion date of SDEs. Today  discussed with DGM(HR), who assured to put up all cases for decision shortly. <<letter>>
17-11-14 CHQ Office Bearers and Circle Secretaries meeting--  meeting was held on 11-11-14 at Delhi. following issues were discussed
  1. Dissolution of Mumbai Circle Body and formation of adhoc committee--GS explained the facts and circumstances under which Mumbai Circle Representative Body was dissolved and adhoc committee was formed. All the office bearers unanimously approved the decision of the General Secretary and further authorized him to take appropriate actions to strengthen the organization.
  2. Nomination of one AGS from Directly recruited Officers from Mumbai Circle---All office bearers unanimously approved the proposal of GS to nominate one AGS in CHQ body from Mumbai circle from amongst the Direct Recruited Officers who have joined MEA.
  3. Revival of MTNL--GS explained the various options being considered in the Govt  regarding the revival of MTNL. A detailed discussion was held on how Association can play its role in ensuring the revival of MTNL and office bearers asked GS to adopt all means to draw the attention of Govt of India by utilizing all  available resources and plate forms.
  4. Parliament March on 9th December to save PSUs--GS explained the need of this march by Joint forum of PSU Officers Associations to save PSUs. It was decided to mobilize the members in Delhi to participate in full strength.
  5. HR issues--GS briefed about the developments on HR issues in Corporate Office. Main focus remained on 75% SCF quota DPC in STS cadre, LICE promotion orders SCF DPC from JTO to SDE, AE to EE in Civil wing, JAO to AO and AO to CAO DPCs, RRs for DM(HR)?Mktg/legal/CS etc. GS was asked to pursue with the management vigorously to see early DPCs and promotion orders in these cadres.
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15-11-14 Media Report

Privatise, don’t disinvest
BSNL, MTNL, AIR INDIA are clearly non-strategic sectors where the presence of the state serves little social or public purpose.

15-11-14 बढ़ेंगे BSNL-MTNL के कॉल रेट, क्योंकि इन्हें बेचने की तैयारी में है सरकार
बहुत सी सरकारी कंपनियां बंद होने के कगार पर हैं। अगर उन्हें अभी की तरह चलाया जाता रहा तो इसमें काम करने वालों की नौकरी जाने का खतरा बना रहेगा। इससे बचने के लिए निजीकरण सही रास्ता हो सकता है।
15-09-14 Parliament March on 9th December---Joint Forum of PSU Officers' Associations will take out a march to Parliament From Eastern Court, Near BSNL HQ, Janpath New Delhi on 9th December at 11 AM to oppose the Govt move of privatization of PSUs and to press to revive the Sick and loss making PSUs. All Area Secretaries/ Divisional Secretaries and other office bearers are requested to mobilize the members to participate in the rally with full strength..
15-11-14 GB Meeting of HQ ---GB meeting of HQ was held on 13-11-14 at 6th floor K L Bhawan. GS, CHQ President Com S N Prasad, CS Com Sunil Kumar & AS Com J K Yadav addressed the meeting. G & President & CS briefed the house about the CHQ and circle issues and also the financial condition of the company and its revival. GS replied the queries raised by the members. Com Praveen Passi CHQ Vice President & Com J R Gangwar also attended the meeting.
12-11-14 GS and CHQ President Com S N Prasad attended open session of RTOWA today at CTO Auditorium Eastern court N Delhi. In this open session, Ex CMD Shri A K garg was felicitated after his retirement for his vital role in getting govt pension issue resolved for MTNL employees. GS addressed the open session.

After open session we had a discussion with CMD on some issues like DM(HR)/Mktg /Legal/CS RRs, seniority case of 1999 year of recruitment JTO of Mumbai. regarding issues related to revival of MTNL and  for some other issue, he asked us to come after two three days because he was to make preparation for tomorrow's board meeting in which some important issues like increasing BTSs etc are to be decided.


12-11-14 Meeting with GM(HR)--GS along with CHQ President Com S N Prasad, CHQ Treasurer Com V P Prajapati, CHQ Vice President Com Naiker & Secretary Adhoc committee Mumbai, Com V S Singh met GM(HR) today and had discussion on following issues.

1--JTO to SDE regular promotion against SCF quota--We asked him to start the process immediately to fill up the SCF quota. He said a letter to keep the CRs ready has already been written to Mumbai and Delhi unit. We asked him to send another reminder to the keep ACRs ready so that immediately after SDE to DE promotions, Process for regular promotion DPC for JTO to SDE can be started. He assured early action at his part for SCF DPC.

2---DM(HR)/Mktg RR--He informed that issue has been discussed with DIR (HR) and RRs will be finalised shortly.

3----A general discussion on various options under consideration in govt regarding revival of MTNL was also held.


12-11-14 GS met Director (HR)  on 11-11-14 and discussed following issues
  1. JAO seniority--he was asked to expedite the case. He discussed certain points related to the seniority which GS clarified. He assured to expedite the case.
  2. RRs for promotion from AM(HR)/Mktg/legal/CS---After a brief discussion, he assured to decide the RRs shortly
  3. JTO to SDE promotion against SCF quota---He assured to start the process shortly
10-11-14  APAR in r/o 19 officers under consideration for E5 to E6 upgradation are still awaited. All Area Secretaries and individual officers have to pursue for sending APAR at the earliest so that DPC can be conducted for financial upgradation from E5 to E6. <<<list of officers whose APAR are pending>>>
10-11-14 Delhi Circle CEC Meeting---CEC meeting will be held on 18-11-14 in 555 Kidwai Bhawan at 2PM. All CHQ Officers/ Circle Officers/Area Secretaries/Divisional secretaries and  CEC members are requested to attend the meeting well in time .
08-11-14 Meeting with Director (HR & EB & Tech) ---GS along with Jt Secy Com Sunil Sonkar & OS(WS) Com Anirudh met Director (HR) on 07-11-14 and had discussion on
  1.  Promotion orders/DPC in SDE cadre against SCF/ LICE and also promotions of AM(HR)/Mktg/ Legal//CS were discussed . GM(HR) was also present there, Dir (HR) asked him to take actions on these issues.
  2. Revival/survival of MTNL--Director (HR) informed that a meeting was held with Hon'ble MOC &IT in which he was very annoyed with the poor services of MTNL and gave certain instructions and clear message to MTNL management that first you improve your services than hope any help from govt or otherwise face consequences. Director (HR & EB) and Tech asked GS to come to him in a day or so for detailed discussion on this issue.

We appeal to MTNL management, senior officers, middle & Junior level management officers and employees to decide strategy and do your best to improve the services for the sake of revival of  the company and survival of its employees in the company. Its the war time, do every thing possible for our own survival. association will do every thing possible with all means to pursue with the govt and MTNL management for our beloved companies revival.


08-11-14 GS along with AGS, Com D P S Chaudhary, Jt Secry Com Sunil Sonkar, CS com sunil Kumar, OS(WS) Com Anirudh met GM(HR) on 05-11-14 & 06-11-14 and had a discussion on issuing promotion orders from JTO to SDE against SCF & LICE quota., seniority cases, regular DPC in DE cadre, XEN (Civil) DPC etc.
08-11-14  GS had a discussion with ED Delhi on 5-11-14 regarding long delay in issuing local promotion orders in the cadres of SDE, DE, CAO, and  informed him about the acute shortage of officers in these cadres . GS pleaded with him to  get the promotion orders issued as early as possible.. CS also had discussion with GM(A)  on 07-11-14 and asked her to start the process to issue the orders. She assured to discuss the issue with ED with all information received from different Areas.
07-11-14 BSNL/MTNL need to manage to become relevant now they are becoming irrelevant in Telecom sector. Must read. click link below.

Business Standard -…/bsnl-mtnl-manage-to-beco…





03-11-14 Corporate Office issues the restoration/fixation of  7 left out SDEs. <<<orders>>
03-11-14 Meeting with GM(HR)--GS along with AGS Com D P S Chaudhary & Jt Secretary Com Sunil Sonkar met him today and discussed about the promotion from JTO to SDE, JAO seniority list, EE (Civil)  promotion orders, seniority revision, pending court cases in different cadres, reply to DOT regarding inter-se-seniority of officers of MTNL & BSNL.
02-11-14 CHQ Office bearers meeting will be held on 11-11-2014 at New Delhi to discuss the various developments on different issues related to the company and its executives. Organizational issues to strengthen the Association in Delhi and Mumbai will also be discussed. All CHQ office bearers are requested to attend the meeting.
31-10-14 Joint Forum of PSU Officers decides Parliament march on 9th December 2014----Central Coordination Committee of Joint Forum of PSU officers met on 22nd  & 30th October 2014 in AIBOC (All India Bank Officers' Confederation Office and decided parliament March from Eastern Court/ BSNL CO on 9th December 2014 to save PSUs. Com V K Tomar, GS represented on behalf of MEA & NCOA.
30-10-14 GS again writes to Director (HR) to get the working spouse included in MTNL medical OPD scheme by getting it put up for revisit as discussed with DIr(Fin)/CMD. <<<letter>>
29-10-14 After the meeting with Hon'ble MOC & IT who expressed his anguish about the poor landline and mobile services of MTNL Delhi. CMD writes a open letter to MTNL Delhi unit administration

<<CMD letter>>


29-10-14 After the meeting of CMD with MOC &IT, GS along with AGS met CMD on 22-10-14 and had a detailed discussion on the improvement of MTNL services. He informed us what transpired in the meeting with MOC &IT and also the anguish of Honble Minister regarding poor services of MTNL in Delhi particularly.CMD  said that from first week of November he will make extensive visits in the field and intract with the officers. He also expressed his intension to introduce biomatric machines for attendance. He sought the support of the Association in improving the services. When we asked him to provide the funds for maintenance of services ,he said that he had raised the issue of cash crunch in the company before the minister who was positive to help the company subject to improvement in services.

We also met to Director (HR) and had a detailed discussion on the MTNL & BSNL merger,  inter-se-seniority of officers and other issues in case of merger.

28-10--14   Mumbai Circle Representative body has been dissolved and an adhoc committee with following office bearers has been formed with the instruction to conduct the election of new set of office bearers for new term with in 3 months. All office bearers and members are requested to co operate the adhoc committee to conduct the smooth election of new body.

Circle President--Shri J N Upadhyay----Sr Manager, Worli Extl---9869483856

Circle Secretary---Shri V S Singh--------Dy Manager, PBD (Extl)--9869227887

Circle Treasurer---Shri D J Shelar--------Asstt Manager, SPK Exch--9869032400


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Time to turn telecom copper into mobile gold, says Genesis.

TRAI to host open house meet on broadband issues and how this can be speeded.
Guidelines for processing proposals for appointment to Board level osts in Central Public Sector Enterprises.

24-10-14 After we took up the case of vacant post of Director (Tech) in MTNL board with Secretary DOT, orders have been issued by DOT to look after the Director (Tech) post by Dir (HR) Shri Sunil Kumar. We also came to know that the Presentation on execution of Digital India Project by MTNl & BSNL prepared By Director (HR) MTNL, which we discussed and presented to Secretary DOT, has been in turn discussed by Secretary DOT with BSNL management and  asked them to jointly prepare the proposal and discuss with him.
  Image result for diwali images
22-10-14 NCOA writes to new  Secretary DPE for fixing a meeting with the NCOA representatives to discuss the issues of CPSEs and  their executives . <<<letter>>>
22-10-14 GS met concerned officers of DPE who informed that DPE has sent the list of Retired Justices of Supreme court to Cabinet to decide the Chairman of 3rd PRC of CPSEs from amongst the suggested names by DPE. It is expected that cabinet will decide shortly after taking the approval of PMO and DPE will notified the 3rd Pay Revision Committee of CPSEs by Nov end.
22-10-14 ED MTNL ND issued a list of 67 Telecom executives, whose APAR's ( For time bound upgradations to E5 & E6) full folders are incomplete/not-avalibale. All Area Office Bearers please take note of their Executives & fecilitate sending the APAR of them to ED MTNL Office ASAP.  Please click the attached link .............<incomplete APAR>
21-10-14 India passes 950 million phone subscribers milestone.

<<<< click here for media news >>>>

21-10-14 Financial support to Mahanagar Telephone Nigam on account of liability arising from levy of Minimum Alternate Tax.

<<<< click here for media news >>>>


20-10-14 Teesh Hazari Division General Body Meeting---GS & CS attended the T/H Division GB meeting on 18-10-14. ACS, Shr B K Sharma, Area Secretary, Shri K K Pandey & DS Shri R S Malik were also present in the meeting. All these office bearers addressed the meeting. GS explained the issues related to the financial condition of the company, its revival, merger of MTNL, DPCs and promotions in different executive cadres etc. GS also apprised the house about the efforts being made by Association and management to see the revival of the company. Members raised queries, Gs and CS replied and assured to take up the issues raised in the meeting. GS stressed on improvement of services and customer satisfaction. and also appealed the officers to do their best for customer satisfaction, the only tool  which can help us to make our voice strong to get MTNL revived through govt & Management policies and our hard work.
18-10-14   CMD appeals Association to improve the services and bring customer satisfaction

Three days before, CMD had expressed his concern to GS regarding detoriating Mobile and land line services of MTNL and asked  him to take appropriate initiatives at Association level to inform and  educate the officers regarding the fall outs of the present poor quality of our services and also said that if the employees will not do their best to improve the services and bring the customer satisfaction, managment will have to take tough actions which will not be pleasant to the employees.

