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Date News
30-10-15 It is reliably learnt that IDA for CPSU employees is expected to increase by 5.3% w.e.f. 01.10.2015.
29-09-15 Meeting with Member (Fin), DOT---GS met Member (Fin), DOT today and had a detailed discussion on fresh option to pro-rata pension optees for combined pension. She informed that Establishment section has sent the case to finance wing for finance views on this matter. She said that they have not sent any proposal or recommendation for fin concurrence. GS explained her why informed choice is to be given to the pro-rata optee employees after the govt decision to pay combined pension from govt fund. GS replied all her queries in this matter to her satisfaction and requested her to give positive view so that issue can be resolved to the benefit of the employees.
29-09-15 Delhi  Circle CEC Meeting--Delhi CEC was held today in BSNL recreation club, Kidwai Bhawan, New Delhi which was attended by  large number of office bearers. Com Praveen Passi, presided over the meeting. following  agenda points were for discussion
  1. Area Secretaries reports-- ASs presented their Area reports regarding paid membership of the area, organizational activities & problems of the area. Area secretary also wanted that either BTS maintenance decision to transfer it to the Areas  be reverted to WS wing or concerned staff be transferred to Areas from WS wing. 
  2. Revival of MTNL-- improvement of services and revenue generation.-- In a detailed discussion, almost all office bearers raised the issue of shortage/non availability of required store items, shortage of maintenance funds & indecisiveness and expressed their concern that how services can be improved when essential items/ fund are not available and demanded that appropriate action be taken at Association level to resolve this shortage of essential items. Members also raised that if CMD wants to end the AMC in MTNL, let the repair centers be in place and officers trained to do the AMCs. Members were very much agitated and were ready to go to any extent to save MTNL.
  3. CHQ/ Delhi Circle conference---  House was informed  that CHQ conference will be held on 2nd November 2015 to 4th Nov, 15 and Delhi circle conference will also be held along with CHQ conference. Rs 200/ per member as conference fee and Rs 1000 per delegate is to be collected and remitted to Circle treasurer before conference.
  4. CHQ/ Circle issues-- members raised CHQ issues which were replied by GS

GS & CS addressed the CEC meeting. GS  elaborated the issues related to the revival of company, MTNL & BSNL merger, HR issues and stressed on improvement of services and also assured that the issues related to non availability of essential materials and funds raised by the members will strongly be taken up with the management  and if required protest action will also be taken to save MTNL. Area Secretaries were asked to get the requirement sent through their GMs to the management. GS also said that if HR issues raised by Association are not settled in a reasonable time than Association will again start protest action after conference.

28-09-15 Meeting with CMD---GS met CMD today and had discussion on MTNL/BSNL merger, spectrum license, other issues related to revival/survival of  MTNL and also some pending HR issues.


CEC meeting of MEA will be held on 29-09-2015 in Room No.-555, Kidwai Bhawan from 2.00 PM. All CHQ, Circle Office bearers, Area Secy, Divisional Secy, and CEC/CWC members are requested to attend the meeting well in time to discuss important issues.

23-09-15 Dir (HR) was in Mumbai on 21-09-15 , our Mumbai Circle and CHQ office bearers met him and discussed pending HR issues--

CS Com. G.P. Yadav, along with CHQ President Com. S.N. Prasad, Cir. Pres. Com. J.N. Upadhyay, W.Pr. Com. R.Mohandoss, V.Pr. Com. P.K. Nambi, Jt. CS Com. V.S. Singh, Jt.CS Com. S.N. Pandit, F.S. Com. D.J. Shelar, met DIR(HR) Shri. Sunil Kumar ji on 21-09-15 and discussed following issues. CS  gave some inputs on various issues to make him fully acquainted to further process the cases------

Issues on which detailed discussion was held---------

  1. Seniority Case of 1999 Year JTO's.
  2. RRs of HR/Mktg etc.
  3. E3 Competitive Waiting List.
  4. Pending medical cases.
  5. Counting trg period for the purpose of increment.
  6. Regular Promotion from SDE(DM) To DE(SM).
  7. Other Issues Like Transfers etc.

