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Big Achievement!

After a long persuasion with MTNL Management and Income tax department. Income tax office issued clarification regarding No perquisite tax who residing in staff qtrs. <<<letter>>>


NGC of NCOA was held on 12 Sep 2021 at MTNL Auditorium, CGO Lodhi Road, New Delhi.  Congratulations to all newly elected office bearers for next term of NEC.
Let us be united and ready to fight for our legitimate rights of Pay revision, pension & DA etc. <<<photos>>>

11-08-2021 After a long persuasion with MTNL Management, MTNL CO issued order regarding enhancement of OPD limit. <<order>>
01-08-2021 Devusinh Chauhan (@devusinh) Tweeted:
Interacted with representatives of Unions & Assciations of MTNL.

They were explained the vision of Honble PM shri Narendra Modi ji behind historical revival package given for MTNL. They assured all possible efforts to make MTNL best operator again.

https://t.co/sRwJ8XQsDk https://twitter.com/devusinh/status/1421433379245858816?s=20
01-08-2021 Meeting with Hon'ble Minister of State for Communication & IT:

Honb'le Minister of State, Shri Devusinh Chauhan visited MTNL CO. CMD, Shri P K Purwar gave presentation on MTNL's financial & operational status and way forward for its revival. After CMD's presentation, meeting of MEA and MTNL MS representatives with honb'le Minister was held. We welcomed and thanked him for his visit, review meeting and opportunity given to us to place our views on various issues.
We raised issues related to MTNL revival and employees welfare like, job protection in this scenario of uncertainty, merger of MTNL and BSNL, implementation of 3rd PRC, pension revision, motivation of staff etc. and also highlighted how the MTNL staff is maintaining services in spite of shortage of resources.
And a memorandum on various issues was also submitted to Honble Minister by GS, MEA and GS, MTNL Mazdoor Sangh.
CMD, Dir (HR), ED, Delhi, GM(HR) and other officers who accompanied Hon'ble Minister were also present.





Meeting with Addl Secretary, DOT-

GS, MEA Shri V K Tomar & GS, MTNL MS Shri Dharamraj Singh met AST & JST on 15-07-2021 and discussed following issues-. Jt Secretary (A) and Dir( Project/MTNL), DoT were also present in the meeting.
1. MTNL revival–Forum representatives expressed their deep concern over the uncertainty
surrounding around the future prospects of MTNL and its Employees in view of non implementation of revival package except retrenchment of employees through VRS. It was stressed that MTNL revival was envisaged through three basic components of revival package (i) reducing staff cost through VRS, (ii) Discharge of debt liability through proceeds of monetization and (iii) merger with BSNL. But, owing to lack of Govt’s initiatives in granting requisite permission on each land parcel, land monetization has become hard nut to crack while merger has been deferred indefinitely by PMO. So the fate of MTNL and its Employees is hanging in uncertainty. To add further worries, MTNL copper wire services are on the verge of collapsing because of lack of planning and management initiatives. On other hand, no efforts are being made to expand the promising FTTH services, which only could give a fresh lease of life to MTNL. Representatives also expressed concerns about the logic behind and thinking of DOT to transfer MTNL’s WS, FTTH and other premier services and entrusting the official responsibility of MTNL management to BSNL’s functionaries when merger itself is being denied. Forum representatives
desired clarification from AST whether DOT has planned MTNL Revival through merger with BSNL as per revival package, or as a separate entity, and asked for protection of employees’ interests in any case. AST said that MTNL can’t be revived as a separate entity, so DOT has planned MTNL revival ultimately through merger with BSNL only, but merger has been deferred because of delay in land monetization and pending discharge of loan liability. She said MTNL
management has been given to BSNL board after due consideration to bring operational synergy before actual merger has to take place. She said BSNL can’t take over MTNL operations immediately so it is working on VON pattern.
She also said that DOT is closely monitoring the revival process of MTNL and doing it’s best to get land monetization as early as possible. AST was having the wrong impression and adverse feedback that MTNL officers are not working
sincerely and properly and that officers are not even attending phone calls. GS strongly argued in defense and briefed her about heaps of field problems and failure of management to provide bare minimum Man and Material resources and that vendor & and their staff are not listening to concerned field officers. She asked Forum representatives to sit with MTNL management and
short out all these issues and leave the DOT for bigger issues of land monetization and arranging funds for MTNL. She also appealed forum representatives to improve MTNL services

2. Staff issues—Issues like delay in promotions, non-settlement of social welfare issues, interest on delayed payment of GPF/CPF were also brought to her knowledge and requested to intervene
3. 5% IDA fitment to retired employees who retired before 01-01-2018: issue was briefed to her that 5% IDA fitment issue is pending for last two years and now all clarifications/ objections/ clarity on fund liabilities have been clarified and settled by Finance and Establishment wings and now only Secretary’s approval is required. She was requested to get this long pending case settled at the earliest. AST and JST said that they are seized of this case and will do needful.

RTOWA is strong supporter of Forum, but because of restriction of DoT to allow two representatives only in view of covid , we could not take thier representative to meeting.