All officers are appealed by the Association to understand the present volatile condition of the company regarding its revival and servival, and do their best what ever  can be done to improve the services and customer satisfaction. Your hardwork and customer satisfaction can only make us strong to fight with the managment and Govt to revive the company and for getting our due and legitimate benefits in the company.    

18-10-14 In the meeting with GM(HR) on 16th Oct.14, the issue of DPC for regaular promotion from JTO to SDE was also discussed and we have strongly raised that DPC be conducted against SCF quota at the earliest. He asked DGM(HR) to find out the vacancy position so that process can be started. Regarding DM(HR)/Mktg etc RRs he said that Director (HR) was on leave for quite some time, and now he has joined, so issue will further be discussed with him because he had sought some informations on this issue.
17-10-14  Meeting with GM(HR)---GS along with AGS, Shri D P S Chaudhary, Jt Secy, Shri R S Maan, CS Shri Sunil Kumar & CT Shri Satyavir Singh met GM(HR) Shri N K Joshi on 16th oct. DGM(HR) Shri F R Tirkey was also present. Following issues were discussed.
  1. Promotion orders of EE (Civil)---We pleaded for early issuance of promotion orders of the officers whose DPC has already been conducted in corporate office. He assured Early action
  2. JAO seniority case---He informed that case is being further studied before taking it to the board.
  3. JTO  (1999-2000)seniority case--Legally being examined whether to challenge high court decision in supreme court.
  4. Official Language cadre issue--GM(HR) informed that He has written a letter to Dy Director (OL) DOT in response of DOT letter regarding formation of official language cadre in all PSUs in one Administrative Ministry. <<letter>>
  5. Inter-se-seniority of MTNL & BSNL officers in respect of Merger of both the companies---He informed that sub committee is working on this issue and report will be submitted to DOT before 30th October 2014
15-10-14 Corporate Office has sought the consent of Association for one day basic pay contribution of the employees towards Prime Minister's Relief Fund for Jammu & Kashmir Calamity. <<<CO Letter>>
15-10-14  Association is pursuing with ED Delhi to issue the local promotion orders in the different Executive cadres. So ED office has asked the requirement of DEs/SDEs/JTOs in different GMs. All Area Secretaries are requested to pursue in their Areas to send more and more requirement of these cadres at the earliest, so that promotion orders can be issued as early as possible.

<<<See AGM(A) mail to all GMs>>>

13-10-14 Meeting with CGM(O)--GS & CS met CGM(O) and discussed about the local  promotion orders in different executive cadres as asked by ED to discuss with CGM regarding requirement of officers in different areas. CGM assured to tell GM(A) regarding posting of officers in different areas. Discussion on services in different areas was also held and CGM assured required steps on his part to improve the efficiency of services..
13-10-14 IDA rate revised to 98.1% w.e.f 10-01-2014. <<DPE orders>>>

MTNL Delhi unit has released the Payment of Commutation for feb-2014 for retirees to the Bank. It will be credited to the Retirees account by Monday 13-10-2014

The Funds for Commutation for Mar-2014 retirees will be released by MTNL CO on Monday 13-10-2014. And it is expected to be credited to the retirees account by end of Next week.

The payment of pension to retirees of Apr &-May2014 have already been made. Payment of  58 cases of June-14 are to be made in a day or two

09-10-14 E4 to E5 & E5 to E6 financial up gradation---In Delhi unit, almost all ACRs have been received and DPC for E5 to E6 and screening for regular promotion to DE are expected to be completed in this month. E4 to E5 DPC will be held in November.
08-10-14 There is only one boss i.e customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from Chairman to down, simply spending his money somewhere else. So keep this boss satisfied if you want to be there in the company and company to be there.

Let us start a drive to keep our esteemed customer happy and satisfied by providing him excellent service. There is no other way to be in the company and get salary. 


Indian companies should learn from the achievements of China Mobile.

Telecom service provider China Mobile said its 4G subscriber base reached 40 million on October 3.

The world’s wireless carrier based on subscriber base has constructed more than 500,000 4G base stations, covering more than 300 cities.

30-09-14 Our beloved CHQ President Com S N Prasad retired from MTNL services  after attaining  superannuation today i.e 30th September 2014.We congratulate him on his retirement. He has contributed a very dedicated and sincere service to the department. He has always been fighting for the betterment of the company and the welfare of the Executive, he will continue to fight for the same . He has retired from MTNL services, not from Association services, .  We wish a very happy, healthy and prosperous future for him. May god bless him and his family. Best wishes of thousands of Executives will  always be with him.
29-09-14 GS writes to Director (Fin) and Director (HR) rearding abnormal delay in deciding inter-se-seniority and to promote eligible JAOs to AO pending settlement of inter-se-seniority.  <<<letter>>
29-09-14  Media Report : 'Will revive BSNL, MTNL as I did Coal India': Ravi Shankar Prasad- Loss-making state-owned telecom service providers, Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL) and MTNL will not be privatised; instead they will be turned around, telecom minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has said.

For detailed news ... click the link ..........  <news>

26-09-14  Meeting with Jt Secretary (T), DOT-----

GS, Com V K Tomar along with AGS, Com D P S Chaudhary met Jt Secretary (T) Shri V Umashankar and had comprehensive discussion on financial condition of the company and ways and options to get it revived. Jt Secretary said that he is the Govt nominee Director on MTNL board and know the internal condition of the company which is very bad and requires immediate actions on two fronts i.e policy decisions by Govt and improvement of services by MTNL management and its staff. He said that MTNL services are very poor and expressed his concern over deteriorating service quality of MTNL. He asked Association to play a very pro-active role to improve the services and save company. GS explained how there is no expansion for last five years and funds are not  available even  for maintenance of existing services even for petty items. GS requested him to get BWA refund payment and a regular board for MTNL, which are essential things for MTNL to run it. Jt Secretary agreed with the views of the GS and explained why CMD & Director (Tech) could not be posted on regular basis, but clarified that things are in process to short out the hurdles. He also said that he was pursuing hard to get BWA refund payment to MTNL. But, He said that merger of MTNL  &BSNL is the best solution for revival of both the companies for which govt is making efforts. HR sub -committee has been asked to give its report on inter-se-seniority issue of officers by 30th October 2014. Inter-se seniority of officers of MTNL and BSNL has been identified as most critical issue in merger. JS asked GS to coordinate with the committee to complete the work and submit the report in due time.


26-09-14 GB meeting of JKP Division---A well  organized  GB  was held today in JKP exchange building. Meeting was attended and addressed by CS Com Sunil Kumar, CHQ VP Com Parmil Gupta, AGS, Com Sanjay Kumar, CT Com Satyavir Singh, Jt CS Com Vimal Sundriyal , AS(Trans) Com Birgesh Kumar Sharma & DS Mrs Madhu Rani. CS replied the queries raised by the members.
26-09-14 GB meeting of Dwarika Division---A well organized GB Meeting of Dwarika Division was held on 25-09-14 which was attended and addressed by CS Com Sunil Kumar, CHQ V P Com Pramil Gupta, AGS Com Sanjay Kumar, Jt CS Com Vimal Sundriyal & ACS Com Prasant Singh. CS clarified the queries raised by the members. Divisional representatives were elected for new term. Com  K G Paliwal, DE (OD), Com Rajeev Ranjan, SDE (BB) & Ramveer Singh, PRO were elected as President, DS & Treasurer respectively.
26-09-14   GS along with other office bearers and members participated and  GS addressed the Lunch hour demonstration of SNEA(I) against the vindictive actions of Kerla Circle CGM who  dies-non 1300 officers  and Charge sheeted Circle Secretary and other office bearers of Kerla circle after they raised the issues of corruption by him in Kerla Circle.  GS MEA had announced the active support  to this agitation in case it continues further, but in the evening CMD BSNL called the SNEA office bearers and resolved the issues. CHQ office bearers were sitting on indefinitely hunger fast for last four days. We congratulate SNEA CHQ office bearers and Kerla Circle comrades.
25-09-14 Meeting with GM(Adm) Delhi--GS and CS met GM(A) on 24-09-14 and discussed about the delay in issuing local promotion orders in the cadre of SDE/AO and DE/CAO. She informed that ED wanted to know the actual working strength of officers at different levels in every GM Area, so a chart was prepared GM vise. Now this chart will be provided to ED who will decide the local promotion orders in different Executive cadres. She assured, decision will be taken shortly.
25-09-14 GB Meeting of Minto road Division of WS Area---GB was held on 24-09-14.GS and CS addressed the meeting and replied the queries of the members. Com Abhishek was elected as Divisional Secretary of the Division.
25-09-14 GS met Addl GM(Pers) & DGM (HR) Corporate office  on 24-09-14 and pursued for EE (Civil) DPC, Left out seniority cases, Civil ACP case. They assure to get EE (Civil) DPC conducted in a day or two and informed the status of other cases.
25-09-14 Nehru Place Divisional General body meeting- A Well organized GB meeting was held on 23-09-14 at Nehru Place building which was attended by more than 50 officers. Meeting was addressed by GS, CS, AGS Com D P S Chaudhary, CP Com S R Singh, CT Com Satyavir Singh., VP Com R C Sharma, AS Com Karam Vir Singh, DS Okhla Com Bijender Singh and Com Amreesh Kumar  DS NP. GS apprised the house about the latest developments on the  current issues and revival / Merger of MTNL/ BSNLetc
24-09-14 Congratulation to Indian Space Scientists and Engineers on the historic achievement of successfully placing Mars Orbitor Mission in the desired orbit of Mars ,that too in its first attempt and in a miniscule budget. Indeed it is a red letter day for Us “Engineers’. This has clearly demonstrated that by applying sheer hard work, dedication, self confidence, farsightedness, honesty in our approach and above all team work culture, we can achieve anything in life. Our resolve of turning around MTNL gets strengthened on this day. We can do this . Let us do this. Let us apply all our efforts in this direction, to see that MTNL becomes healthy in very short span of time. Let us  not waste this energy ,which has been created by this historic feat. Spread this message to one and all.--


23-09-14 GS  conveys the  Association views on HR integration issues in the event of MTNL & BSNL merger sought by MTNL management. <<<click for GS letter>>
20-09-14 Concessional Telecom facility to MTNL retiree officers/officials, whose PPOs have been delayed,has been extended for another two months i.e upto 30-11-2014. <<letter>>
   Meeting with MTNL management on BSNL & MTNL merger issue ---

MTNL Management called a meeting with our Association today at 11AM  regarding HR integration issues in the event of merger of MTNL and BSNL,which was attended by GS along with Com Praveen Passi, Com D P S Chaudhary,  Com Sunil Kumar, Com  R S Maan & Com  Sunil Sonkar. Management informed that an exercise to assess the feasibility  of merger   of MTNL & BSNL has been started, so Association has to give its view on following issues

1 ---Issue of integration of pay scales of MTNL and BSNL

2---Issue of Integration of recruitment rules of MTNL and BSNL

3---Issue of integration of inter-se-seniority of the officers of both the CPSEs.

Association has to give the reply by Monday, so all are requested to give their views on the above issues, if any on or on our fax 01123311830

 <<<Letter by GM(HR) to Associations>>>

18-09-14 GS writes to Secretary DOT to issue the orders to look after the post of Director (Tech) MTNL board. Because of not having  designated Director (tech) on MTNL board, many decisions like DPCs, disciplinary cases and other important decisions in MTNL are pending for quite some time after the retirement of Shri A K Garg CMD who was also having the charge of Director (Tech), but now no director is having the charge of Director (Tech). 