DIR(HR) was very positive and assured appropriate action on the issues raised by Association.


21-09-15 Associations & Unions meeting called by CMD for customer satisfaction & revenue generation--

Meeting was called on 20th Sep (Sunday) in CGO, MTNL auditorium which was attended by about 200 officers and employees of different Unions and Associations out of these about 50 members were of MEA, thanks to them. CMD, Dir (Fin), Dir (HR & EB)/ Director (Tech),  ED Delhi & GMs as well as General Secretaries and other office bearers of different Unions and Associations were present. In the beginning of the programme a motivational slide film was shown how successful people do differently. Director (HR) focused how we can increase our customer base by giving example of his past experience as GM in BSNL and hoped that we can do better in MTNL if decide so never give up and focus on your available resources and add customers where ever you are having feasibility. Give better service and earn revenue. Director (Fin) stressed on performance based incentives to performing employees to keep them motivated to do better work and earn more revenue. GS, MEA in his address thanks CMD for his initiative to start this practice to hold joint meeting of Management and Associations/ Unions representatives which was the long pending idea of MEA  and also appreciated the decision of MTNL management to launch new schemes like minimum 2MB speed on all BB connections and providing free BB connection for limited period on trial bases to convert LL connections into BB connection and also to provide MTNL SIM to retain LL customer. These schemes have brought us in the competition with other operators so all unions and Association have to take initiative to propagate these schemes amongst customer and add new customers. GS also said that Customer is the CEO of the company because we get our salary when he pays for our services so we have to work for this real boss of the company to get our salary and other benefits. GS stressed on common agenda of management and Association/ Unions, no blame game,    shifting land line services/ BB/ Leased circuits on fiber and maintenance of old cable  network till we shift to fiber, availability of funds and store items for maintenance of services, like kits, jumper wire, jointing modules. better quality and new drop wire for CIP customers etc.GS also said that if Karela Circle can earn profit of 468/-Crore than why not Delhi and Mumbai where there are customers who can afford any amount to get better quality of service. GS also said that merger of MTNL and BSNL is still uncertain because BSNL Unions and Associations are opposing merger and we have to focus on all our services to increase revenue and bring company back to profit and stress be given on fiber and mobile which are the need of the time. GS also appealed CMD/ Member (S) to take up the matter of participation of MTNL and BSNL in digital India project which can fetch additional  revenue of many thousand crore for these state owned companies.  For this meeting our members gave many problems and suggestions for customer satisfaction, customer retention and revenue generation , but because of limitation of time these problems and suggestions could not be raised. GS informed management in the meeting that all these left out points will be given in writing. a 30 minutes interactive session was also held in which participants raised queries which were replied by CMD and even asked concerned officers to take action on some of the issues raised.

CMD in his address thanked Associations and Unions for making the meeting a grand success on Sunday. He said for the first time in his life he got such a positive response of unions and Association for improvement of the working of the company and customer satisfaction. He said that i m satisfied that employees and Unions and Associations are having more concern than the management towards revival of the company. He said such meetings will be organized quarterly so that he can have proper feed back from Associations and Unions.  He asked senior officers to take fast decisions and assured that required materials will be provided to maintain the services properly. He also stressed on laying of more and more fiber and training to more and more employees and officers  in fiber jointing. He also asked concerned officers to improve the on line billing payment and upgrade the MTNL site. He asked concerned officers to take action to recover  outstanding bills in the tune of hundreds crore, this issue was raised by GS, BMS.  He was against the AMCs and was of the opinion that our own people can do this work when IT unit AMC issue was raised. This issue will be discussed with him along with IT people so that viable solution of maintenance of IT equipments or other technology equipments can be resolved. He appreciated the views of GS MEA that there should be a common agenda of MTNL management and Associations/unions to improve the working of the company and quality of  services and also to consider the customer as the boss of the company.