07-07-2021 TPA CONTACT DETAILS FOR THE YEAR 2020 - 2021. <<ORDER>>
17-05-2021 Today Association representative met with ED Delhi and discussed the following issues:
1. Early implementation of new man power based tender for Areas--- ED told that tender will be finalized shortly but it will be for 3 months and extendable for next three months. In this period new SLA based tender will be finalized.
2. FTTH Policy --- ED told that revised FTTH Policy have been finalized with business partner and as per new policy business partner will be shared 45 % revenue for those connection in which they will laid cable from MTNL last fibre to their OLT and upto customer premises, 30% in which MTNL will lay cable upto their OLT , 10% for maintenance of MTNL existing installed FTTH and Rs 1500/ for installation of MTNL new FTTH connection.
3. Giving look after promotion to left out AM marketing---ED assured to give LA after seeing their eligibility.
4. Representation of of SC/ST Executives in DGM LA Promotion----ED assured to take decision in this matter after discussion with corporate office.
5. E4 to E5 pending time bound upgradation- ED told that GM( A) has already sent the file to CO for getting approval for conducting time bound upgradation DPC quarterly. DPC will be conducted immediately after getting approval from CO.
6. Worst condition of services in all Delhi and specially in East & TY - ED told that yesterday there was a meeting with CMD for improvement of services . Some decision will be taken shortly in this regard.
Some other issues also discussed during the two hour long meeting . ED also asked association and all executives to support in improvement of services by making best efforts with in available resources.
15-06-2021 MTNL CO issue order regarding Group Health Insurance Scheme. <<order>>
10-06-2021 Meetings with CMD & Dir(HR)

Today we the Forum representatives met Dir (HR) during our dharna programme at 1 PM and submitted memorandum on our demand of enhancement in the amount of sum insured in Medical Insurence Policy for indoor treatment and removal of 2008 pay scales cap for outdoor treatment.
He assured to put up our demand to CMD for his consideration.

At 6 PM we met CMD.. had a detailed discussion on medical issues, MTNL revival and other issues .
After detailed discussion, CMD agreed to revisit IPD and OPD medical schemes and assured to work out and take appropriate steps shortly in this direction.
Thanks to all for making Forum call successful.

31-05-2021 FORUM of MTNL Unions and Associations servers protest Action Notice to Secy DOT, CMD MTNL to increase IPD and OPD limit and other issues. <<Notice>>
31-05-2021 FORUM of MTNL Unions and Associations gives acceptance to CMD MTNL to provide  compensation to COVID affected employees. <<letter>>
25-05-2021 GS writes letter to CMD to increase the IPD limit to Rs 10 lakhs. <<letter>>
12-05-2021 FORUM of MTNL Unions and Associations writes to Secy DOT, CMD MTNL regarding compensation to COVID affected employees. <<<<letter>>>>
05-05-2021 GS writes to Secy DOT, CMD MTNL regarding COVID safety measures, COVID isolation centers, full payment of CORONA expenses, compensation etc.  <<letter>

FORUM of MTNL Unions and Associations writes to Secy DOT, CMD MTNL regarding COVID safety measures, COVID isolation centers, full payment of CORONA expenses, compensation etc.  <<letter>

24-04-2021 GS writes CMD, MTNL regarding COVID safety measures, COVID isolation centers, full payment of CORONA medical expenditures, Work from home, etc on urgent basis.


21-04-2021 On 21 April, 2021, GS had a discussion with CMD regarding dangerous situation of corona virus spread and shortage of beds and oxygen in Hospitals. CMD showed utmost concern and said that he is ready to make funds available for saving the employees during this grave situation and sought help of Association to co-operate management in arranging space, beds, oxygen cylinder, doctor, nurse etc. He suggested, vacant space of MTNL can be used for isolation center and doctor/ nurses can be hired from hospital or employees' wards who are in this profession, they will be paid by management. These isolation centers can be linked with any hospital for guidance and treatment in serious cases.
22-03-2021 Meeting with CMD on issues raised by Forum-- ON 22-03-21, meeting was held in committee room, CO which was chaired by CMD, Sh P K Purwar. Dir (HR), Dir (Fin), PGM(HR), ED, Delhi, ED, Mumbai, GM(Fin), Delhi, GM(A) Mumbai were also present in the meeting.

Discussion/ decisions on following issues were held in a very cordial atmosphere.

Strategy/ road map on MTNL revival and intention of Govt in this regard... CMD clarified that there is no intention of the govt to close or disinvest MTNL, rather Govt wants to run MTNL/BSNL, but no further financial support will be given by govt., So we have to manage every thing from our resources. CMD further said that MTNL is EBITA positive operationally viable company which can also be merged with BSNL if govt takes its loan liability through SPV. But he said that for now, MTNL is going to be a separate company of different segments of wire line services ,and management wants to run it.

Forum raised the issues related to poor management, resource crunch and SLA problems and said that it is not possible to run the company for a long with these conditions. After a detailed discussion, it was decided that a comprehensive discussion will be held between management and Associations/ Unions in first week of April in Delhi and 2nd week of April in Mumbai exclusively on improving the services and revenue.
Timely payment of salary.. CMD said that the delay in past one month salary has already been explained to the forum and it is not going to repeat. There is no intention for deliberate delay in salary payment.