17-09-14 Secretary, DOT has called a joint meeting of MTNL and BSNL management on merger issue on 24-09-2014 at 2.30 PM in Sanchar Bhawan Committee room.
17-09-14 Meeting with GM(HR)--GS along with Com R S Maan, & Com Sunil Sonkar, Jt Secretaries and Com Anirudh Singh, OS (WS) met GM(HR) on 16-09-2014. Addl GM(P) Shri M K Saxena, DGM(Legal) Shri Mukesh Kumar & DGM(HR) Shri F R Tirkey were also present in the meeting. We had a detailed discussion on how to go ahead to fill up all the vacant posts in SDE & DE cadre in the light of pending court cases, expediting EE (Civil) DPC, Official Language Promotion case, Civil ACP corrigendum & seniority cases, anomaly cases were also discussed. Concerned DGMs were asked to expedite the cases.
17-09-14 GS along with AGS Com Chaudhary met Director (HR) on 16th Sep and briefed him about the discussion of Association with Secretary DOT  on MTNL revival and also had discussion with Director (HR) to flag the issues of MTNL revival. GS also briefed CMD regarding the discussion with Secretary DOT on various issues. 
15-09-14 Meeting with Secretary, DOT & Chairman Telecom Commission Shri Rakesh Garg---

GS, Com V K Tomar along with CHQ Vice President Com Praveen Passi, AGS, Com D P S Chaudhary & CS Com Sunil Kumar met Secretary DOT & Chairman Telecom Commission Shri Rakesh Garg today and had detailed discussion on following issues- At the outset, GS explained the financial condition of the MTNL and the prevailing uncertainty over the mode of   revival of MTNL/BSNL and diverse views of the govt reported by media. GS stressed on revival of MTNL through merger or no merger. We also brought to his knowledge the shortage of BTS and other resources for expansion and maintenance of services and also the huge liability of Rs 1400 crore interest PA, which he took seriously and seemed to be positive towards the revival of MTNL/BSNL.

1---Merger of MTNL & BSNL--

Secretary was surprised over the media report regarding ruling out of merger by PM Shri Narendra Modi. He said that matter has not yet gone to PM so there is no question of rejecting or accepting the proposal of merger by Prime Minister, so media report has no truth. He said it is under consideration and will be decided only after the reports of three committees of operation, finance and HR. He said HR issues will be more critical in this matter.But he said that Government intension is very clear to revive MTNL and BSNL and there is no thought of shutting down these PSUs, but he was not satisfied with the services given by both the companies and said that in Kashmir tragedy, the restoration of mobile tower is lowest of BSNL in comparison of  Private operators and he asked us to improve the services. GS explained all the constraints in expansion and maintenance of services of MTNL because of non availability of funds and other resources.

Revival of MTNL through additional source of revenue--

GS explained how it is difficult to see the revival of MTNL with the present set of services being offered by MTNL that to in only two metro cities where tele-density is already 140% and there are no funds available for expansion and maintenance of services. GS asked Secretary to give the work for additional source of revenue generation through MTNL participation in Digital India Programme of Govt of India, Cloud computing, Surveillance/ Security schemes of govt etc and presented a 60 pages power point presentation prepared by Dir (HR) MTNL for his consideration and he assured to look into this presentation and also call MTNL Management next week to discuss the issues related to the revival of MTNL.

Posting of regular CMD & Director (Tech)---

We raised that there is no regular CMD in MTNL for quite some time, which affects the performance of the company and Dir (Tech) post is also vacant for last 3 years and surprisingly no one is even looking after this post for last 5 months, because of this, many decisions to be taken by Dir (Tech) are pending like DPCs, appeals in disciplinary cases and many more decisions related to the services also.

Secretary said very clearly that CMD selection is pending because of pending merger issue, but assured that DOT will issue the orders of looking after of Director (Tech) post.

Payment of BWA refund charges

We raised that MTNL is under huge debt and is struggling to meet the expenditures and taking loans to pay salary while the BWA refund approved by Govt is yet to be received by MTNL. We requested him to consider the early payment. He assured to look into this issue.

In the discussion, Secretary said that there is lack of motivation amongst the staff of govt companies in comparison to other private companies. We informed him the reasons of de-motivation amongst MTNL staff that are stagnation in one cadre for more than 15 years that to in young and qualified officers, capping on perks and allowances, denial of 78.2% fitment etc. So he could not say much and listened every thing patiently and his response was very positive and encouraging in all issues.

Meeting was very effective and succesful in respect of turning arround MTNL.



News related to MTNL & BSNL Merger

KOLKATA: The telecom department (DoT) is considering either de-listing Mahanagar Telephone Nigam (MTNL) and then merging it into Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL), or listing the latter and finalising a merger swap ratio based on the valuation of the two state-run telecom companies, with the first being the more likely option, top government officials told ET. Indications are that consultant KPMG may be involved in preparing the merger roadmap and also doing an independent thirdparty assessm ..

Read more at:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided not to merge state-owned telecom companies MTNL and BSNL, a move that could well be termed as the first by the present NDA government to overturn a major decision of the previous UPA government.
Sources in the government said that instead of infusing fresh capital or merging them to revive the cash-strapped and loss-making BSNL and MTNL, the Prime Minister has asked the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to consider a proposal for the outright purchase of the optic fibre cable (OFC) network of the former, which is the largest in the country. “Once owned by the DoT, the OFC network could be used for early rollout of the government’s ambitious ‘Digital India’ programme,” they added.
The government’s “Digital India” programme aims to provide broadband connectivity to all 20 lakh village panchayats and also build wifi-enabled “smart cities”.
By a very rough estimate, made recently, the government would need an 18-lakh to 20-lakh route km OFC network to take broadband all across the country.
please click on the link:



BBNL has proposed to engage 27 consultants on all India basis, the last
date of submission of application is *25.09.2014.* DOT/BSNL/MTNL retired officers are required

The detailed terms and conditions may be seen on BBNL website

14-09-14 GS attended and addressed the CHQ Office Bearers and Circle Secretaries meeting of SNEA(India)/ BSNL on 05-09-14 in YMCA Tourist Hostel New Delhi and assured MEA's support in their protest action for standard pay scales, CPSU hierarchy, 30%  corpus for post retirement benefits to BSNL recruited employees etc. Resolution of these issues in BSNL will help a lot in MTNL to get these issues settled, for which we are pursuing for a long time and planning to fight strongly in the days to come.  

GS Com V K Tomar, CHQ President Com S N Prasad & CS Com Sunil Kumar addressed the  lunch hour demonstration of SNEA at BSNL HQ on 11-09-14. A large number of MTNL Comrades participated in this programme.


13-09-14 GS again met CMD on 12-09-14 and requested to take early actions on the DOT orders regarding provision pension payment to MTNL employees  who retired in April 2014 and onward. He informed that Corporate office has issued instruction to Delhi and Mumbai to prepare the sanction letters and send to CCA Delhi and Mumbai for pension payment to the retired employees. GS also asked him to get the process expedited for early preparation of PPOs. He assured all actions required in the respect.

Our Area Secretary  ITTM ,Sh. Pankaj Sharma  consecutively I Ind time  got the first position in Hindi Kavita competition of MTNL Delhi, held on the occasion of Hindi Pakhwara.We congratulate him for his continuous achievement.
13-09-14 Meeting with CGM(WS)--GS along with AGS, Com Chaudhary, CS Com Sunil Kr & CT Com Satyavir Singh met CGM(WS) on 12-09-14 and expressed the Association's deep concern towards the poor mobile services  and had detailed discussion on how to improve the services and also the decisions to be taken by MTNL management and DOT in this regard. He that 450 batteries have been purchased and about 250 old batteries have been replaced with new one, but rest are yet to be replaced. We ask our officers to make all efforts to replace old batteries with the left out new batteries at the earliest.     
13-09-14   Shri Sultan Ahmed has Joined as GM(Finance), Delhi Unit. GS along with Com Praveen Passi, Com Sunil Kr & Com Satyavir Singh met him on 12-09-14 and requested for expediting the process of sending service books of retirees to CCA for further action to prepare PPOs and also asked him to provide the resources sought by CCA for smooth functioning to prepare PPOs. He showed the priorities of his actions on this issues and assured fast actions in the days to come.
13-09-14 Fresh option to Pro-rata pension optees---File of this case is now with DDG (FEB) in DOT Finance wing for his views , GS along with CHQ Vice President Shri Praveen Passi met DDG(FEB)  on 12-09-14 and explained the case with the request to put up positive views. He assured to clear the  file next week.
13-09-14  Meeting with CGM(O), Delhi---GS along with CS Com Sunil Kumar & CHQ Vice President Com Parmil Gupta met CGM(O) and had a discussion regarding the improvement of services his instructions to GMs regarding post cut in different executive cadres. We explained things to justify the present number of posts in different cadres and he agreed with our views.
13-09-14 Meeting with GM(HR)---GS along with CHQ President, Com S N Prasad, AGS Com D P S Chaudhary & CS Com Sunil Kumar met GM(HR) Shri N K Joshi. on 12-09-14, DGM(HR) Shri F R Tirkey was also present. Following issues were discussed.
  1. Left out seniority cases--file has been sent to Director (HR) for his approval
  2. Official Language cadres promotion case--He informed that the committee formed in MTNL on this issue has submitted its report which is with him, but he also informed that MTNL has also  received a letter from DOT endorsing the govt decision to form a official language cadre in all PSUs on the line of Govt. He provided  govt letter to us and suggested to come out with the views on this letter so that govt rules regarding official language cadres can be implemented in MTNL.
  3. DM(HR)/Mktg/legal/CS RRs-- He said that issue is under consideration, which may take some more time.
  4. EE (Civil) DPC for regular promotion-- He assured that case will be put up for further process in a day or two and DPC will conducted shortly.
  5. Including working spouse in the OPD scheme--After detailed discussion, we convinced him to put up the case for reconsideration of CMD//Dir (Fin) who had earlier denied but agreed to revisit after our strong arguments on this case.
  6.  ACP to the Civil  officers whose Ist ACP became due after 01-10-2000--After our long persuasion, a corrigendum was issued but in this corrigendum, the scale of Ist ACP was not mentioned, so to make the clarity of the case we asked him to mention the scale of 1st ACP, he agreed and assured to take action on our representation in this regard.
  7. JAO seniority--- He informed that case is in process and being viewed in the light of certain court decisions on seniorit.


  Meeting with CMD---GS  Com V K Tomar along with Com S N Prasad, CHQ President, Com R S Maan,  Com D K Chaddha, Jt Secretaries, Com Shivanand Pandit & Com Mukesh Kahar met CMD on 10-09-14 and discussed following points.
  1. Functional Promotion on time bound basis---We apprised him how officers are stagnating in one cadre for more than 15 years and post based promotion policy can not remove this stagnation so promotion upto certain level be given on time bound basis. CMD personally did not appear positive on this issue and found himself unable to address this issue till the uncertainty regarding permanent CMD and MTNL / BSNL merger is over. We will discuss the present situation and decide further course of action.
  2. Counting Training Period for withdrawing increment for Direct recruits---This issue was discussed in last meeting also where he agreed to reconsider this case. Now also we again raised this issue, he raised many apprehensions regarding complicacies in implementing it from retrospective date, but principally agreed to reconsider it from retrospective date for which he asked us to write again on this matter.
  3. 30% Superannuation benefits---This issue was raised but no much discussion was held because in last meeting also CMD was of the opinion that this issue will be considered in the light of the decision in BSNL.
  4. Separate funds for CETTM/ITTM-- we apprised him how it is very difficult to meet the expenditure of training centers in the absence of separate funds for them and how they are facing difficulty in meeting day to day  requirement. He did not agree for separate fund in the present financial condition of the company but assured that any fund required for important expenditure will be approved by CO on priority basis.
  5.  Discussion on services and financial condition of MTNL and also merger of MTNL & BSNL was also held. GS  again suggested CMD that  these short meetings will not be helpful for identifying the problems and finding solutions, but a  comprehensive and detailed discussions and meetings are required between the staff/officers side representatives and MTNL board to understand and find the solutions of today's deep crises of the company. CMD  agreed on our view point .
10-09-14 Meeting with Director (HR)---GS along with CHQ President Shri  S N Prasad, Jt Secretary Shri  D K Chaddha, Shri Shivanand Pandit & Shri Mukesh Kahar our Comrades from Mumbai met Director (HR) on 09-09-14 and discussed following issues. GM(HR) Shri  N K Joshi was also present in the meeting.
  1. Immediate Ist promotion from AM to DM by scrapping E3 RRs--We strongly expressed that because of  long stagnation in AM cadre in different disciplines, there is deep resentment and frustration in the officers because of many reasons like pending court cases, non availability of RRs, non availability of sufficient number of posts to give fast promotions through post based promotion policy. So we suggested that  to come out of all hurdles, there is one solution to scrape RRs at E3 level and promote all AMs in different disciplines to the Post of DM with the financial upgradation. Director (HR) said that MTNL and BSNL merger is under consideration and  HR committee is going to start  consultation with Unions and Associations on HR issues,  so no fresh issues can be taken up in isolation in MTNL, only the issues of present RRs and Promotion Policies can be discussed  and he said that committee will invite the Association shortly for consultation on HR issues. He asked us to flag out the issues to be shorted out in the light of on going process of merger.
  2. Counting training period for withdrawing increment--We requested  him to again put the case for revisit by the present CMD. He said that case was recommended by him and Director (Fin), but was regretted by CMD on the ground that there is no provision in RRs . Dir (HR) asked us to represent the case with additional supporting facts to put the case again because without any additional supporting facts, case can not be put up again on the same facts  and ground on which case has already been regretted by the CMD.
  3. Including working spouse in OPD--In this case also Director (Fin) had  not agreed on certain grounds, It will again be discussed with GM(HR) to prepare the case again by addressing the queries by DF.
  4. CETTM/ ITTM issues---  We  had already provided the brief of all the issues related to CETTM. He informed that regarding  providing funds to CETTM for their requirments, decision has been taken in ECM to retain certain % with CETTM.. other issues including  faculty  & non faculty will be discussed first with CGM/ED and again with DH.
  5. 30% Corpus for post retirement benefits---a brief discussion was held because he was not much equipped with this issue which had been discussed two three times with CMD/Dir (Fin) in detailed. He sought a brief detail on this issue from Addl GM(P) Shri M K Saxena who was also present in the meeting. Because of paucity of time no detailed discussion could take place .