21-09-15 Meeting with Director (Fin)---GS along with AGS Shri Chaudhary met Director (Fin) on 19-09-15 and discussed following issues-
  1. Promulgation of RRs of HR/Mktg/CS/Legal and amendment in RRs from JAO to AO promotion -- He said that GM(HR) had discussed with him after our meeting with Director (HR).GS requested him to get the issue resolved at the earliest. He assured early decision after discussion with Dir (HR ).
  2. Functional promotion on time bound basis--  He was also of the same view as Dir (HR) that let us wait BSNL decision on this matter.
  3. Counting training period for the purpose of Drawing increment-- He assured positive action on his part if such proposal comes from HR
  4. JAO to AO DPC--He assured his expeditious action to get DPC conducted at the earliest and to take care  any legal problem with the fact that these promotions are being given on provisional seniority list.
21-09-15 Meeting with Director (HR)--Director (HR) called GS on 18-09-15 and conveyed  regarding the meeting of Associations and Unions called by CMD to discuss customer satisfaction, and revenue generation. In this meeting GS also requested Dir (HR) to expedite the pending HR issues. He said that GM(HR) is  working on the issues discussed with him and will be put up shortly.  
18-09-15 MTNL CO issued order regarding giving NOC for the outside employment on deputaion or permanent basis: There is no restriction on giving NOC.

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18-09-15 MTNL to upgrade broadband speed: The Hindu News:

The Central government-owned telecommunications service provider Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) on Thursday announced a free upgrade of its broadband download speed to minimum two mbps from 512 kbps across all the plans in New Delhi and Mumbai.

The upgrade will be in addition to the free night calling scheme that the company offers for calls from the MTNL landlines to all operator network from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. in the two metro cities.

The scheme will be effective October 1. The MTNL will provide the upgraded download speed to all new customers and existing customers can migrate to the higher speed plan.


18-09-15 ED Delhi office called for Bio-Data of Executives working in MTNL regarding Promotion/ Up-Gradation. All 2005 batch executives are requested to fill the form  duly verified by AO(P&A) and submit to AGM(A), K.L. Bhawan early.

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16-09-15 Congratulations..................

ED Delhi office called for CRs for promotion to the grade of Dy Manager (Finance) on regular basis:

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16-09-15 Meeting with GM(HR)---GS along with Sh Pravven Passi & Shri Dharampal Chaudhary met GM(HR) Mrs Meena Chauhan  on 15-09-15 and discussed following issues which were discussed in the meeting with Dir (HR). GS  gave some inputs on various issues to make her fully acquainted to further process the cases. She was already well informed and clear in her mind on many of the issues. We hope things will move fast now in HR wing.

issues on which detailed discussion was held

  1. CPSU hierarchy time bound  functional promotion
  2. RRs of HR/Mktg etc
  3. Financial upgradation from due date if no case pending on that date but erupted  at the time of DPC
  4. E3 LICE-
  5. Pending anomaly cases
  6. JAO to AO DPC
  7. Pending medical cases
  8. Counting trg period for the purpose of increment
  9. Waiting list of E3 LICE
14-09-15 GS met concerned  officers in DOT to discuss the issue of the quarter allotment to MTNL employees by BSNL and charging additional maintenance charges from those who are allotted quarters in Powai, Mumbai . and land dispute of MTNL and BSNL.. They said that this is the issue which has to be addressed in totality including the land ownership so they are proposing to form a committee comprising the officers of MTNl, BSNL and DOT.

