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07-05-2022 GS writes letter to Secy DOT, CMD MTNL, DIR(HR) MTNL regarding Manpower restructuring and promotion of executives. <<letter>>


Meeting with Director( HR)---GS, Sh V K Tomar along with Sh R S Maan, VP, Sh Satyavir Singh, AGS, Sh Sunil Sonkar, AGS & Sh Sunil Kumar, CS, Delhi met Director ( HR) on 5th May 2022. GM(HR), DGM(HR)s were also present in the meeting.
Following issues were discussed

1. 2nd revival package of MTNL/ BSNL...Dir (HR) informed that DoT, after inter-ministerial consultation, has sent cabinet note on 2nd revival package to cabinet, in this cabinet note there are many proposals for way forward of BSNL/ MTNL revival. Let us wait for the decision of the cabinet on these proposals.

2..Regular promotions of Executives--Association expressed its deep concern over undue delay in promotions of executives of all wings. Dir(HR) said that restructuring is expected to be finalize by end of this month , and after that DPCs for promotions will be started. Association informed Dir(HR) that it is learnt that restructuring committee is going to recommend very less number of posts of SM and DGM because they are comparing the Delhi/ Mumbai with other metro cities of BSNL like Kolkata/ Chennai and also taking the criteria of executives posts on the basis of present working connection. This criteria of restructuring of man power was strongly opposed by Association and submitted that significance, demography and strategic importance of these two capital cities can not be compared with other cities. And also officers strength is to be decided keeping in view the future growth and development of the company as well as total network, not merely on present working connection. One other factor was also brought to the knowledge of Dir ( HR) that in Kolkata/ Chennai, there are thousands of JE/ TTA working in these cities, while there is no such supporting staff in MTNL and so all work is done by AM/ DM/ SM/ DGM.
More over, less number of posts in SM and DGM will affect the promotions of officers who are stagnating in one cadre for 20 years. So promotions are to be given on time bound basis or posts are to be created in such a way that officers get promotion in 8/ 10 years.

Director ( HR) was very cooperative in the discussion and reciprocated in the very positive way who asked Association to give its views again in writing on promotions and restructuring. He also sought certain information from committee member on the basis of facts raised by MEA.

3..30% Corpus...Dir( HR) categorically said that this issue is with CMD and so is to be discussed with CMD only

4...Enhancement in IPD limit...Association opined that present IPD limit of 6 lakhs is very less so it is to be increased atleast to 10 lakhs. It was also informed to Dir(HR) that during last protest of Forum on this issue, CMD assured to review and enhance it. Dir(HR), after discussion with concerened dealing officers said that this issue of IPD enhancement will be taken up when present IPD insurence scheme is reviewed in June 2022.

5..Trg increment for MTNL recruited officers/ employees:

Dir(HR) was elaborately apprised of the past developments on this issue and requested him to reopen and settle it. He discussed this issue with keen intrest but was not in position in this issue neither to deny nor accept. We will further discuss with him and CMD.
6.Enhancement of transport allowances.. Association raised that transport allowance of Rs 750/ is too less which has not been revised for almost last 20 years. He said issue of revision of transport allowance is also being raised in BSNL. We asked him to bring us to the level of BSNL transport allowance at least. On this issue also he remained indecisive. Issue will be further taken up with CMD.

7..Five days week in CO
BSNL board is looking after the MTNL board and ultimately both the boards are to be merged and there is 5 days week in BSNL CO, So, there should also be 5 days week in MTNL CO. By doing so, MTNL can save electricity / water charges and other expenditure. Association has raised this issue for consideration of management.

8..Entitlement of staff quarters on the basis of grade instead of post. Association has raised this issue. Dir(HR) will look into it.
9..Confirmation of 2019 AM(T) batch... Association raised this issue and informed Dir( HR) that this issue has been discussed two times but still confirmation orders are pending because of pendency of case of one officer. Association asked to issue confirmation orders of the batch immediately. Dir ( HR) assured that orders will be issued shortly.

10--Pending antidation cases.. Association informed Dir ( HR) that in-spite of repeated request from Association and direction from him to concerned officers, antidation cases are still pending. Dir ( HR) again asked concerened officers to initiate the
22-04-22 Meeting with GM(HR):

GS along with DGS, Sh D P S Chaudhary and CS, Sh Sunil Kumar met GM(HR) on 22/4/22 and discussed following points:

1. Restructuring of Man power: GM(HR) informed that final meeting of restructuring committee is scheduled to be held on Monday, 25th April.
2..Confirmation of 2019 batch AM(T). He informed that there is some issue with one officer of this batch so DPC members are waiting clearance from Mumbai unit. We have asked him to issue confirmation orders of whole batch leaving one case whose clearance is awaited for quite long time and as and when this officer's clearance is received he/she may be confirmed. GM( HR) will try to convince other DPC members for the same.
3. 5% fitment case reply to DoT.. He assured to send the reply in 2/3 days.
4. Pending antidation cases.. Association once again reminded and pressed him to settle the long pending antidation cases.

22-04-22 Meeting With Jt Secretary, DoT:

Forum had given a agenda to Secretary, DoT and sought appointment for discussion. But because of busy schedule of Secretary and Add Secretary, AS asked Jt Secretary to discuss the agenda points with Forum representatives.
GS MEA, Shri V K Tomar & GS, MTNL MS, Sh Dharamraj Singh met DDG, ( PM) who is looking after the charge of Jt Secretary on 20th April, 2022 and discussed the following points

1. Fate of MTNL employees in case MTNL services are transferred to BSNL as per proposal in cabinet note.
2. Implementation of 3rd PRC
3. Revision of pension of retired employees and formation of pension fund for MTNL recruited employees
4. Salary payment on time.
5. Counting casual service for pension.
6. 5% fitment of retired employees.

DDG(PM) who is looking after the charge of JS has joined recently, so he was not well aware of the issues so he asked forum representatives to brief him in detail about the issues raised in agenda. Forum representatives made him aware of the status of the issues. He was very positive and discussed all the issues with keen interest and asked representatives to meet him after some time.
He informed that cabinet note for second revival package is still under inter -ministerial consultation.

21-04-22 Meeting with Dir(T):

GS MEA com sh V K Tomar, Vice President sh R S Maan, CS sh Sunil Kumar, AGS sh Sunil Kumar Sonkar, President delhi Unit sh Arun Dixit, met and welcomed New Dir(T), BSNL/MTNL sh V Ramesh, in BSNL CO.

We apprised him with current situation of MTNL's services, vendor payment, working employees, etc. We told him that MTNL has best officers, we are handling VVIP customer day and night without resources. He told early integration of network. We told him to get absorb employees also with network.
We request him to invest in MTNL network. We held a detailed discussion for the betterment of services.
He is very positive and hopeful that Glorious days will come. And told that Second revival package is in active consideration of govt and communication Ministry is very positive.
We assured him to give our full support for the betterment of MTNL.


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