     Regarding issues having financial implication, he said will not be considered at this point of time when there is deficit of Rs 225 crore per month. Association will further discuss with CMD and decided accordingly.


Telcos must keep rivalries out: Ravi Shankar Prasad

MTNL keen to sell 50 per cent in Millennium Telecom to BSNL

09-09-14 MTNL ED Office has called for CRs for Regular promotion to the E5 grade Sr. Manager (Telecom) . This has been issued in continuation to the letter of same subject by MTNL Corporate Office.

All the Officers are requested to ensure that their CRs are complete in all respect forcompletion of the work at the earliest.

Letter is attached  ........................ <letter>    (file2>

09-09-14 Orders of disbursement of pensionery benefits to all combined service optee absorbed employees of MTNL-regarding disbursement of provisional pension/Gratuity. <<<DOT Orders>>>

DOT writes to CMD regarding disbursement of pensionary benefits to the combined service pension optee absorbed employees of MTNL retired w,e,f April 2014 and onward. <<<<DOT letter>>>.

We wrote and pursued  these cases vigorously along with RTOWA.

08-09-2-14- After our long persuasion , Corporate Office has issued corrigendum regarding regulation of Pay Scale of JE (Civil) whose 1st ACP under Govt Scheme became due after absorption in MTNL but before 01-10-2004. <<<orders>>
07-09-14 DOT has issued the orders of provisional pension to the MTNL retirees who retired in April 2014 and onward whose PPOs have not been issued. orders will be uploaded shortly.

Media News ----- Should be able to convince unions for MTNL merger: BSNL.       Please click the link for news item ...................................................    .<news>   

05-09-14 Government notifies new pension rules to check delays


Govt sets up body for viability check to revive sick PSUs. 

Click the following to access the shared link:
Digital India project could be a lifeline for MTNL, BSNL
MTNL has proposed the formation of a separate 50:50 joint venture with BSNL for jointly delivering citizen services across India at a flat rate of Rs 25 per transaction.


03-09-14  Economics Times News ----  BSNL and MTNL to be merged by July 2015 . As per the news The telecom department (DoT) has for the first time set a cutoff date—July 31, 2015—for  the merger of  Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd.  

Please click the following link for detailed news.............. News_Item

03-09-14 GS writes to Hon'ble MOC & IT Shri Ravishankar Prasad regarding revival and survival of  MTNL by considering  Permanent MTNL board, Additional Capital Investment, Additional source of revenue through participation in Digital India programme, City Surveillance & Disaster Management projects of Govt of India and state govts.    <<<see letter to MOC & IT>>>
02-09-14 GS along with Com Satyavir Singh attended the GB meeting of ITTM, Delhi on 01-09- 14 and  apprised the ITTM faculty members with the developments on various issues relating the revival and servival of MTNL and welfare issues of the Executives and also replied the queries. . Com Punkaj Sharma ,AS  raised the problems of the ITTM and faculty members. GS assured to take up the issues relating to the ITTM with the MTNL managmen .Com Rajkuma Gupta, Principal. ITTM presided over the meeting
View Media Reports:
30-08-14 Corporate Office  Calls for ACR/APAR screening report and Vig clearance of 425 eligible  SDEs who fall under zone of consideration for regular promotion to DE against approximately 200 vacancies. <<<corporate office letter>>>


Mumbai MEA representatives  met CMD MTNL Shri P K Purwar  who was  on Mumbai visit on 28-08-14 ,and discussed following issues,

1-DPC for all   Executives in the cadre of DM,SM,DGM:      

 2-TPAs and Indoor Medical Treatment: problems were raised faced by employees

 3-No Payment of  Pension  & Non Issuance of GOVT PPOs to employees Retired after the month of    April 2014:

5- Problems related to RSTC of MTNL Executives Residing in BSNL AREA

 6- Number of methods for the generation of  additional revenue apart from growth in LL,BB ,FTTH, Lease Lines/circuits.

 I) Surrender of all Premium LL Service Telephone Numbers working in Offices  of MTNL, except the designated one  and Customer Related   on payment basis as per the prevailing procedure to our valued ,prospective customers.

ii) Advertisement in MTNL Buildings/Premises for allowing Corporate Bodies/Banks/Private Organization as we are located in Prominent  and Primary locations of Mumbai.

iii)Estate and Land   monetization Number of  MTNL staff quarters are lying vacant in Navi Mumbai since a long time. Existing Progress  & process of allotment for  ample amount of vacant                                            

space on Leave & License basis is to  be expedited  by rearrangement of MTNL offices/units  to Banks/Government Department/Corporate Houses

iv) On line Payment facility of Telephone Bills /New connection/Recharge/Top up facility to customers in CSC/TR Counters/Sanchar Haats through Bank Debit / Credit cards…this will definitely smoothen accounting procedure by avoiding cash transactions.

v) Disposal of all scraped materials / Departmental Jeeps /vehicles lying in MTNL  compounds, etc

CMD  Assured  appropriate actions on all the issues raised by Association

 Thus, the meeting concluded with vote of Thanks & Wishing all a Happy  Ganesh Chaturthi with Blessings of Lord GOD for the growth & glorious heights  of MTNL in the days to come.



29-08-14 E5 (Sr Manager Trainee RR) case

Mr. Rajshekhar Rao appeared on behalf of the Applicants. When the matter got called out, the Respondents sought a passover. Thereafter, on the second call, Ms. Jyoti Singh, Senior Advocate appeared on behalf of the Respondents, and a request was made for an accommodation for ten minutes since Mr. Rao was on his legs in the High Court. However, due to paucity of time the matter has been adjourned to 25.09.2014.

  Meeting with Member (services), DOT---GS Com V K Tomar along with AGS Com D P S Chaudhary and CS Com Sunil Kumar met Member (Services) Shri Ramyag on 28-08-14 and discussed following points. Director (Estt), DOT was also present in the meeting.
  1. Fresh option to pro-rata optees--We briefed the whole case to Member (services) who has taken over the charge after the superannuation of Shri S C Mishra and requested him to expedite the pro-rata optees fresh option case which is still lying in DOT for last 5 months. Director (Est) informed that DOT finance wing has raised many queries which could not be completely replied by Establishment section, but file has been returned to Finance wing with the replies which were possible by Establishment wing. Member (Services) assured positive action at his end. Case will be further discussed with the Member (Fin), DOT for early action on the part of DOT Finance wing so that case may be sent to Department of Pension as early as possible.
  2. CGHS option to MTNL retired employees---Regarding this case also we briefed Member (services) and requested him to take appropriate action to get the approval of Health ministry as early as possible. Director (Establishmen) informed that reply is still awaited from Health Ministry. He even said that there are still some issues unresolved in BSNL case where Health Ministry has already accorded approval, but employees are not getting this facility from CGHS dispensaries and hospitals. He assured that issue will be strongly pursued in health Ministry.
  3. Provisional pension to MTNL retired employees whose PPOs sre not issued--Director (Esst) informed that Establishment wing has already conveyed them that provisional pension can be given upto the maximum period of 6 months but orders will be issued by Finance wing.
28-08-14 Presentation meeting with United India Insurance and TPAs---GS along with  AGS Com D P S Chaudhary attended the meeting in Corporate Office Conference hall. GM(HR) Shri N K Joshi chaired the meeting, Addl GM(A) Delhi Unit Shri D N Mishra, DGM (HR), CO Shri F R Tirkey and other officers of Corporate Office and Delhi Unit dealing with medical cases were present. Officers of United India Insurance and TPAs were there to make presentation and to take the grievances of the MTNL employees. United India Insurance representative gave a power point presentation to explain the salient features of the policy implemented in MTNL since 10 March 2014. GS thanked MTNL management for organizing such meeting but  expressed resentment of the Association over the delay in organizing this meeting, it should have been conducted at the time of  extension of this medical policy in March itself. GM(HR) assured to conduct such meetings periodically in Corporate Office and Delhi & Mumbai units also.

Many issues like , demanding advances by hospitals from patients at the time of admission, rejection of claims on flimsy ground, delay in settlement of hospital bills by TPAs at the time of discharge, allowing third child if first child eligibility is over, restricting the charges of certain diseases,  bed charges in policy are very less to the tariffs of bed charges of hospitals, individual problems faced by employees from TPAs were also discussed.  United India Insurance representatives and GM(HR) said that issues which needs changes in policy can only be addressed at the time when this policy is further revised  in March 2015, but the other concerns of present policy raised by employees representatives and  concerned officers of   MTNL who are dealing with this policy will be taken care. Some of the issues raised by us were meant for MTNL management which  GM(HR) assured to look into.

If there are any  problems relating to existing medical policy with  TPAs or Management, tell us, we will take up the matters.

26-08-14. After our persistent efforts and persuasion in DOT, Secretary DOT has approved the provisional payment of pension by MTNL to the MTNL retired employees whose PPOs are not prepared and not getting pension after their retirement in the month of April 2014 and onward till the PPOs are prepared and disbursement is done by DOT. 85% of pension paid by MTNL will be reimbursed by DOT. Orders in this regard are expected to be issued in a day or so. Now MTNL retired employees who were not getting pension, will strat getting it from next month onward.
26-08-14                            Minutes of meeting with GM(TY) on the agenda of agitation

Congratulations to Trans Yamuna Area Office bearers and members and also to CHQ and circle office bearers for having successfully achieved the purpose of the Association to bring the TY area management to the task to remove the short comings in the area  for maintaining the services  and staff satisfaction efficiently  through their sustained struggle.   Minutes of the Meeting with GM(TY) are self explanatory of the aim and objective of the struggle of TY comrades. <<<click for minutes of meeting>>

26-08-14 GS met GM(HR) Corporate Office and requested to expedite the cases for decision which were discussed with Dir (HR) in his presence. He assured tha ACRs for regular promotion to the post of DE will be called for in a day or two and other issues will be further discussed and decuded after he returns form leave on 05th September.

GS also met GM(Fin) Corporate Office and discussed JAOs seniority case and Civil ACP case. He informed that committee report was submitted long back but case is still pending with Dir (HR). Regarding ACP civil case, he assured that file will be cleared in a day or two.

25-08-14 GS along with AGS Com D P S Chaudhary & CS Com Sunil Kumar met Addl GM (P)  on 25-08-14 for follow up actions on pending issues in corporate office like , DPCs, seniority revision and restoration, OL promotion case, DM(HR)/Mktg RRs etc. They apprised us of the latest progress on these issues. Regarding OL promotion case issue, committee report will be submitted shortly. They also assured fast action on their part on other issues also
25-08-14 There is a presentation i.r.o Group Health Insurence Scheme for MTNL Working Employees by United India Insurance on 27-08-14 in Corporate Office. GS has to attend this presentation which will also be attended by GM(HR), GM(A) Delhi unit and other concerned officers dealing with medical policy. If any one has any problem related to pending floater cases, top up cases, rejected cases, TPA cards  etc or suggestion on medical policy, let it bring  to the knowledge of GS, so that problems can be raised in the meeting. <<<letter>>
23-08-14                            Attention to all office bearers

All Area Secretaries/Divisional Secretaries of Delhi and Mumbai have to collect monthly subscription and special contribution and remitte it with your respective Circle Treasurers with in 15 days with the list of the members of their Division and Circle Secretaries will have to deposit CHQ quota of Subscription and special contribution with in 20 days with the list of the members division vise . All CHQ and Circle office bearers are requested to coordinate with Area and Divisional Secretaries to collect the subscription and special contribution.  Note--Mumbai circle office bearers and CHQ office bearers are requested to make extra ordinary organization efforts  to submit the subscription and list of members at the earliest. In recent future, we need a very strong organizational  strength and capability for achieving and safeguarding our legitimate rights. Be unite to face the challenges before us.     