    Joint Committee of Associations and BSNL Management recommends the Time bound functional promotions of the executives in BSNL. In MTNL , MEA is in discussion with management, it was our agenda point also in our protest action programme. In the recently held meeting with Director (HR) MTNL on 03-09-15, he asked us to wait till the decision is taken in BSNL , so after BSNL decision on Time bound functional promotion, MEA will take up the case for early decision in MTNL.   

salient point of Jt committee recommendation in BSNL--

Time Bound Functional promotion will be allowed from JTO/JAO à SDE/AO-à Sr SDE/Sr AO -à DE/CAO and equivalent cadres without linking with availability of posts and delinking from seniority with bench mark of “Good”.

b)  The residency period reduced from 6 to 5 years for the first TB promotion from JTO/JAO -à SDE/AO and equivalent cadres. In short the residency period for all the promotions will be 5 years. A JTO/JAO will become a DE/CAO in 15 years.

c)  DE/CAO to DGM promotion will be depending upon the availability of vacancies. However in case DGM promotion is not getting after 5 years due to non availability of vacancies, DGM scale will be offered with designation of “Jt DGM”.

d)  Further pay scale upgradation from DGM to JAG SG (E5 to E6) will continue with 5 years.


13-09-15 GS along with other office bearers met New Member (Technology), Telecom Commission, Shri Peeyush Agarwal on 10-09-15 and greeted him by presenting bouquet of flowers and also had a brief discussion on MTNL/BSNL merger.
08-09-15 1999 year of recruitment JTO's of Mumbai Circle Seniority case--In the meeting with Director (HR) on 03-09-15, the issue of seniority of 1999 year of recruitment JTOs of Mumbai Circle was also discussed. He agreed not to challenge the Mumbai High court Decision in supreme court and asked GM(HR) to process the case accordingly
08-09-15  MEA  AIC (All India Conference) will be held on 2nd, 3rd & 4th November 2015 at New Delhi.

<<AIC Notification>>

MEA Delhi Circle Conference will also be held along with AIC.

<<Circle Conference Notification>>



GS Shri V K Tomar along with Shri Sunil Kumar CS, Delhi attended the Grand Open session of All India Conference of SNEA(I) BSNL on 05-09-15 at Jaipur. GS MEA in his address in the presence of CMD BSNL Shri Anupam Shrivastav, Director (CFA) Shri N K Gupta and  Association/ Union representatives of BSNL stressed on the synergy of operations of MTNL and BSNL. GS said that MTNL and BSNL have already signed MOU for synergy of operations of both the companies but nothing substantial has been done in this direction. GS said that synergy of operation can fetch the additional revenue for both the companies. CMD MTNL is also stressing on the synergy of operation of both the companies till the total merger takes place. After the SNEA conference, representatives of both the Associations will meet and discuss to expedite the  process of synergy of operations

07-09-15 CRs have been called by MTNL ND ED office for Financial upgradation in various cadres , as below --

18 Civil Executives from E5 to E6 .........(attachment>

16 Civil Executives from E4 to E5 .........(attachment>

22 Finance Executives from E3 to E4 ...<Attachment>

Our Joint Circle Secretary, MEA, Delhi Circle  Shri Pankaj Sharma has once again retained the first position in HINDI KAVITA PATH conducted jointly by Corporate Office and Wireless Delhi unit on the occasion of Hindi Pakhwara. We  congratulate him on his remarkable continuous efforts in a row.
05-09-15 Meeting with Director (HR)-

--GS Shri V K Tomar along with AGS Shri D P S Chaudhary, CS, Mumbai Shri G P Yadav, CS Delhi Shri Sunil Kumar & Jt Secretary CHQ Shri Sunil Sonkar had a meeting with Director (HR) on 03-09-15. New GM(HR) Mrs Meena Chauhan who joined on 02-09-15 was also present in the meeting . Following issues were discussed in details and Director (HR) asked GM(HR) to take action on the issues discussed in the meeting.