Regular Promotions in all cadres.. a detailed discussion was held and we demanded the time bound commitment from management. CMD assured to review the process of restructuring to make it faster and come out with a solution by 30th March so that DPC time line can be decided.
Creation of 30% Corpus--CMD assured that he will do but could not tell time line. Matter will be deliberated further
EPF withdrawal by working employees- CMD informed that with the efforts of Forum and management, EPFO has opened the individual accounts and amount transferred in these accounts. Employees now can withdraw amount from their accounts.
EPF payment of retired employees- He briefed about the efforts being made by management to liquidate the instruments and assured that 50 crore out of 385 crore will be made shortly and for rest of the amount efforts are being made at ministry level also.
Provisional retirement cases matter will be taken up in the next board meeting and cases will be settled accordingly.
5% fitment to retired employees Matter is pending with DoT. CMD asked Dir (Fin)/Pr CCA Delhi to pursue the case in DoT and get expedited.

Other Sectional Employees issues CMD instructed concerned officers to put up the cases and assured positive action on these matters

For remaining HR issues raised by forum, CMD authorized Dir (HR) to discuss with forum representatives and decide.

For other major issues, like pay and perks revision, OPD and IPD limit enhancement etc, another meeting will be held

CMD was positive in discussion on issues related to MTNL revival and staff issues. Let us hope for positive things in coming days.

Forum representatives of Delhi and Mumbai Unions and Associations attended the meeting. Forum Chairman & GS, MEA, Sh V K Tomar, Convener & GS, MTNL MS, Sh Dharamraj Singh, President, MTNL MS, Sh Mahavir Singh, AGSs MEA, Sh Satyavir Singh, Sh Sunil Sonkar, & CS Delhi, Sh Sunil Kumar from Delhi and Sh S S Shette, AGS & Sh S N Pandit, Jt CS Mumbai attended meeting from Mumbai on Video Conferencing. Kamgar Sangh/OA representatives from Mumbai also attended meeting on Video Conferencing.

Meeting ended with positive and cordial note

15-03-2021 Meeting with PGM(HR)---Met PGM(HR) along with AGS, Shri Satyavir Singh, Vice President, Shri R S Maan on 11 March and had a discussion on following issues
1..Regular DPC in all executive Cadres
2--Consideration of SC/ST officers for DGM promotion
3--Pending Cases of antidation
4--Promotion of Civil/ Elect Diploma holder officers to EE
5--Clarification of EL encashment on technical resignation.
12-03-2021 FORUM of MTNL Unions and Associations serves Protest Notice to cue the management for business revival and safeguard the employees’ interest in present turmoil state of MTNL.


1.   Put in place, strategy and action plan for business growth & revival.
2.   Hold talks with this Forum to expedite required actions to safe guard employees’ interest in present turmoil state of company.
3. Clear clouds on employee’s status in wake of business integration/sharing with BSNL.
4 .    Transfer of non-performing deputations Govt officers.
5.     Post absorbed MTNL Officer on key posts of  company.

Working Employees Issues:
1. Ensure the salary disbursed every month in time.
2.Releasing of freeze IDA to Non-Executives employees/retired w.e.f.01.10.2020.
3. Implementation of 3rd PRC / Wage revision
4. Revision of perks and allowances.
5. Timely payment of GPF/CPF advance /final withdrawal.
6. Counting of Casual Service for pensionery benefits.
7. Counting training period for drawing increment .
8. Cadre restructuring of all cadres.
9. Enhancement in amount of Medical Policy (Indoor).
10. Removal of 2008 scale ceiling on outdoor medical (OPD) expenses.
11. Hold all DPCs for promotions immediately.
12. Hand over MTNL GPF Trust to DOT (CCA) as per BSNL.
13.Form corpus for post retirement benefits as per 2nd PRC recommendations.
14. Implementation of JNC / ULC decision in true spirit.
15. Implementation of Hindi Translator Promotion Policy according to M. K. Saxena committee report.
16. Removal of Double condition in up gradation from NE-09 to 10 and NE-11 as per Hon’ble High Court Delhi order.
17. Withdrawal of MTNL Corporate office clarification dated 12th July, 2017 for up gradation from NE-10 to NE-11.
18. Counting of Notional period for up gradation in restructured cadre of Sr.TOA and implement the corporate office order dated 2001 in true sprit.
19. Fill up the SCF quota for the post of TM /TTA.
20. Settle long pending antidation cases immediately.
21. Start House building advance .

Retired Employees issues:
1. Immediate release of CPF amount with interest.
2. Implement the corporate office order dated for payment of interest on abnormal delay in payment of GPF.
3. Pay interest on delay payment of Gratuity according to gratuity act.
4. Immediate release of refund of CGHS card deposit and CGEIS amount.
5. Immediate issue pending promotion order prior to 31-01-2020 of VRS optees and settle their fixation and all dues accordingly.
6. Immediate settlement of Provisional Retirement Cases according to DOPT order.
7. Release of gratuity for service rendered in DOT to the employees who have less than ten years of regular service.
8. Implement of 5% IDA merger benefit to the pre 2018 retirees.
9. Revision of Pension as per CPC.
10. Issue LPC to all VRS CPF optees for making CGHS card according to their ward entitlement.
11. Immediate stop the recovery from salary/retrial benefit of Lorry drivers in context of wrong fixation and refund the recovered amount.

                            Agitation/Protest Action Programme


     to 20.03.2021


To hold lunch hour general body meeting in all offices of MTNL.




Day long dharna at respective ED office Delhi/Mumbai and Lunch Hour demonstration at front of CMD office BSNL/MTNL New Delhi.