The officers’ association of public sector banking, power, telecom and PSU enterprises have formed a forum at the national level to protect the interest of public sector industries through a sustained...
22-08-14  All officers of different disciplines are requested to keep their upto date CRs  ready for functional and financial upgradation .
22-08-14 ED Delhi office calls CR for financial upgradation from E6 to E7 in finance stream.<<<letter>>
21-08-14 Meeting with Advisor (finance) DOT---GS Com V K Tomar along with Com S S Nanda, GS RTOWA & Com R K Mudgal V P met Advisor (Fin)  DOT, Mrs Nirmala Pillai today on dated 21-08-14 to discuss and expedite the preparation work of PPO books for the employees retired from April 2014 onwards, making an immediate arrangement for provisional pension & pensionary benefits to these retirees , as process of  making PPO books is delayed abnormally. In this regard she informed that orders in respect of provisional pension are likely to be issued shortly by the concerened wing.We also requested her to make possible to have a combined meeting of officers of DOT/ Pr CCA & MTNL to resolve the issues in which retired Association/union representatives should also be called so that the exact position & status of the issue may be known. we also stressed  her to ensure timely payment of pension to the retirees. We also discussed the issue of reimbursement of pension by DOT which is presently limited to 85% and pension contribution is further deducted from the 85%, so it actually comes about 55% reimbursement only. We pleaded that MTNL has already paid pension contribution to the DOT, so the adjustments should be made from that amount. She assured to revisit the case on the merit.
21-08-14 Meeting with GM(A) Delhi---GS along with Com Satyavir Singh Circle Treasurer met GM(A) on 20-08-14 and pursued for releasing the local promotion orders in the executive cadres like JTO to SDE, SDE to DE , AO to CAO. GM(A) informed that She and ED are working on the requirement of SDEs in different areas and first priority will be of issuing promotion orders from JTO to SDE and after that in DE/CAO cadres. She assured that efforts will be made to issue local orders from JTO to SDE in 15 days. Pending left out cases of financial up-gradation were also discussed, she called concerned officer and asked to expedite the cases. Some other cases were also discussed.
21-08-14 Rajauri Garden Division GB Meeting---GB meeting was held on 20-08-14 in RG Exchange building which was attended by about 50 officers and Com Sunil Kumar, Com P K Gupta, Com Sanjay Kumar AGS, Com Arun Dixit ACT, Com Vimal Sundriyal Jt CS, Com S C Tyagi AS and other Area and Divisional office bearers were also present. Com CS addreesed the meeting and replied the queries of the members. Com Arvin Kumar was elected as Divisional Secretary of RG Division and Com Sandeep Mittal was elected as Area Organising Secretary.
19-08-14 Telecom PSUs headless, key posts vacant for months
At a time when the NDA government is talking about efficiency and pace in decision-making, most crucial arms of the telecom ministry are headless.
    Press release of the Resolutions adopted after the two days workshop of Officers Associations.   << Press release of the resolutions>>>

Workshop for leaders of Officers Associations in CPSUs:

Two days work shop was conducted under the banner of NCOA at YMCA Hall, New Delhi on 16th and 17th August, 2014 on the subject “State of Economy, challenges faced by the CPSUs”. All India Bank Officers Association (AIBOC) represented banking sector, All India Power Engineers Federation (AIPEF) represented Power sector, SNEA(I) and MTNLEA represented Telecom sector and National Confederation of Officers Association (NCOA) represented other sectors like Oil, Coal, BHEL, Fertilizers etc.

Eminent Economists Dr Prabhat Patnaik, Former Prof/JNU and Dr Biswajit Dhar, Prof/JNU talked about the “State  of Indian Economy”  and “External Economic environment” respectively. Experts like Sri D. G. Patwardhan, CEO Foreign Exchange Dealers Assn talked about the FINANCIAL and banking sector, Sri R. K. Upadhay, Former CMD/BSNL talked about Telecom sector ad Sri Paranjoy Guha Thakurtha, Sr Journalist talked about the Coal and Oil sector.

In the work shop a coordination committee formed at the Central level. The work shop further decided to form coordination committees at State level also. Similar workshops and General body meetings will be conducted at Kolkatta, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Banglore before the Parliament March.

Parliament March will be organized at New Delhi during the winter session of Parliament.

From MTNL, Com V K Tomar,Com Pravin Passi, Com R S Maan, Com Sunil Sonkar, Com Arun Dixit and other activists participated in the workshop.

Sri Ashok Rao, President/NCOA, Com Baby Thomas, General Secretary/NCOA and Com VKTomar Dy Secretary General/NCOA and GS/MTNLEA addressed the workshop.

At the end of the workshop resolutions were passed.

 << Press release of the resolutions>>>

<<<Photos of the workshop>>>


16-08-14  One week long protest action of TY comrades came to end with the meeting with GM(TY) who addressed the concern of agitating officers to the satisfaction of the Association. Thanks to all office bearers and members who participated and supported the protest of TY comrades for the betterment of the MTNL services and the welfare of TY officers. we also  thank to GM (TY) for resolving the grievances of the hard working officers.  Be united and keep it up. We are committed for the betterment of the MTNL services. All officers are requested to make extra efforts to  provide the efficient services to our esteemed customers, which is our ultimate aim.
14-08-14 GM(TY) Area comrades are on protest for last 5 days against the deteriorating services of TY Area. Because of wrong decisions  and careless attitude of TY Area Management, officers are finding it difficult to maintain the services properly. MTNL services can not be left on the mercy of such officers who are not concerned about the  revival/survival of the company and the welfare of  its employees. This struggle is not for any individual demand but to stop wrong and illogical practices and decisions which are proving to be counter productive and becoming the reason of today's financial condition of the company., and  creating unrest and frustration amongst hard working officers. If the concerned officers do not take the appropriate action to resolve the concern of  these agitating officers, this struggle will be intensified to save MTNL for which  TY Area and Delhi unit Management will be solely  responsible .  
14-08-14 GS writes to CMD to consider the issue of counting training period for withdrawal of increment and including working spouse in MTNL Medical OPD scheme which were agreed by CMD in last meeting to revisit these two cases.. <<letter>>
12-08-14 ED Delhi office calls for CRs for IDA pay upgradation under Executive Promotion Policy from E5 to E6 in Finance wing of 51 officers. <<letter>>
12-08-14 GS met DDG(E)/Dir (E) DOT on 11-08-14 and discussed about the status of fresh option of  pro-rata pension optees and CGHS option to MTNL retired employees as in BSNL. They informed that Pro-rata option case is in establishment section only to clarify the queries raised by finance wing of DOT and  CGHS option case is still in Ministry of health and a reminder has been sent last week to MoH.
09-08-14 Progress regarding pending DPCs in CO--

SDE/DM(T) to DE/ SM(T)----CO has sought the number of officers working as looking after DEs in Delhi & Mumbai unit. After receiving this information, file will be put up again to Dir (HR) for his approval to call for ACRs for regular DPC.

SDE (Civil) to EE (civil)--Mumbai unit  VC has expired, so fresh VC has been sought from Delhi & Mumbai. After receiving VC, DPC will be conducted. We are pursuing to get VC from both circles at the earliest.

AM(Legal), Mumbai--CO has sought the information regarding number of vacancies and qualification of eligible candidates. LLB is the eligible condition for AM(Legal).

09-08-14 After our persuasion with ED Delhi, the process of issuing local promotion orders from AM(T) to DM(T) and DM(Fin) to SM(Fin) has started. promotion orders are expected shortly.
08-08-14 ED Delhi office calls for CRs for IDA pay upgradation under Executive promotion policy from E4 to E5 (Telecom) & E5 to E6 (Telecom) << letter E4 to E5>>    <<<E5 to E6 letter>>>
08-08-14 GS had a discussion with Principal  CCA, Prasad Nagar on 07-08-14 who informed that funds for July month pension payment reimburshment have been approved, and he is also trying to get the orders from DOT for provisional payment of pension for the employees who retired in the month of April and onward till the PPO books are prepared.
05-08-14  After our strong persuasion with CMD / DOT and protest by Retired employees, CMD has assured to make payment of pension of July month by Friday. We are fully committed for the cause of the retired employees. We will keep pursuing to ensure early payment terminal benefits and pension to  the retired employees and will not hesitate to resort to protest action if required, it has been conveyed to the CMD and DOT.
05-08-14 Govt committed to improve financial health of BSNL & MTNL

<<<< click for media news >>>>

04-08-14 GS writes to CMD regarding inordinate delay in payment of terminal benefits to the retired employees w.e.f Jan 2014 onward and payment of pension to the employees retired w.e.f April 2014 onward and also July pension to all retired employees.<<<letter>>
02-08-14 Meeting with Member (Fin) & Advisor (Fin) DOT--GS Com V K Tomar along with GS, RTOWA Com S S Nanda & VP RTOWA Com R K Mudgal met Member(Fin) & Advisor (Fin), DOTon 01-08-14 at 3PM and apprised them  about the stand of MTNL management not to pay pension for the month of July due to non availability of funds and unjustified adjustments  by DOT while making refund of pension payment. We  also raised the issue of non payment of terminal benefits to MTNL retired employees. Member (Fin) assured her intervention to settle the issues. We had detailed discussion with Advisor (Fin) regarding how to prepare the PPOs at the earliest by CCA Delhi so as to start the disbursement of pension by DOT and also the payment of pension to the MTNL retired employees who retired in the month of April 2014 and onward. She raised the issue of non cooperation by MTNL in preparing PPOs.
02-08-14 Meeting with CMD-- GS com V K Tomar along with VP Com Praveen Passi, AGS Com D P S Chaudhary, CS Com Sunil Kumar, Jt Secretary Com Sunil Sonkar met CMD in the forenoon of 01 August,14 and had a detailed discussion on the following issues
  1.  Financial condition of the company and the further plan to revive it as well as the steps required to improve the services and increase the operational revenue---CMD apprised us of the poor financial condition of the company and the efforts being made at his level to improve the situation. He also asked us to see that all officers work hard to come out of this deep crisis by providing efficient services to the customers. He also said that he will make visit in different areas and take review of all areas. We also suggested him certain steps to be taken at his level and assured that Association will not only make efforts to improve the services and revenue of the company, but will also make its sincere efforts to get the required policy decision from the govt.
  2. Creation of 30% corpus for post retirement benefits to the MTNL recruited employees as per DPE guidelines--Initially he out rightly denied to such provision of creation of corpus, but after our in-depth discussion , he agreed to keep the issue alive for further discussion in view of any development on this matter in BSNL.
  3. Counting training period for withdrawal of increment-- On this matter, he was positive and assured to revisit the earlier decision after some time.
  4. Inclusion of working spouse in OPD scheme--We explained him how it is unjustified to keep working spouse out  from MTNL OPD scheme and asked him to to decide to include the working spouse. He appeared to be convinced with our arguments and assured to revisit the case.
  5. Payment of terminal benefits to the retired employees and also payment of  Pension of July Month--We strongly demanded to pay the terminal benefits to the retired employees at the earliest. We explained the plight of those who have not yet received their terminal benefits for last many months after their retirement and the employees who have not received even their pension for last  4/5 months. CMD explained many reasons of delay payment because of some issues with DOT. Association asked CMD to find the early solution of the issues with DO and make due payments of retired employees at the earliest. CMD assured his best efforts and asked us to pursue with DOT also for funds for payment of pension till PPOs are issued and DOT takes over  the work  disbursement of pension.
  6. JAO seniority--He informed that after the report of the committee, case has been put up for decision and director (HR) has sought some clarification. we requested for early decision.
  7. Review of promotion policy for time bound functional promotion with financial upgradation--after a detailed discussion, he agreed to have a further detailed discussion to find a workable solution of the suggestion given by the Association.

  8. Pending DPCs in corporate office--We brought to his knowledge the status of pending DPCs in corporate office and requested him to get the process fast to issue the regular promotions in different cadres in Telecom/ Civil/Finance.

  9. We also raised the issue of 78,2% fitment, restoration of LTC, capping on medical OPD on  Apl 2008 pay scale and informed him that Association will fight for these issue in the days to come and requested him to take up these issue with Govt  and demand more funds for the development and maintenance of MTNL services and also for payment of our legitimate demands.

02-08-14 Meeting with ED Delhi---GS  Com V K Tomar along with CS com Sunil kumar, CT Com satya vir singh & jt CS Com Rajkumar Sharma met Ed on 01-08-14 in the after noon at 5 PM and a detailed discussion on the following issues. GM(A) Mrs Meena Chauhan was also present in the meeting which lasted upto 7.30 PM.
  1. Detailed discussion was held on the recent problem of broad band server (DNS)  and steps required to avoid any such interruption in future, and also  how best efforts can be made to improve the services and revenue of the company.
  2. Local promotions in SDE/DE/AO/CAO cadre--Association  pleaded for early action to issue the local promotion orders in these cadres. Association expressed its resentment over the abnormal delay to issue promotion orders from JTO to SDE inspite of the fact that ACR were called for for local promotion to the SDE cadre many months ago. ED assured early action to issue the local promotion orders in all these cadres.
  3. Extending  required facilities to the MTNL staff attached with CCA for preparing PPOs of retired MTNL employees-- CCA Delhi  region informed Association that required facilities like PCs,  telephone connection and proper sitting arrangement have not been  provided by  Delhi unit. We raised this issue before ED, who assured to provide the facilities required for early and smooth preparation of PPOs by CCA Delhi region. He called GM(Fin) and asked to meet the requirement of  staff deputed for PPO preparation.
02-08-14 GS along with other office bearers presented bouquet to Shri S C Mishra, Member (Services) DOT on his retirment on 31 July  in his chamber and wished for his peaceful and happy retired life. <>
30-07-14 Orders of ED Delhi Officeke

Shri N K Jain, GM(OP&Mktg ) will take over the charge CGM (D)---<<orders>>

Transfer posting in GM cadre--<<<orders>>>

looking after promotion of 6 officers to the post of DGM(T)--<<orders>>

29-07-14 AVK Global Trainers are organizing one day programme on Mind and Memory empowerment on 2nd August,2014. <<<click for details>>>
E5 competitive exam case-- The captioned matter was listed on 24-07-14.  MTNL sought adjournment on the ground of non-availability of Senior Advocate Ms. Jyoti Singh. This request was opposed by our advocate but the Counsel appearing on behalf of the Applicants in Item No. 70 did not oppose this request for adjournment
Therefore the matter is now listed for hearing on 26.08.2014.