  1. SDE to DE DPC--
  2. 75:25 seniority quota as an interim arrangement as in BSNL for promotion to DE--  
  3. Recruitment Rules of HR/Mktg/Fin?Legal?CS
  4. Counting training for the purpose of drawing increment for DR
  5. Financial Upgradation from due date if no vig case pending
  6. PSU heirarchy time bound functional promotion policy
  7. E3 LICE for vacant competitive quota for promotion from AM(T) to DM(T)
  8. E3 waiting list
  9. Increment on promotion who are in E4 grade
  10. Hindi cadre promotion and pay scale issue
  11. Including working spouse in Medical OPD
  12. Antidating of promotion date in SDE cadre for pending cases
  13. 1999 year of recruitment JTOs of Mumbai unit seniority case

Managment was positive and assured appropriate action on the issues raised by Association. Director( HR) asked GM(HR) to prepare the cases agreed in the meeting  after discussion with GS, MEA. On the issue of  78.2% fitment Director (HR) was non committal. It will be further discussed again with CMD and Director (Fin) and accordingly decision will be taken by the Association.

Details of the discussion on the above issues will be posted shortly.

02-09-15 Meeting with CMD--

GS Shri V K Tomar along with AGS Shri D P S Chaudhary, CS Shri Sunil Kumar, CT Shri Satyavir Singh met CMD yesterday ( 01-09-2015) and had detailed discussion on the issues related to the revival of company and the field problems like requirement of more staff in Areas after the decision of maintenance of BTSs by areas, ignorance of the maintenance of primary cable after shifting the focus on installation of nodes to improve the quality of BB. Association appreciated his initiative of installing  the DISLEMS in the fields which has resulted in improved quality of BB service where ever these nodes have been installed, but raised that ignoring maintenance of primary cable will result in loosing revenue and customer dissatisfaction so asked him to take required steps to maintain primary cable properly. Association also brought to his knowledge about the non availability of labour contracts and contracts of other services, non availability of certain store items, problems being faced  by area staff  in taking over the BTSs, requirement of funds for maintenance  etc. CMD informed that he has allowed purchase of 200/400 pair copper cable, but his stress was on fiber cable, he said you purchase ample quantity of fibre cable and other equipment required for strengthening the fiber network and I will give approval with in no time. 

GS also raised that HR issues are still pending and no serious efforts are being made to resolve them.. GS told him that if management do not take appropriate actions to resolve the concerns/ issues raised by Association, than we will be forced again to resort to trade union action.  He asked the concerned officers to take appropriate actions to resolve the concerns raised by Association.   

02-09-15 GB Meeting of Broad Band Area---A GB was held in 555 KBN which was addressed by GS Shri V K Tomar, CHQ Vice President Shri Parmil Gupta, CS Shri Sunil Kumar, Area Secreatry Shri Vimal sundriyal. Issues related to Area/Circle/CHQ were discussed. GS elaborately explained the issues related to MTNL revival and welfare of executives. Queries of members were also replied and assured action at appropriate level.
01-09-15 ED Delhi office issue letter to call ACRs of AMs of 2009 Batch for the financial upgradation from E2 to E3.    <<<< click for order >>>>
01-09-15 MTNL CO constituted a committee regarding Pay Anomaly cases in Executives/Non-Executives.    <<<< click for letter >>>>
29-08-15 MTNL Corporate Office has issued a re-designation order for 4 PGMs to GMs .. Please click the link for the order ...<order>
29-08-15 After our long persuasion, CO has called screening report and Vigilance report for promotion to the grade of Executive Engineer (Elect). All concerned  officers are requested to ensure their ACRs reach ED Delhi and Mumbai office at the earliest. <<<CO orders>> 
28-08-15 Corporate Office Issues transfer posting orders in the cadre of General Managers         .     <<<order copy>>
26-08-15 GS MEA writes letter to GM(HR) regarding discrepancies in mapping of executives.  <<<< click for letter >>>>
25-08-15 After our long persuasion, Corporate Office has   called for screening report and Vigilence clearance for regular DPC  for promotion from JAO/ AM to AO/ Dy Manager  for approx 155 vacancies including sealed covers. ACR review & CNR etc.