 Satyagrah at SANCHAR BHAWAN

All executives are requested to ensure 100% participation in all the programmes as above.


08-03-2010 All executives are requested to attend this virtual meeting in large number to get your queries clarified before getting enrolled in this term insurance policy and get enrolled. After a long persuasion of Association, management made this policy available. This is official meeting approved by PGM(HR).

Meenu Ahuja is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Time: Mar 9, 2021 12:00 PM Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 527 376 2265
Passcode: 1LEUBH

04-03-2021 MEA DELHI CIRCLE has organized General Body Meetings in different Areas. General Secretary, Circle Secretary and other Office bearers attended the meetings. Association has taken feedback from executives regarding services, day to day problems, etc. GS and CS reply all the queries raised by executives, i.e. revival of MTNL, future of employees, 30% corpus, 3rd PRC, promotions, CPF withdrawal, EPFO higher pension, OPD and IPD limit enhancement, CEA and TPT allowances, Deputation for all executives, etc.    <<photos>>
04-03-2021 ED Delhi called CR for financial upgradation of 2005 batch, HR and Marketing stream. <<order>>
04-03-2021 GS writes letter to CMD, MTNL regarding sealing of EL Encashment of DRs. <<letter>>

GS writes letter to CMD, MTNL regarding delay in regular promotions of executives. <<letter>>

26-02-2021 Meeting with Dir ( HR) & Regional EPF Commissioner related to opening of EPF accounts in EPFO:

GS, MEA Sh V K Tomar and GS, MMS, Shri Dharamraj Singh met Dir(HR) on 24 th Feb and discussed the issue of immediate opening of individual EPF accounts in EPFO so that needy employees/ officers can withdraw epf for thier requirement. He was informed that KYC approval is pending in CO. He assured that KYC approval will be completed in 10 days and he asked representatives to pursue with EPFO for opening the EPF accounts.
Both the General Secretaries met Regional EPF Commissioner on 25th Feb and discussed the issue of EPF account opening of both working and retired employees in length. He informed that still there are some discrepancies in some cases and some more information is awaited from MTNL. EPF Commissioner and other concerned officers talked to Dir (HR) and other concerned officer of MTNL during meeting itself and information required by EPFO were asked from MTNL officers.

After one hour meeting, EPF commissioner assured that EPF accounts of working employees of MTNL will be opened by 15th March 2021.

Regarding retired employees EPF payment, Dir (HR) said about Rs 150 crore out of Rs 395 crore can be arranged for which efforts are being made. Rest of the amount will depend on the disposal of equities/ instruments or any other decision at the level of CMD/ DoT.

20-02-21 Meeting with Director (HR)—

GS, MEA along with Shri D P S Chaudhary, Shri Sunil Sonkar & Shri Sunil Kumar met Director (HR) today 19th Feb 2021 and discussed following issues--

1. Discussion on MTNL fate in view of GoM decision to defer MTNL/BSNL merger and giving MTNL 4G spectrum to BSNL and also granting wire line license of Delhi and Mumbai to BSNL—  A detailed discussion was held on various aspects on which further discussion with CMD and DoT is required. MTNL is EBITA positive after VRS, only issue is the loan liability which if is taken by Govt and management takes proper decisions and actions, MTNL can independently survive.

2. Regular promotions in different executive cadres in all disciplines—Association expressed the deep concern over abnormal delay in holding DPCs in various cadres. Dir (HR) informed that as per CMD instruction, restructuring committee has been formed and tenders are being invited to hire consultant for restructuring after consultant report restructuring will be done and subsequently DPCs will be conducted for regular promotion in different executive cadres. Association requested to expedite the whole processes. Dir (HR) expected that whole process will be completed in 2/3 months.

3. Delay in opening the individual EPF accounts in EPFO—  Association raised this issue and asked him to take appropriate steps to ensure that EPF amount of individual employees is reflected in their EPF account. Dir (HR) informed that total epf amount of working employees has been transferred to EPFO, but there were some issues with EPFO related to retired employees’ epf amount for which a meeting of EPFO and CMD MTNL has been conducted recently and now hopefully issue will be resolved shortly.

4. Promotion of diploma holder SDEs (C/E) to EE (C/E)—   Association has already represented this issue to CMD. HR wing has already sought information from BSNL where such officers have been promoted. Some more information has been sought from BSNL. Association requested Dir (HR) to expedite the case. He assured for it

5. Antedating the promotions of some officers of Mumbai and Delhi— Association informed Dir (HR) that there are some cases of antidation pending in CO for quite long time. He assured to look into these cases.

10-02-2021 Yesterday  GS Sh V K Tomar, CS Sh Sunil Kumar, Dy GS Sh DPS Chaudhary, AGS Sh Satyavir singh and Circle org secy Sh Birgesh Sharma met ED Delhi to discuss the following issues
1. We raise the pathetic condition of copper networks in Delhi after vrs and no improvement of services even after one year. ED has assured that the revised out source tender is in final stage and he is expecting the improvement in services and cable network after implementation of new SLA.
2. We raise our concern about slow progress of FTTH . ED has assured that a new business partner policy is under consideration with high percentage of revenue sharing to attract business partner and to increase the number of FTTH connection. Maintenance of existing FTTH will also be covered in new policy.
3. We have raised the issue of pending approval for higher study through evening classes or weekend classes and ED assured to clear all pending as well as new cases.
4. We also raise the issue of roaster in DGM LA promotion due to which our eligible SC/ST executives are not getting their DGM LA promotion. We requested ED to fill the vacant DGM vacancy by eligible SC/ ST executives by implementing the roaster. ED has assured to take decision in this regard after discussion with GM(A).
5. We have discussed some other general and vrs issues related to our retired executives.
08-02-2021 Meeting with CMD Forum representatives, Sh V K Tomar, GS, MEA, Shri Dharamraj Singh  ,GS, MTNL MS, Shri Mahavir Singh, President , Shri Sunil Kumar, CS Delhi & Shri Pawan Dixit, Joint Secretary, MEA met CMD Shri P K Purwar on 06-02-2021 in BSNL CO and discussed following issues.