                                    GS Mumbai Visit


CETTM Meeting-In the forenoon, CETTM area meeting was held in CETTM hostel building. Issues related to the CEETM were discussed in detailed. Members raised many problems and suggested how more revenue can be generated from this state of the art training center. GS explained other issues also related to the pay promotion and pension and assured that issues raised by CETTM will be taken up with the CMD, Director (HR) & ED Mumbai. GS also had a discussion with the official language cadre and Civil wing colleagues regarding their pending issues.

CEC Meeting---was held in Wadala Telephone Exchange Conference Hall in the afternoon which lasted upto 8PM.  CEC was presided over by Com S N Prasad. GS Com V K Tomar addressed the CEC and recalled the achievement of the Association and explained all issues related to the revival of MTNL, constitution of 3rd PRC, Promotion Policy, DPC in different executive cadres, 78.2% fitment, and other issues of different disciplines and assured house that all efforts will be made to see the revival of the company and settlement of all other issues which are being rigorously pursued by the CHQ at Govt/DOT/MTNL Corporate office level. GS also replied the queries of the CEC members and appealed members to work hard to improve the efficiency and revenue of the company so as to ensure the implementation of 3rd pay revision.  Com J J Mathias CS Mumbai, Com D P S Chaudhary, AGS & Com Sunil Kumar CS Delhi also spoke in the meeting.  


 Meeting with ED, Mumbai---GS along with CHQ President Com S N Prasad, CS Com J J Mathias and other CHQ/circle office bearers met ED Mumbai on 26-07-14 and had a very meaning full discussion on the MTNL services and it revival; we also discussed the issues like TRAI penalty, CETTM separate fund and its proper maintenance. ED’s response was very positive on these issues and assured appropriate actions. A positive decision has been taken to create a separate account for CETTM so as to make expenditure on the CETTM services and refund the balance of clients etc.

Meeting with MTNL direct recruited officers-A meeting of MTNL Direct recruited officers, AM/DM of Telecom, Finance & Marketing wing was held in 7th floor conference room, Prabhadevi Telephone exchange building, Mumbai. A good number of officers attended the meeting and raised their concern regarding poor carrier progression, 30% corpus for post retirement benefits, denial of HBA, counting training period for withdrawal of increment. GS appraised the house of the efforts being made by Association for the resolution of these issues and also assured that no stone will be left unturned to see the settlement of these issues. GS clarified the queries and doubt raised by the officers and appealed them to be united with MEA to see the revival of the company and resolution of pending issues to get legitimate right. Meeting was very successful. Com S N Prasad, President, Com J J Mathias, CS,Com Virender Singh AGS, Com SS Singh, AGS, Com D P S Chaudhary AGS, Com Sunil Kumar CS , Com V P Prajapati CHQ treasurer, Com P H Naiker Vice president, Com G P Yadav Jt CS, Com Sarode, Jt Secy, Com javdekar ACS also attended the meeting.   Meeting was very successful and meaningful. Hope unity will bring the positive results in the days to come. 

<<<< Photos of GS Mumbai visit >>>>


25-07-14 State-run telecom companies BSNL andMTNL are enhancing capacity and coverage of their mobile services by adding about 28,300 new mobile sites, the Parliament was informed today.

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The government on Tuesday said that four public sector companies, which cannot be revived will be shut down and finance minister Arun Jaitley asked others to shape up to deal with free competition in an era when state-run firms had lost monopoly rights and preference, marking a clear shift in the Centre's policy.

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25-07-14 CMD MTNL Sh. P. K. Purwar has got two month extension.
24-07-14 Meeting with Director (HR)----GS Com V K Tomar along with AGS  Com D P S Chaudhary, CS Com Sunil kumar & Jt Secretary Com Sunil Sonkar met Director (HR) on 23-07-14. GM (HR) Shri Deepak Chanduka and New GM(HR) Shri N K Joshi were also present in the meeting. Following issues were discussed-
  1. Discussion on steps required for MTNL revival--A detailed discussion was held regarding the improvement of efficiency of the MTNL services and the decisions required at the level of Management., and also the total involvement of all officers in the process of decision taking for which duties, responsibilities and powers are to be clearly defined and communicated to all concerned so as to make the process fast and fix the accountability. Director (HR) asked GM(HR) to prepare the job profile of each cadre with duties, responsibilities and powers. He also informed that govt is likely to take certain positive decisions regarding utilization of the  refund of BWA for expansion and maintenance of MTNL services. He also emphasized that govt will not provide support again and again, but we will have to increase our operational revenue for which hard work and out of box approach is required he also informed that a committee comprising the ED Delhi, CGM(WS) and GM(HR)  has been constituted to suggest and implement the measures to improve the mobile services for which increasing BTS, increasing RF teams and also providing required staff in mobile services etc are to be decided.

           The issue of restructuring of EB unit of Delhi circle was also discussed. Director (HR) agreed with our suggestions to make  EB  unit more effective with the certain changes in the set up

  2      Regular DPC of DE/EE---- He assured early decision

  3---Filling all vacant post of SDE--We brought to the knowledge of Director (HR) that more than 700 SDE post are vacant and some more will also be available after DE regular promotion and requested him to fill up all these post in single stroke so that all most all JTOs can get their long awaited first promotion. He agreed with our demand and asked GM(HR) to work on this proposal.

4--RRs of AM(HR)/Mktg/legal/CS---We expressed our concern over abnormal delay in promulgating these RRs. GM(HR) informed that draft is ready and to be discussed with Dir (HR). Dir (HR) asked him to bring the the draft tomorrow so that it can be decided at the earliest.

5---New Promotion Policy-- We again raised this issue to finalize the new promotion policy which may provide fast promotion on time bound basis. Director (HR) asked GM(HR) and Association to share their view point on this issue and come out with a proposal.

6--Filling 75% posts of DE/EE/CAO  through SCF on regular basis--we requested him to consider our proposal of filling 75% posts through seniority cum fitness as in BSNL. He said that  Associations have challenged  the SM RRs in court so first  you people come out of the court and management is ready to decide on this issue. It will be further discussed in the days to come.

7--DPC of AM(legal) Mumbai---Director (HR) and GM(HR) assured to make efforts to conduct DPC in this month only.  


24-07-14 DOT has sent the proposal of CGHS option to MTNL retired employees as in BSNL to Ministry of Health & Family welfare for its approval

MTNL offers to return CDMA spectrum for auction-derived price

22-07-14 GS along with AGS Shri DPS Chaudhary , CS Shri Sunil kumar & CT Shri Satyavir Singh met new Secretary DOT Shri Rakesh Garg and welcomed him by giving the flower bouquets. We wanted to discuss the issue of MTNL revival and other issues, but could not get much time for discussion, because Hon'ble Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad was to reach in committee room for meeting and Secretary was in hurry to reach their. So he said that we will meet again and discuss the issues.
22-07-14 GS writes to Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi regarding the importance of state own telecom company MTNL and its   revival .

<<<<letter to PM>>

22-07-14 Meeting with GM(HR)--GS along with AGS and CS met GM(HR) on 21-07-14 and had a discussion on pending issues and pressed for early decision. regarding DEs DPC, he informed that information sought by Dir (HR) is being provided and decision of calling CR for regular DPC will be taken shortly.For JTO (Civil) ACP clarification, he informed that he has asked  some clarification from DGM(HR) and will process the case shortly,. We requested to conduct the regular DPC for promotion of AMs (Legal), Mumbai case so that promotion orders can be issued in this month. He assured to expedite the case. Discussion on promotion from JTO to SDE  & EE (civil)was also held and further discussion is required at the level of Director (HR) and CMD. Adll GM(P) was also present in the meeting. Before discussion with GM(HR), we also met DGM(HR) and asked him to expedite the cases at his end. Shri N K Joshi , designated GM(HR) was also present. Shri Joshi was earlier in DOT as DDG and was govt nominee Director at ITI board.  
22-07-14 GS along with AGS Com Chaudhary met Addl GM(HR) on 19-07-14 and discussed the issue of official Language cadres and RRs of DM(HR)/Mktg
20-07-14 GS, Com V K Tomar will address the Mumbai CEC meeting on 25th July at 3.30 PM in Wadala Telephone Exchange Conference hall and  a meeting of Direct Recruited Officers (JTO/JAO/AM) on 26th July at 4PM in Prabhadevi Telephone Exchange building.
20-07-14 GS writes to Shri Rakesh Garg to  welcome him on taking over the charge of Secretary, DOT and Chairman Telecom Commission and assured full support and cooperation ,and also hoped that Telecom Sector in general and MTNL in particular will reach its glorious heights under his able and dynamic leadership. <<<letter>>
20-07-14 CHQ & Circle Office Bearers Meeting---CHQ and Delhi circle office bearers meeting was held on 19-07-14 in room no 555 Kidwai Bhawan. Meeting was presided over by Com Parmil Gupta CHQ Vice President. GS apprised the office bearers about the developments on various issues like financial condition of the company, Govt/ MTNL managment's revival plan, Govt approch towards revival of sick PSUs,threats and opportunities before us in the days to come, constitution of pay revision committee, payment of pension by DOT, fresh option to pro-rata optees for combined pension, DPCs in different executive cadres, review of promotion policy, RRs for DM(HR)/Mktg etc.

A detailed discussion was held on the proper use of the maintenance funds which will be provided by CO to both the units. Office bearers gave their clear and honest views on how funds be utilised to ensure revenue generation, and also they revealed the shortcomings of the system working in Delhi unit and suggested how things can be improved.. After a very long time, a fruitful discussion took place. On the basis of the feedback given by the office bearers, GS will write and take up the issues with the concerened authorities, CMD, MTNL , Secretary DOT and  Minister Communication &IT to ensure  MTNL revival and servival.

GS appealed rank and file through the CHQ and Circle office bearers to give their 100% to improve the efficiency of the company and be punctual as well as disciplined employees of the company. Circle Secretary, Com Sunil Kumar apprised the house about the Circle matters and requested office bearers to remmitte uptodate subscription and special contribution.

GS also asked the office bearers to be in touch with the members and try to know thier problems and expectations from Association, so that Association can meet their expectations.. GS also said that there are well known rumour mongers in MTNL who always spread negativity and  baseless rumours to misguide the innocent officers, so always  get all  rumours clarified from GS and other office bearers  so that you can give clear picture to the members.   


“MTNL has shown profit of Rs. 7,825 crore mainly due to write back of provisions on account of pensionary liabilities and spectrum amortization costs after decisions of government taken revival of MTNL,” Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad informed Rajya Sabha in a written reply. 

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Rakesh Garg takes over as new telecom secretary, says increasing rural tele-density priority    

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Revival of PSUs has to be carefully thought out. In the case of BSNL-MTNL, similarly, the huge employee costs and falling competitiveness are a fact that need to be kept in mind before promising to spend R40,000 crore to revive them over the next 5 years.

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Indian state-run operator MTNL has hired SBI Capital Markets to conduct a valuation of its loss-making Nepalese joint venture, United Telecom (UTL), the Business Standard reports. MTNL wants to evaluate the feasibility of investments in UTL and to decide whether it would be viable for it to enter the mobile market, currently served by TeliaSonera unit NCell (57% market share) and state-run Nepal Dorsanchar (NDCL) (43%). UTL currently plans to buy a GSM licence, according to an official.