<<<corporate office letter>>

25-08-15 GS along with AGS com D P S Chaudhary met GM(HR) today and discussed following issues. 1- regular DPC for promotion from SDE/DM(T) to DE/SM  3--RRs of DM(HR/Mktg/Fin etc)  4--counting trg period for increment   5--Medical OPD for working spouse  6--Financial up gradation from due date  7--30% corpus  8--Time bound promotion policy   9-- Hindi cadre promotions and pay scale. 10--E3 LICE waiting list  11- Current E3 LICE for unfilled competitive quota vacancies He agreed to take appropriate actions  on some of the issues at his level. Now discussion will be held with Dir (HR)
25-08-15 ED DELHI endorsed regular promotion order for AO to CAO.

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SAVE PUBLIC SECTOR DAY- 2nd September 2015

NCOA has decided to extend support to the National Strike of all Central Trade Unions on the following demands.

 ·       Speedy Revival of Sick PSUs

·       Stop Disinvestment program

·       Stop FDI in Defence,Railway and Insurance  Sectors.

·       Stop corporatisation of Ports and Postal Services.

·       Scrap the Hire & Fire policy.

·       Create more employment opportunities in PSUs


 NCOA     ZINDABAD       

MTNL Executives’ Association (MEA)

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16-08-15  DoT issues a letter to MTNL, regarding discharging of the liability of pension arears i.r.o. combined service pension retirees for the period January 2007 to September 2012 by Government itself ( for those whose pension arears not paid by MTNL ).  Letter attached ..........    <letter>
13-08-15 Regarding Extention of CGHS facility to retired BSNL/MTNL employees- MTNL Corporate Office communicated mapping of scales of MTNL IDA scales with CDA ....... letter attached ...<letter>
14-08-15 Meeting with Jt Secretary (T), DOT---GS Sh V K Tomar along with  AGS Sh D P S Chaudhary, Shri Dharamraj Singh & Shri Subhash Gupta, General secretary & President of MTNL Mazdoor Sangh (Recognized Union) met Jt Secretary Shri Umashankar,IAS on 13-08-15 and had a detailed discussion on following issues
  1. MTNL revival strategies & govt intention in this regard--- Representatives expressed their views and concern about the revival of company and stressed on the expansion of network of MTNL services to get company revived and survived for a long time and need of financial support  for this purpose. JS (T) candidly shared information and views on this matter and said that some options for revival of MTNL are being considered in Govt, but he said govt will not extend any financial support. He said some more govt projects like one  FTTH project for Member of Parliament for which govt has financially supported can also be undertaken for which govt can support. regarding mobile expansion projects, he was of the opinion that any expansion financed  with bank loan at this juncture when company is already heavily burdened with loans and govt is not extending any support, will not be financially viable, so instead of it at the moment, MTNL needs to make its land line segment more efficient and he also agrred with us that there is need of expansion and robust cable network for offering efficient quality of service to our BB and land line customers to generate more revenue. He also said that CDMA spectrum refund of  Rs.468 crore can be utilized for making land line services, where there is still monopoly of MTNL,  more efficient.
  2. Refund of Rs 550 crore  of MAT --He said case is being pursued and assured that best efforts will be made by DOT to get MAT amount refunded to MTNL, which can also be utilized for betterment of quality of services.
  3. Revision of Pension through Pay Revision Committee--Representatives pleaded that now DOT employees absorbed in MTNL and opted for combined pension are getting pension from govt in accordance of 1972 CCS pension rule and from the same civil account from which DOT employees get the pension, so now MTNL has nothing to do with the pension revision because total pension liability after retirement of such employees lies on govt. MEA has already written two letters to DOT. Jt Secretary immediately asked the concerned officer to prepare a note for DPE so that 3rd Pay Revision Committee of CPSEs can exclusively address this issue for MTNL/BSNL. He also spoke to Member (S) and briefed this issue during our meeting.
12-08-15 Meeting with Director (HR)

GS met to Director (HR) today and briefed him on some of the issues which are under discussion with the management and need further elaborate deliberation at his level. We also had a brief discussion on the improvement of services and revival plan.   