Salary Delay issue: The issue of delay in salary raised, CMD told that salary will be disbursed on Tuesday, and during the meeting itself said  letter is being released. Forum raised issue of new practice of salary approval from DOT, to which CMD told that this was done to apprise financial position of MTNL to DOT, and the same will not be done in future. 

Revival of  MTNL - Detailed discussion took place on this issue forum raised issue of related uncertainty of MTNL's future, which is creating undue stress and negativity in the employees. To which CMD replied that the debt condition of MTNL is not good and he sees no visibility of the fund so that MTNL could service its loans beyond march 2021.He is positive to merger/integration of operation and Employees without MTNL's Debts. Modalities of the same can be decided once decision of the same is taken at  DOT level. Forum raised that interests of employees must be protected in terms of Pay Scale and promotions of any such decisions.

Techinical & SLA related issue—CMD told, he is providing MTNL  certain equipments such as  SDH equipment , MPLS routers, & NGN switches and software platforms from BSNL at zero cost to MTNL. He is also working to improve the SLA contract condition so that complaints can be handled properly. Forum raised the issue of giving more power to SDE & DE in the said contract  so that performance of vendors can be ensured.

CPF/EPFO Issue—CMD confirmed that MTNL has already transferred the complete CPF amount to EPFO, no amount is pending to be transferred. Regarding CPF payment of VRS optees 50 cr will be released soon and for the remaining amount, he has forwarded case to DOT & EPFO. Regarding administrative issues with EPFO, CMD suggested to pursue the same  with EPFO.

Promotion Issue-- CMD told that restructuring  work in BSNL is almost complete after that promotion will be given. To which GS asked to expedite a similar process in MTNL too. 
Left out Exgratia payment to VRS optees CMD informed that it will be paid in this month

Due to paucity of time, as CMD was to attend other important meeting, other HR issues could not be discussed.
04-02-2021 Government has no plan to close down BSNL, MTNL: Dhotre


8-01-2021 Meeting with Joint Secretary, DOT---GS, MEA, Sh V K Tomar, GS, MTNL MS, Shri Dharamraj Singh, President, Shri Mahavir Singh & Dy GS, MEA Shri D P S Chaudhary met Jt Secretary, DOT Shri Navneet Gupta on 07-01-2021 and discussed following points. Director (Estt), DoT was also present in the meeting.
  1. Merger of MTNL with BSNL/Roadmap of revival of MTNL---Forum representatives apprised him about the deterioration, non- up gradation & expansion of MTNL services and also lack of initiative,  lack of proper planning/ roadmap  on the part of management to revive the MTNL even after revival package  by Govt. A detailed discussion was held on revival. Forum asked for merger of MTNL with BSNL as per cabinet decision. JS said that if MTNL is merged with BSNL with present loan liability than total loan of merged entity will be so high that no bank will give loan to the merged entity and than it will not be possible to run the company .So, merger has been deferred till MTNL loan is paid through asset monetization, but merger will take place and that is why charge of MTNL CMD has been given to CMD, BSNL so that merger issues can be tacked properly by single management. He said many steps on technical front are being taken towards merger.
  2. Pay revision--Forum stressed that a large number of employees have retired through VRS and so staff cost has reduced drastically but work load has increased on existing employees many fold, so now 3rd PRC/ wage revision should be implemented. JS repeated that  DPE guidelines and financial viability of the companies do not allow pay revision and said that we have to wait till financial condition of the companies improves.
  3. Career progression/ promotions--Representatives apprised JS that no regular promotion has been given to officers for many years and they are working on higher posts on looking after basis with out any career progression and succession plan so there is great de-motivation and discontentment amongst them. We also apprised him that there will be no financial implication in any promotion to officers because all have crossed the substantive grade of the promotion cadres. We requested  DoT  to interven in such matters which are being stretched unnecessarily by MTNL management for years together. This reluctant approach of Managment is adversely affecting the performance of employees and company as a whole
  4. 30% post retirement benefits--Corpus for pension to MTNL recruited employees-This issue was explained in detail to JS and intervention of DoT  was sought to get it settled at par with BSNL
  5. Additional 5% IDA neutralization for retired employees--- Forum strongly raised this issue and expressed its resentment that such a small but important  issue is pending with DoT for last more than two years in spite of vigorous persuasion by FORUM and RTOWA . Joint Secretary asked Director (Est) to explain the whole issue and its present status . Dir (Est) explained the issue in detail and informed that after some modifications it is now in process to decide the liability of DoT and MTNL. Forum requested Joint Secretary to expedite the case so that much delayed 5% IDA neutralization case of retired employees can be settled at the earliest. He assured to expedite the case.
  6.  Clarification regarding permanent retirement of VRS optees whose court proceedings are pending---There are three types of cases

                > against whom MTNL has filed court case--DoT has clarified that no permanent retirement till the court decision.