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19-07-14 All sectors  central core committee meeting was held on 17-07-14 at AIBOF office, parliament street, New Delhi. In this meeting, it was decided to conduct a seminar on state economy on 16th & 17th August 2014 in New Delhi. GS, MEA Com V K Tomar attended this meeting as a member of this committee.
19-07-14 Karol Bagh Division general body meeting was held on 16th July,14. GS along with AGS Com D P S Chaudhary and CS, Com Sunil Kumar attended the meeting and apprised the house of the various issues and appealed to do their best to improve the services and revenue of the company. Com K K Pandey, AS (East) and DS, Com Amitabh Gupta, ACS Com Solanki were there to organize and  address the house on local issues. 
17-07-14 A Formal meeting of MEA-TY Area with GM-TY was held on 16/7/2014 in the chamber of GM-TY at Preet Vihar DELHI which was attended by Com Sunil Kumar Circle Secy, Com Satyavir Singh Circle Treaserar, Com S.N. Rathi Org Secy, Com Ashwini Kumar ACS,Com Dharmendrea Gautam Area Pres TY, Com J.P. Sharma Area Secy TY, Com Yatendra Singh Org Secy TY, Com R.S. Rajput AEM, Com Vipin Kumar AEM, Com Dheeraj Gupta DS LXR, Com Rajveer Singh DS MVR, Com Laxman Singh DS SHD, Com P.L. Tondon DS YVR and Com Dhyan Singh ADSYVR. The following issues were mainly discussed-

Retrieval of cables with availability of stores. Pillars having high fault rate and scarcity of cable pairs should be attended in phase manner on priority, Proper utilization of Executives as per their experience and equal distribution of work among Executives, Posting of excess executives in field from GMT-Y office, Posting of Executives at vacant seats at Sanchar Haats and out door in the area. Allotment OF Funds for emergent services such as Diesel for Exchanges. Clearance of PD/CA OB's well in time, Installation of LTS's at SHD and YVR Exchanges. GM-TY assured that points as discussed will be resolved. The meeting ended on good note and in a cordial atmosphere. The Association assured full support and cooperation of our members will be extended for betterment of services in the area.

17-07-14  PM office asks DOT to explain slow broadband speed.

» Govt plans to infuse Rs 39K Cr in BSNL & MTNL; Is it enough?
17-07-14 Minutes of the Meeting with GM (IT) as issued by GM(IT) office- A meeting was held with GM (IT) on dated 09.07.14 , the minutes of the meeting as issued by his office are attached. click the link for the same ............................. <minutes-IT>
17-07-14 GS met GM(HR) yesterday and expressed resentment of the Association over the delay in actions on certain pending issues like regular DPC for the promotion to the post of DE/XEN(civil)/CAO, JTOACP clarification, antedating and seniority revision of SDEs, JAO seniority, OL promotion issue. GS requested him to instruct the concerened staff to expedite the cases. GM(HR) informed about the progress on the DPC of DE cadre and JAO seniority, he assured that decision will be taken on these issues shortly and also assured to expedite other cases also. 
16-07-14 Meeting with Hon'ble Minister of State Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises---Today, GS MEA Shri V K Tomar along with Shri Baby Thomus, SG NCOA and two other representatives of Officers' Association of HOCL met Hon'ble Minister of State Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, Thiru Pon Radhakrishnan in his office Udhyog Bhawan New Delhi and discussed the issue of revival of sick PSUs. He gave patient hearing and assured positive action on his end on the this issue because he has been entrusted with the responsibility of revival of sick CPSEs.
16-07- 14  Meeting with Jt Secretary, DPE--GS, MEA Shri V K Tomar and Secretary General NCOA Shri Baby Thomus met Jt Secy and discussed about the constitution of 3rd Pay revision committee. JS informed that process has already started and and committee will be constituted by the November 2014.
16-07-14 Meeting with GM (N)---Meeting was held on 14-07-14 in which various issues related to the  area services and welfare issues were discussed. GS, AGS, CS, CT, Area Secy  and other circle and area/div office bearers attended the meeting.

Media Reports

MTNL, BSNL face total debt of over Rs 21,000 cr. 

<<<< click for news >>>>

Rakesh Garg appointed as DoT secretary

<<<< click for news >>>>

BSNL, MTNL did not get necessary structural support: Govt 
<<<< click for news >>>>

12-07-14  GS writes to Director (HR)  regarding 15 years stagnation in JTO cadre and asks to fill up  more than 700 unfilled vacancies in SDE cadre immediately so that demoralization and frustration among JTO cadre can be reduced . <<letter>>

Association is fully committed to ensure regular promotion of JTOs/AM(T) to the post of SDE against all unfilled vacancies. A large number of vacancies in SDE cadre are further  going to fall vacant after the regular DPC for promotion from SDE to DE . Sincere efforts are being made to see faster promotion in all cadres and no stone will be left unturned to achieve it. We are also pursuing to get JAO seniority issue finalised at the earliest so that their due promotion orders can be issued.

12-07-14 GS writes to CMD regarding formation of 30%  corpus for post retirement benefits to the MTNL recruited officers/employees. <<click for letter>>

Acknowledging that both BSNL and MTNL are currently in financial distress, the government today said it is "quite serious" to restore the health of the two telecom services providers by adopting various measures like a whopping Rs 39,458 crore fresh investment over five years. 

<<<< click for economics times news >>>>


11-07-14  2.9% IDA increased w.e.f. 1st July 2014 taking total IDA to 91.3%.

 <<DPE orders>>

09-07-14 ED Delhi  issues more looking after promotion orders of  9 DEs to the post of DGM(T)..

<<<click for orders>>>

07-07-14 ED MTNL ND office has issued look after promotion order to DGM cadre. Please click the link for downloading the letter..............<letter>
07-07-14 GS writes to CMD regarding counting of training period for drawl of increment with arrear for the direct recruited officers . <<<letter>>>
05-07-14 Meeting with Principal CCA, DOT----GS Com V K Tomar along with Com  S S Nanda GS RTOW Com R K Mudgal  VP met Principal CCA, DOT in Prasad Nagar office and persuaded for early preparation of PPO books of combined pension optee retired employees of MTNL. PCCA assured all his sincere efforts to prepare the PPO books and apprised us with the efforts being made at his level to expedite the process. He informed that after persuasion,  space has been provided in Karol Bagh Exchange and MTNL has been asked to send 10 PPOs today so that process can be started . He said that efforts will be made to complete the PPOs by September and instructions have been issued that MTNL will pay pension  upto September 2014. We inspected the space along with the concerned staff, who found the space insufficient to house 25/30 staff, matter will be taken up with the MTNL management.
03-07-14  MTNL management approved the fund of Rs 2.24 crore for pending medical floater cases of Delhi and Mumbai unit. Sanction of pending cases will be sent by corporate office to Delhi and Mumbai unit shortly to clear the pending cases.
30-06-14 Congratulations! for regular promotion.

ED Delhi endorses the regular promotion orders of 7 DGM(Fin) ordered by corporate office as per MTNL Senior Managment Services Promotion Policy. <<order>>

30-06-14  After our persuasion, MTNL CO issues the instruction to extend the RSTC of retired employees whose PPOs are delayed upto 30th September by converting them in concessional category. << CO letter>>
30-06-14 GS along with Shri Arun Dixit ACT met GM(Adm) Delhi and discussed the issues, LA promotion orders in different Executive cadres, Screening report of Non-Tech E2 cadres,Sitting arrangment of EB staff, individual below bench mark cases, regular posting of DE/ Principal in ITTM. She assured positive action in all cases.

AVK Global Trainers, a newly formed organization, is conducting two training programmes on the topics, as given below  :

Programme - I : 'Enhancing creativity and overcoming mental Blocks' on 2nd July, 2014 from                               10:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

Programme - II : 'Communication skills' on 3rd July 2014 from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

<<<click for details>>

28-06-14 GS writes to GM(HR) regarding pending cases of antedating of promotion and correction of seniority in the SDE cadre.<<letter>>
28-06-14  Regarding provision of another one time option for pro-rata pension holders to opt for combined service pension in view of giving effect to amendment in Rule 37A with retrospective effect in MTNL, DOT had asked comments of MTNL on 05-06-2014, now MTNL replies by maintaining its earlier comments on the subject. <<MTNL reply>>>
28-06-14 CO transfers five AM(Fin) from Mumbai to CO on thier request. <<letter>>
28-06-14 GS along with Jt Secretaries Com  R S Maan & Com Sunil Sonkar met GM(HR) CO on 27-06-14 and pursued for the early actions on the issues like DPCs of DE/CAO/EE, Civil ACP  clarification, New Promotion Policy, antedating and seniority revision cases. A brief discussion was also held why the time bound functional promotions are needed and how it can be done.
26-06-14 Government to challenge TDSAT ruling on 3G pacts in Supreme Court: Ravi Shankar Prasad

<<<< click here for economics times news >>>>

26-06-14 Telecom department readies note on merger of ailing MTNL, BSNL.

<<<< click here for HT news >>>>

<<<< click here for media news >>>>

25-06-14 Shri P K Purwar, Dir (Fin) has been given the looking after charge of CMD, MTNL for one month till final decision on regular appointment of CMD MTNL. He has already been recommended by PSEB for the post of CMD MTNL, but regular appointment is still awaited.

GS, Com V K Tomar along with Com Satyavir Singh & Com R K Mudgal met Shri Purwar, CMD and congratulated him for having the charge of CMD MTNL, and  assured full cooperation and support of the Association for smooth functioning of the company  and hoped that he will take appropriate actions to improve the efficiency of the company and welfare of the executives. He also assured that managment and association will work in full coordination with team spirit to bring the company out of the deep crises it is in. He also appealed Association to ensure the efficient services to our esteemed customers and ask that special attention is required to the repeat faults.

His emphasis was on identifying non performers at all levels who are getting salary on the cost of benefits of performers. He gave clear signal that non performers will have to improve otherwise they will have to face action. We emphasized on fast decision at all levels in the managment. A detailed discussion was also held how Association and managment will go together to get the revival plan approved from the govt. 

Now, we will take up all pending issues with CMD in the days to come. 

25-06-14 GS along with Com Satyavir Singh & Com R K Mudgal met GM (Coml) CO  today and discussed the issue of disconnection of residential telephone connection of retired employees whose PPOs have not been issued. There are employees who retired in the month of  April but PPOs have not yet been issued and in the absence of PPOs RSTC will be disconnected after two months. We had taken up the matter with Dir (Fin) to extend the period of disconnection till PPOs are issued. Now this issue was discussed with GM(Coml). She assured appropriate action shortly to extend the period. 
25-06-14  GS along with Shri Satyavir  Singh CT and Shr R K Mudgal met Addl GM(Pers) & DGM(HR) CO for follow up actions on issues like regular DPC in the cadre of DE/CAO,  RRs of DM(HR)/Mktg RR, medical floater cases, seniority and antedating cases etc
24-06-14 GS writes to Director (HR) regarding distribution of SCF and competitive quota as 75-25 instead of 50-50 as an interim measure for DE/Sr Manager/CAO/EE till the promotion policy is revised in CPSU hierarchy as in BSNL. <<letter>>
23-06-14 DOPT orders to remove minimum requirement of 15 days CCL. <<Dopt orders>>
23-06-14 ED Delhi endorses the CO orders  of CCL (Child Care Leave).

<<<endorsement >>

23-06-14 Meeting with Member (Fin), DOT---GS, Com V K Tomar along with Com S S Nanda, GS RTOWA & Com R K Mudgal VP RTOWA met Member (Fin), DOT today and discussed regarding abnormal delay in issuing PPOs by DOT for MTNL retired employees . We requested Member (Fin) to intervene and get the process expedited so that PPOs can be issued by DOT at the earliest . We apprised her that in the absence of PPOs, many post retirement benefits and terminal benefits like commutation of pension, indoor medical cards, residential telephone connections etc are not being provided to the retired employees. We also apprised her that MTNL management has shown its helpness in paying pension after June. She spoke to the concerned officers and asked them to expedite the process. She assured appropriate action at her level but asked us to coordinate between MTNL management and CCA so that process can be expedited.

She also discussed and wanted to know the reason of dissatisfactory services of MTNL. GS elaborately explained how unavailability of funds for expansion and maintenance of services is prime reason of deteriorating quality of services. This time also she was clear in her view that funds should not come in the way of expansion and maintenance of services because MTNL can go for more loan for this purpose. Even she went to the extent to say that Association should be the shareholder of the company through a cooperative society  and be the part of management to run the company.

23-06-14  DoT working on policy to treat broadband as basic need.

» Strong state-backed player not good for telecom sector.

» Ravi Shankar Prasad discusses BSNL, MTNL revival strategy with senior management.
23-06-14  BSNL, MTNL leadership succession in limbo. 

» Teomomm Ministry seeks Rs 6,997 crore fund for projects.