11-08-15 Forum of MTNL Unions/ Associations writes to CMD against move of cancellation of tender of additional BTS's/ Node-Bs for mobile services. <<<letter>>
11-08-15  ED MTNL ND issued time Bound financial upgradation orders of left out 26 officers of Telecom. from E4 to E5.................. list attached ............... <list>
09-08-15 GS writes to Hon'ble MOC & IT regarding correction by postdating of license effect date of MTNL's CMTS license (2G spectrum license) so the date of expiry of 2G spectrum license be extended from 10-10-2017 to 11-12-2022.<<<letter>>
06-08-15 Meeting with Director (Fin)--GS Sh V K Tomar along with CS Sh Sunil Kumar met Dir (Fin) today and discussed following issues--
  1. Employees share in MTNL equity---The idea which CMD floated to bring ownership sense and sense of belongingness amongst the employees by having stake in company's equity was discussed in length to explore any such possibility. Director (Fin) explained that there are two possibilities in this respect. one is that employees can purchase share from open market and second is that certain percentage of authorized equity can be purchased by employees. If any such proposal is given by Association/unions, it will require board approval and than approval of AGM of share holders. After this proposal will be sent to govt for its approval. He said that it very difficult exercise but if Association/ union  come with any such proposal, he will process the case.
  2. RRs of DM(Mktg/HR/Fin/legal/CS)---He said that as CMD he has already taken a uniform decision that there will be 1/3rd and 2/3rd  competitive and SCF quota for promotion to DM cadre in all disciplines including Finance. He also informed that he has approved RRs of DM(HR/Mktg) as 1/3rd and 2/3rd quota, but because there was no post in DM cadre in these disciplines so the post are to be created through up gradation of AM posts and as per rule upgradation can not be done for more than 30 % posts, so he has proposed upgradation of posts in two phases. GS  requested him to consider the upgradation of 2/3rd posts in single phase.  he said issue is further to be discussed with HR wing but no proposal has yet come from HR. Regarding DM(Fin) RR, he said that HR wing has to bring the case to board for its approval. We requested him to get the things expedited for early decision.
  3. Regular Promotion from JAO to AO--   GS pleaded that all JAOs whose seniority issue is in dispute, be promoted in single list because  any  left out  JAO because of non finalization of seniority  list may invite litigation. Dir (Fin)  assured to take care of Association concern.
  4. Trg increment for DR officers---GS apprised him that new CMD is agreed to consider this case if proposal comes with the recommendation of both Directors. He assured positive action at his level.
  5. Financial upgradation from due date if no vig case is pending--He said that he had asked HR wing to take certain steps first to ensure that DPC are conducted on due date after that these cases will be considered. We appreciated for his steps on our conceren to hold DPC on due date but requested for decision on these pending cases also.
05-08-15 Cabinet Decision on 5 Aug 2015 : MTNL will get Rs 458.04 crore as compensation from Govt. for surrendered  1.25 Mhz CDMA Spectrum.   BSNL also get Rs 169.16 crore compensated for giving up 1 carrier of CDMA airwaves in four circles. In addition to it The Union Cabinet also  gave an 'in principle' approval to hiving off tower assets of BSNL to form a separate subsidiary company.

Detailed news ...............    <news_link>

05-08-15 ED Delhi office issued transfer order of 17 officers.