                > outside department cases--DoT has already clarified to BSNL/MTNL as per DoP&T guidelines

                  >--Case filed by employees against MTNL --This case is with DoT for clarification. We argued that in such cases outcome of court will not invite any disciplinary action or recovery so such employees be retired on permanent basis and their terminal benefits should  be paid. JS assured that clarification will be given shortly.

     7..CGHS entitlement to Prorata optees on last drawn pay--About 50 employees have got this benefit through court. Forum has taken up this case for  similarly placed employees . MTNL sent case to DOT. Now DDG(estt) informed that this case has been sent to health ministry last week for its decision on the matter. 

Joint Secretary assured that concerns raised by Association/Union in this meeting will be shared and discussed with Addl Secretary and MTNL managment. 



05-01-2021 GS, MEA & GS, MTNL MS along with other office bearers wished new year and discussed some issues with Secretary, DOT, Addl Secretary, DOT, Jt Secretary, DOT, CMD, MTNL/BSNL Shri P K Purwar, Dir (HR), Dir (T), ED, Delhi and other officers of Dot & MTNL. The main focus of discussion with CMD and other officers of DOT and MTNL remained on, revival of MTNL/ merger with BSNL , Pan India unified license to BSNL and its impact on MTNL and also the protection of employees in any case. Issues related to pending dues of retirees, 30% corpus and career progression/ DPC were also discussed. Secretary and CMD have been requested to grant the meetings for detailed discussion on MTNL revival and HR issues.
01-01-2021 Happy New Year 2021
19-12-2020 MTNL CO issue order regarding term insurance for working employees with SBI LIFE Insurance. Link to apply is given on intranet.   <<link>>

<<click for order>>

27-11-2020 FORUM writes letter to PMO, Secy DOT regarding services of MTNL. << letter>>
26-11-2020 FORUM writes letter to PMO, Secy DOT regarding handing over the WS services to BSNL. <<letter>>
21-11-2020 DPE issued order regarding freezing of IDA of CPSUs wef 01/10/2020 till 01/07/2021. MEA strongly opposes this move of govt. <<order>>
20-11-2020 Engagement of consultant in TEC, Delhi on short term contract basis for retirees. <<LETTER>>
11-11-2020 A virtual meeting of Central Working Committee of MTNL Executives Association was held on 1st November 2020, which was attended by CHQ/Circle Office bearers /CWC members from Delhi & Mumbai units.

Following issues & agenda were discussed

1. Revival, survival merger of MTNL with BSNL
2. How to improve the services of MTNL to increase customer base and the revenue
3. Post VRS restructuring & career progression
4. Pending DPCs in all cadres
5. Implementation of 3rd PRC
6. Creation of corpus for post retirement benefits to MTNL recruited officers/employees
7. Other HR issues

CHQ President Shri P N Vasane presided over the meeting. GS briefed about the present condition of MTNLs business and as to how, highly unconcerned and inefficient managerial working at Senior Level is deteriorating the operational and financial condition of MTNL in spite of the Govt’s sincere efforts to revive the company through financial package and policy decisions about a year ago.
GS also briefed as to how management is deliberately and ill-naturedly de-motivating and frustrating the experienced & hard working officers by denying legitimate rights like promotions, pension through 30% corpus, pay revision etc
Office bearers raised many issues related to inefficiency, slackness, misadventure, indecisiveness and sense of total unconcern to company of the senior management in blatant disregard to Govt desire to revive the company. Senior management is running the company operations in an alienated manner thus jeopardizing the business and services to irreparably low level.
They cited numerous examples to show as to how hotchpotch & total mess has been created in MTNL functioning through lack of concern, unresponsiveness and unwillingness of top management to run the company. Problems and difficulties related to SLA based Service Contract and Venders were also raised in detail.
Office bearers strongly expressed their concern and discontentment over the abnormal delay in settlement of various HR issues, like DPCs, 30% corpus, pay revision, policy for faster carrier progression according to PSU hierarchy, delaying employees vested right cases, denial of conveyance charged for performing duties, covid insurance, enhancement in IPD, good productivity enhancing initiatives like Online File Tracking, E-Office, framing of Work Procedure Manual& SoPs, large file pendency with senior officers, inordinate delay in repatriation of unwilling Govt officers and other pending HR issues. Issue of waiver of RI charges and trenching charges from local authorities for MTNL being essential service provider. A strong need was also expressed to get appointment of full time CMD and other Directors of Board to steer revival of company faster and properly.
Problems of WS were discussed in details.
After long deliberation on various issues and situations, CWC strongly expressed its unhappiness over the arrogant and uncooperative attitude of MTNL management and unanimously asked CHQ to take up all the issues related to officers’ welfare and MTNL revival very strongly at all possible levels viz with MTNL Management, Secy DOT, Ministry and PMO.

CWC authorized the President and General Secretary to take any decision to resolve the HR issues and ensure MTNL revival/merger as early as possible through all means and measures.