» A turnaround under way in telecom?
22-06-14 Director (HR&EB) writes to ED Delhi & Mumbai and also to all CGMs & GMs of Delhi/Mumbai/CO regarding the critical view of MOC&IT in performance review meeting of MTNL on 19th June,14. MOC was very critical about the services offered by MTNL to customers in general and hon'ble MPs and Sr officers of Govt in Delhi. MOC will personalyy monitor the status of MTNL network for which node is being extended. Director (HR&EB) has asked all officers right from JTO to GM to visit the premises of all Hon'ble Ministers/MPs/Sr officers of govt and important customers to redress thier grievances. <<< Director's letter>>>
21-06-14 After our long persuasion, ED  Delhi issues LA promotion orders of 27 Sr SDEs to the post of DE. <<<office orders>>
21-06-14 Meeting with Director (HR)--GS Shri V K Tomar along with AGS Shri Dharampal Chaudhary, CHQ Vice President Shri Praveen Passi and CS Shri Sunil Kumar met Director (HR) today and had discussion on following issues. GM(HR) was also present in the meeting.
  1. MTNL Management's presentation with MOC & IT--Director (HR) briefed us about the meeting with MOC & IT and asked to convey the Minister message to perform and improve the efficiency of the company by providing efficient services to the customers.
  2. Regular DPC in the cadre of DE/ CAO/XEN (Civil)--we informed management that required information sought fro Delhi and Mumbai have been received in corporate office and screening report of EE (civil) has also been received in CO long back. We requested early action to hold regular DPC of these cadres. Dir (HR) and GM(HR) assured required action to hold DPC in these cadres. DH informed that because of not availability of Dir (Tech), EE (Civil) DPC is getting delayed and we will have to wait for appointment of CMD which is likely in this month.
  3. Recruitment Rules for the promotion of AM (HR)/Mktg/Legal/CS to the post of DM-   We strongly pursued the case to   decide the RRs at the earliest so that promotion channel of these cadres can be open and officers can be ratained in the company who are seeking jobs out side MTNL. Director (HR) assured positive action on this issue.
  4. SCF(Seniority cum fitness) quota of  Sr Manager/DE to be increased to 75% instead of 50% at par with BSNL-- We pleaded to increase the SCF quota from 50% to 80% on the line of BSNL which has approved 75% SCF quota for DE promotion. Director (HR) asked GS to write with the BSNL orders and assured to look into the matter with positive approach.
  5. Time bound promotion with CPSU hierarchy--We asked to consider our long pending demand of time bound functional promotion on CPSU hierarchy. Director (HR) asked GM (HR) to have discussion with the Association to find the way to move forward on this issue.
  6. Temporary medical indoor card and service connection for retired employees whose PPOs have not been issues--GM(HR)  assured to take up the case with both the unit and get these issues settled.



21-06-14 Meeting with Director (Fin)----GS Shri V K Tomar along with AGS Shri Dharampal Chaudhary & CS Shri Sunil Kumar met Dir (Fin) on 20-06-14 and discussed following issues.
  1. MTNL Management's presentation with MOC & IT---Director briefed us about the meeting of MTNL management with MOC&IT. He informed that MTNL management gave presentation to minister that MTNL is in dire need of funds for expansion and maintenance  of services and there is loss of about Rs 225 crore per month and also requested for govt support to infuse capital in the company. Minister underlined the need of improvement of MTNL services and assured to look into the facts raised by the MTNL Management. He asked managment to make all rfforts to improve the efficiency of the company if want MTNL to servive.
  2. Delay in issuance of PPOs by DOT for retired MTNL employees whose pension is to be paid by DOT--We expressed our concerned regarding abnormal delay in issuance of PPOs by DOT because of pending decisions at MTNL level. He said that MTNL has provided the space and staff to the DOT but for the extra staff on deputation, DOT will have to issue a letter for demanding staff on deputation which will be complied by MTNL. He also said that he has already brought these facts to the knowledge of Member (Fin) and has also informed her that MTNL will not pay pension after June. He also asked us to pursue the matter with DOT to expedite the process of PPO.
  3. Delay in payment of terminal benefits to the retired employees-- We strongly  raised our concern  regarding delay in payment  of terminal benefits. Dir (Fin) assured that gratuity payment will be made this month for the employees retired upto May 2014 but pension commutation payment will be made after the PPOs are prepared by DOT. 
  4. Delay in payment of medical floater cases-- Many  medical floater cases of Delhi and Mumbai are pending in corporate office . A sanction of  Rs 2.5 crore is pending with Director (Fin). We requested him to sanction this amount so that pending cases can be cleared. 

 Times of India News clip : Govt  to draw up revival plan for MTNL/BSNL

Please click the link for details ...........................<<Link>>

17-06-14 ED Delhi issues regular promotion orders of 36 officers to the post of DGM(T) who were promoted vide CO orders dated 29-05-2014. <<<office orders>>> 
16-06-14 GS writes to Director (Fin) regarding abnormal delay in making necessary arrangements for DOT to take over the task of disbursement of pension and pensionary benefits  to combined service pension optees MTNL employees.<<<letter>>>
16-06-14 GS & CS spoke to ED Delhi and expressed the resentment of the Association over the delay in issuing local promotion orders in DE cadre. ED assured to issue the orders in 2/3 days.
15-06-14 Meeting with CGM(O) Delhi---GS Shri V K Tomar, CS Shri Sunil Kumar, CHQ Vice President Shri Praveen Passi, AGSs Shri D P S Chaudhary & Shri Sanjay Kumar, Org Secy Shri S N Rathi, CT Shri Satyavir singh ACT Shri Arun dixit and Shri Vikrant Singh met CGM(O) Delhi and discussed the various issues related to the land line services of the Delhi. Association raised many issues like shortage of some reqired materials, proper utilization of staff, shortage of vehicles etc.
15-06-14 Meeting with CGM(WS) Delhi---CS Shri Sunil Kr , CT.Shri Satyavir Singh, Org Secy, Shri C P Baliyan, ACS Shri B L Singh, Area Secretary, Shri Dilawar Ali and other office bearers of Mobile services met CGM on 12-06-14 and discussed related to the mobile services and welfare of executives 
11-06-14 Corporate office sought the details of Senior Manager (T)/DE  and Senior Manager(Fin)/CAO working on regular basis from Delhi and Mumbai unit. It is an excercise before asking screening report of these cadres for regular promotion.

<<< Details for DE>>                                      <<<details for CAO>>>

11-06-14 GS writes to Hon'ble MOC & IT Shri Ravishankar Prasad thanking him for granting meeting to the Association and discussing issues related to the financial condition of the company and its services. GS has also raised shortage of funds for expansion and maintenance of the MTNL services. <<letter>>
11-06-14 MTNL ND ED Office issues Time Bound Promotion List of 10 AM(Mktg) from E3 to E4. The aforesaid orders are issued on the basis of MTNL CO letter on the same subject. Please click the link ..................... <Orders>
  Meeting with GM(HR)--GS along with AGS Shri D P S Chaudhary & CS Shri sunil Kumar met GM(HR) on 10-06-14 and discussed following issues.
  1. Regular DPC for DE/Sr Manager---We asked to start the process for regular DPC for the post of DE/Sr Manager. He assured to call for screening report from Delhi and Mumbai  units immediately after receiving vacancy position from both units for which letter has been sent last week.
  2. JTO Civil ACP corrigendum for counting residency period from 01-10-2000-- Issue was briefed to GM (HR). He has asked concerned staff to put up the case.
  3. Inclusion of working spouse in OPD--He informed that Finance wing has raised certain queries which have been replied.
  4. RR for the post of DM(HR)/Mktg/CS/Legal---He informed that RR draft has been prepared on the line of AM(T) to DM(T) RRs and has been put. to Dir (HR) for further consideration.
  5. Hindi cadre promotion case--We briefed him that the line of action of the committee constituted for this purpose will not serve the purpose of promotion of Hindi translators to the executive cadre. He said that he has asked the members of committee to give the details with justification so that issue can be addressed in totality.
  6. AM(Legal) Mumbai regular DPC-- Sr Manager (HR) who was in the meeting informed that the information sought from Mumbai unit is still awaited.
  7. Implementation of  Delhi CAT decision regarding E3 LDCE exam 2002--He said that fresh legal opinion from standing councel has been sought in the light of BSNL managment's decision to contest the case in the court.
  8. JAO seniority case--He said that it has been decided to keep the case pending till new CMD takes charge.
  9. Regular DPC for Executive Engineer(Civil)--We asked to hold the DPC at the earliest because it the pending DPC of 2013  and requested to consider all the vacant posts for this DPC. He assured to expedite the case
  10. Pending cases of seniority, floater medical reimbursement, DNI option, antedation cases were also discussed. He assured to expedite the cases.
09-06-14 Corporate Offices issues orders for grant of Child Care Leave (CCL) for a period of two years( with pay upto 3 months and without pay upto two years inclusive of 3 months with pay) to the female employees of MTNL. Association has been demanding two years CCL with pay, but management decided for 3 months with pay that too after our long persuasion with management to implement CCL in MTNL. CCL in MTNL could be implemented because of our persistent efforts.

<<<CCL orders>>

09-06-14 NEC (National Executive Committee) meeting of NCOA was held on 7th & 8th June  at SSMI east Punjabi Bagh Delhi. There was also a Joint meeting of  NCOA, All India Bank Officers Confedration, & All India Power Engineers Federation on 7th June. AIBOC was represented by Secretary General, Shri Harvinder Singh and AIPEF was represented by Shri Shailendra Dubey, Chairman AIPEF. A detailed discussion was held on the revival and survival of CPSUs and passed resolutions for Prime Minister for the safe guards of the CPSUs. <<<click for resolution sent to PM>>
06-06-14 Consequent upon successful completion of one year of training, 19 Assistant Managers (Finance) have been put on probation for one year in the scale of Rs 20600-46500 (E2). Orders were issued after our long pursuation. <<<office orders>>> . 
03-06-14 Corporate office issued modification in the policy of broadband service connection for MTNL offices and residence. <<< Corporate Office orders>>>

Meeting with Hon’ble MOC&IT and Law Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad---GS Shri V K Tomar & CHQ President Shri S N Prasad along with AGS,Shri D P S Chaudhary, CHQ Treasurer Shri V P Prajapati,CHQ Vice President Shri Pravin Passi, ACT Shri Arun Dixit, Circle Treasurer, Delhi Shri Satyavir Singh, Jt CS Mumbai Shri G P Yadav, Shri S S Nanda, RTOWA and Shri Saini from Mumbai met Hon’ble Minister on 31st May 2014 in his office Chamber in Shastri Bhawan.  GS greeted Hon’ble Minister by presenting flower bouquet and congratulated him on taking over the charge of Ministry of communication & IT and also assured Association’s full support and cooperation.  Before starting the discussion, he complained that his own telephones both dolphin and land lines remain faulty most of the time and even on the day he took over the charge of communication ministry his mobile phone was not working and could not receive the wishes on this occasion. He said that he was in favor of making PSUs strong so that other private operators can be kept under controlled. He said that he will stand with the MTNL/BSNL and do everything to make them strong but subject to the condition that MTNL/BSNL will have to improve its efficiency. He said that he will strongly fight in the parliament for the cause of MTNL/BSNL and even go to Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Nareandra Modi Ji for the betterment of the PSUs, but  if the phones of Member of Parliament will not work how I will be able to raise your voice in parliament. He  said that Shri Narendra Modi Ji has turned around many PSUs in Gujrat ,and He himself also turned around Coil India during his last tenure, but PSUs will have to improve their efficiency to get turn around . His message was very clear and loud that MTNL will have to perform and improve its efficiency.

GS apprised him that there are only 1000 BTS in Delhi and Mumbai each while other private operators are having 5000 BTS in Delhi and Mumbai each and that is the main reason of poor signaling of MTNL network. GS also apprised him that our cable network is very old and funds are not available to lay optical fiber cables to replace old copper cable to provide fast speed excellent quality internet services to the customers. There is no expansion of network since 2010 when govt forced MTNL to pay Rs 11000 crore for BWA and 3G spectrum and because of that today company is under the debt of Rs 14000/- crore and so no funds are available for expansion/ development and maintenance which resulted in the poor quality of services and loss of revenue. GS asked Hon’ble MOC & IT to make MTNL debt free and gave assurance that all possible efforts will be made by officers to provide the efficient services to our esteemed customers.  We also said that merger of MTNL BSNL is the ultimate solution of many problems of both the company and request him to consider the merger of MTNL and BSNL.

 Hon’ble Minister said that he will have presentation from MTNL management next week and after that will have further discussion with the Association.

<<<photos of the meeting in the chamber of Hon’ble Minister>>

All are appealed to take all possible steps and work hard to improve our services and special measures are to be taken to keep the mobile and land line connections of all Member of Parliaments working properly. Hon'ble MOC was very upset that if my phone can remain faulty for a long time than what about others.


01-06-14 MTNL board has approved Child Care Leave with 3 months paid leave in its board meeting on 30 May 2014.
01-06-14 GS Shri V K Tomar and CHQ President Shri S N Prasad met Dir (Fin) and Dir (HR) on 31st May ,14 and discussed  issues to be raised before new government for revival of the company. We also discussed the issue of official language cadres and RR for promotion from AM(HR)/Mktg/CS/Legal to DM with Dir (HR). 
01-06-2014 GS along with  CHQ President Shri S N prasad, CHQ Treasurer Shri V P Prajapati, Jt CS Mumbai Shri G P Yadav and Shri Saini met Addl GM(P) & DGM (HR) Corporate office on 29-05-14 and discussed official Language cadres promotion issue, JAO confirmation, Process for regular DPC in the cadre of DE/CAO, pending seniority cases, AM(Legal) DPC etc. Both the officers apprised Association representatives regarding the progress on all these issues. We