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04-08-15 Cabinet likely to take up key BSNL, MTNL issues tomorrow :

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03-08-15 GS along with CS Com Sunil Kumar & Jt Secy Com Sunil Sonkar met GM(HR) today and discussed following points
  1. Association thanked for the recent promotion orders of AO to CAO and regarding pending DPCs, GM(HR) informed that JAO to AO DPC will be conducted in this month and regarding JTO (E) to SDE(E) and SDE(E) to EE(E) the case has been put up for approval from DIR (HR) and after his approval screening report and Vig clearance will be asked from Delhi and Mumbai unit. Regarding SDE to DE DPC, matter will be further discussed with BSNL corporate office to maintain uniformity in the decision of holding DPC according to rule 206 .
  2. RRs of HR/Mktg/Fin/legal/CS  streams--Matter is still be deliberated at higher level
  3. Anomaly cases---cases were discussed in length and are further to be discussed tomorrow with concerned officers who are to put up these cases.
  4. Trg increment---matter was discussed and certain details are to be provided by Association to the concerned officers to get case put up again.
  5. Financial up gradation from due date if no case pending on that date but  comes up before DPC date---Court decision in a particular case has been implemented but to get it generalized, case will be taken to the ensuing board  meeting for its approval.
  6. E3 LICE waiting list---it is under consideration. efforts are being made to resolve some issues related to this matter
01-08-15 MTNL ED Office has issued two lists ---

(1)  Endorsed list of Regular E3 promotion of Technical Executives ...

<click this>>

(2)  CR call letter for E4 to E5 Time Bound Promotion for technical Executives...


All Executives are requested to get your APAR completed ASAP & ensure timely submission of the same. This will be helpful in timely completion of DPC.

01-08-15 Nokia Networks differs from Ravi Shankar Prasad, says deal with MTNL on

Reacting to a news item published yesterday on various platforms, telecom equipment supplier Nokia Networks on Friday clarified that it has not rejected the purchase order from MTNL. The public sector telecom firm seeks to expand its network and Nokia Networks turned out to be the lowest bidder when the tender was floated last year.

31-07-15 Courtesy meeting with new ED Delhi Shri A K Shrivastav---GS Sh V K Tomar, CS Sh Sunil Kumar, AGS Sh D P S Chaudhary, VP Sh Praveen Passi & CT Sh Satyavir Singh met new ED on 30-07-15 and greeted & welcomed him as new ED Delhi. Association assured him full support and cooperation in his endeavors to improve the quality of service of MTNL Delhi. and also hoped that he will take care the welfare issues of the executives. He also assured that Association and Delhi administration will work in full coordination and work for the betterment of the company. He also assured to take care the issues of the executives. We have asked him to get regular promotion orders in the cadre of SDE and CAO endoresed at the earliest and also to issue local promotion orders in the cadre of DE. He assured actions on these issues.
30-07-15 AO to CAO regular promotion orders.  ><<<orders>>


30-07-15 Recent transfer postings in the cadre of GMs

1--Shri Sanjeev Kumar, GM(ITTM) transferred and posted as GM(NP) consequent to the transfer of Shri Shri Raghvendra Gupta, as OSD to CMD

2--Shri Rajender Singh  Addl GM (BB) transfered and posted as GM(ITTM)

3--Shri D N Mishra, Addl GM(Adm) posted as GM(Adm), Delhi unit

4--Ms Meena Chauhan GM(A) transfered and posted as GM(OP)

5--Shri Amit Saxena, GM(OP) transfere and posted as GM(T)

6--Shri  Naresh Khanna, GM(T) transfered and posted as GM(Central)

7--Shri Rajendra Prasad, GM(HQ & EL) transfered and posted as GM(West)

30-07-15 Shri B K Mittal ED Delhi who has been selected as Director (Operation) BBNL has also been asked to fulfill the commitment made to govt to implement the MPs project so he has also been posted as PGM( special duty) in MTNL corporate office to look after this project. He has joined as Director (OP) in BBNL also. Now he is holding dual post. We congratulate him on his selection to the post of Director ( operation) BBNL.
29-07-15 Shri A K Shrivastav, PGM(D) has taken over the charge of ED Delhi consequent upon relieving of Shri B K Mittal ED to join in BBNL as Director (OP). We congratulate him and assure our full support and cooperation. There are some other transfer posting orders of PGM/GM level officers


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