Kind attention all CPF members for working employees

Please read the below document and do complete the steps as soon as possible.   <<SOP>>


PROTEST ACTION - FULL DAY DHARNA AT MTNL CO, CGO Complex Delhi & ED Office Prabha Devi, Mumbai on 27th Oct 2020

MTNL Executive Association along with MTNL Mazdoor Sangh held a well attended Full Day Dharna at MTNL Corporate Office, CGO Complex, New Delhi. The gathering was addressed by GS MTNL EA, Circle Secretary MTNL EA, GS MTNL Mazdoor Sangh alongwith other distinguished speakers. Association thanked all for making the full day Dharna programme a grand successful event. This Dharna is able to convey concern of Employees of their beloved MTNL to MTNL management and DOT/ PMO. MTNL Retired Officers also participated in the Dharna .

In MTNL Mumbai the full day Dharna was performed at ED Office Prabha Devi, Mumbai in the leadership of CHQ President and CS MEA Mumbai.




Meeting with CMD

Forum representatives, Sh V K Tomar, GS, MEA, Shri Dharamraj Singh ,GS, MTNL MS, Shri Mahavir Singh, President , MTNL MS, Shri Ratnesh Kumar, SG, ITEF & Shri Pawan Dixit, Joint Secretaryc, MEA met CMD Shri P K Purwar on 15-10-2020 in BSNL CO and discussed following issues.

*Revival /merger of MTNL with BSNL*—His opinion regarding merger of MTNL and BSNL was that merger of these companies with the loan liability of about twenty thousand crore on each will not be good for combined entity , so he is not in favor of merger as of now. Forum representatives expressed their concern over the deteriorating condition of MTNL and rising fault pendency
and also asked to increase focus on FTTH business and prepare plan to capitalize on recent decision of GOI of mandatory use of MTNL/BSNL services for government department and PSUs. Though CMD cherished the concern of forum representatives on MTNL condition and he apprised about the action being taken by management to clear the piled up pending faults and set right shortcomings in the SLA based tenders, but was not having any expansion and up gradation plan or road map for MTNL growth except sanction of Rs 10 crore for purchasing 100 OLT each for Delhi and Mumbai to increase FTTH connections for this year. As usual, he cited the non availability of funds for further expansion and up gradation plan. About the funds raising of Rs 6500/ crore through bonds with sovereign guaranty of Govt of India, he informed that Rs 4300 crore have been raised through bonds which is for repaying/ restructuring of loans. Forum has pressed for arranging more funds through remaining portion of bonds and borrowing for expansion and up gradation of services for revival of MTNL

*Pending dues of VRS/ normal retirees*—Forum strongly raised that many dues are still pending of VRS optees and normal retirees even after 9 months of their retirement and so they are facing lot of difficulties in managing their post retirement future plans and liabilities. CMD informed that there is shortfall of about 1000/ crores in Trusts because securities in which trusts money is invested could not be sold out and showed inability to meet this short fall from MTNL because of non availability of funds except sale of mutual funds of Rs 100/ crore with a loss of 4%. Forum has pressed for arranging more funds through bonds and borrowing to meet the requirement of pending payments of retirees. He assured attempts to arrange funds to meet requirements.

*Corpus for post retirement benefits to MTNL recruited employees (30% Corpus)*—a detailed discussion was held on this issue. CMD apparently was unwilling to create this corpus on flimsy ground of pay difference in MTNL and BSNL. We argued that it is social security issue recommended by 2nd PRC for living dignified life after retirement , so it cannot be linked and compared with the pay scales of MTNL/BSNL. We have strongly conveyed him that it is our legitimate right which cannot be left without settlement.

*Holding of Pending DPCs in all cadres*-- DPCs for regular promotions in different cadres are pending for quite long time. When DPC calendar was sent to CMD for his approval, he asked post VRS restructuring in all cadres through a committee headed by Director (HR) and go ahead with DPC after restructuring. Committee submitted its report to CMD. Now, CMD says that there are diverse views of committee members in respect of restructuring of posts so file has been sent back to review it. We have argued that pending DPCs be conducted immediately against the vacant posts and let any committee/ consultant decide restructuring/ comprehensive promotion policy in PSU heirarchy for future.

*Counting casual service for the purpose of pension and gratuity for those who have served more than five years but less than 10 years*
—CMD assured MTNL will forward the case to DOT for n/a

*Releasing terminal benefits of employees/ officers whose cases are pending in court of law*—CMD clarified where MTNL has gone in the court against any employee, his/her case will be decided after the court decision and in cases where employee has gone in court against MTNL, his/her terminal benefits should not be withheld and this case has been sent to DOT for clarification.

*Hindi translator’s financial upgradation to E2 scale*—this case was discussed in detail and CMD was requested to consider it on the line already principally agreed by him.

*Media report --MTNL will be VNO (Virtual Network Operator) of BSNL*— CMD said that It is the matter which is to be decided between both the companies, but nothing has never been discussed and decided between MTNL and BSNL. So there is no ground of Media report in this matter.

*regarding handing over of WS service to BSNL*- CMD informed that DOT wants it but no decision has yet been taken on this matter.

*Our protest action will continue for the settlement of our demands raised in protest notice*

13-10-2020 Forum of MTNL UNIONS AND ASSOCIATIONS give protest action notice to Management for the following demands:


1.  Revival/ Survival of MTNL/ Merger with BSNL

2.  Improvement in MTNL services.

3. Ensure timely payment of Salary to working employees in every month.

4. Arrangement. for immediate payment of all pending dues such as Ex-gratia, GPF/EPF, Leave Encashment, GSLIS, Gratuity payment of EPF optee/Direct Recruited VRS optee and CGHS Medical card deposit fee  reimbursement.

5. Ensure GPF advance withdrawal payment within a week as per DOPT orders.

6. Revision of perks & Allowances.

7. Implementation of 3 PRC/Wage Revision in MTNL.

8. Corpus for post-retirement benefits to MTNL Recruited employees/officers with 30% of Basic +IDA w.e.f.01/01/2007 as recommended by 2 PRC and implemented in BSNL and other CPSEs.

9.  Revision of Pension as per CPC.

10. Counting of casual service for the purpose of pensionary benefits.

11.  Payment of Gratuity as per gratuity act for service rendered in DOT to

 non-qualifying service for prorata pension optees before absorption in MTNL.

12.  Non perfoming deputationist officers be transferred out of MTNL.

13.  Holding of pending DPCs.

14. Implementation of 5% IDA Merger of the retired employees.


20.10.2020 Tuesday Demand Day Bearing Demand Card during office hours.

27.10.2020 Tuesday Day long Dharana at Corporate office CGO Complex & ED Office Prabha  Devi, Mumbai.


13-10-2020 A meeting regarding "UAN activation and KYC related activities" of EPFO portal of CPF members, was held under the chairmanship of Director (HR & EB), MTNL at 12:30 Hrs on 09.10.2020 in the Conference Room, MTNL Corporate Office in the presence of the distinguished officers from Delhi & Mumbai units along with representatives of majority unions both from Delhi and Mumbai units.

From MEA side Sh V K Tomar, GS and Sh S K Sonkar, AGS attended the meeting.

In the meeting it has been decided that controlling officers will  assist all employees under his jurisdiction in each GM unit for activation of UAN of the EPF members in EPFO Portal and correction of details on EPFO portal for members with respect to Annexure-K attached. The unit wise summary of the CPF employees are also attached herewith.

It has been observed that basic details of some of the CPF members (MTNL Employees) on EPF portal is not matching with MTNL records. In this regard, kindly find attached from the Consultants for activation of UAN by the EPF and correction of their details on EPFO portal. It has also been mentioned that without herewith the guidance notes member for further verification activation of UAN, no employee will be able to withdraw his/her CPF , so it is requested to give it wide circulation among all the MTNL employees and controlling officers will make sure that the requisite data of each CPF member working under his control has been verified.

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> complete this task within this week

<<action plan>>                    <<declaration>>         <<doc1>>

 <<doc2>>       <<doc3>>    <<doc4>>

09-10-2020 FORUM of MTNL UNIONS AND ASSOCIATION writes letter to PMO, MOC, SECY DOT, CMD regarding deteriorating services of MTNL. <<letter>>

FORUM of MTNL UNIONS AND ASSOCIATION writes letter to CMD regarding benefits of retired employees of MTNL. <<letter>>

22-09-2020 MTNL CO issued order regarding Staff Qtrs retention policy. <<<order>>>
15-09-2020 GS writes PMO, MOC, SECY DOT, CMD MTNL regarding deteriorating services of MTNL.  <<LETTER1>>   <<LETTER2>>

GS writes MOC, SECY DOT, CMD MTNL regarding equal treatment in case of rent charges of POWAI staff qtrs, Mumbai MTNL. <<letter>>

10-09-2020 Discussion with CMD:

Today 10th Sep 2020, GS, MEA had a telephonic discussion with CMD, Shri P K Purwar on two points:

Deteriorating services-- In a meeting with maintenance contractors last Saturday, CMD has instructed the contractors to clear the faults in a time limit prescribed and also gave area wise targets. Today CMD sought the Association help to find few retired SDEs(cable) and cable jointers for clearing faults pending before August.
Extention of staff quarters to retired employees:
CMD informed that renting policy on the line of BSNL renting policy will also be there for MTNL and orders in this respect will probably be issued by Monday. GS raised that in BSNL renting policy, MTNL employees residing in BSNL quarters have not been considered along with BSNL/ DoT employees and pleaded to consider MTNL employees also along with BSNL/ DoT. CMD agreed that MTNL employees' representations for the same will be accepted.

10-09-2020 GS writes CMD MTNL regarding deteriorating services of MTNL. <<letter>>
03-09-2020 Meeting with Director (HR)--GS along with CS, Delhi Shri Sunil Kumar & AGS , Shri Sunil Sonkar met Dir (HR) on 02-09-2020 and discussed following issues. PGM(HR) was also present in the meeting
  1.  DPCs for regular promotions in different  executive cadres of all disciplines--Dir (HR) informed that after abolishing VRS posts, total left out posts in different executives in all disciplines have been calculated and fresh DPC calendar has been proposed for CMD approval. After  His approval, DPC process for regular promotion in all executive cadres will be started. LICE schedule is also being prepared.
  2. Post VRS restructuring of all cadres--CMD has asked the committee of Directors chaired by Dir (HR) to recommend the post VRS restructuring of different cadres in view of present network and new norms. Director (HR) informed that committee is looking into various aspects of restructuring and carrier progression of executives. Views of Association will also be taken in due course of time.
  3. 30% corpus for post retirement benefits to MTNL recruited employees--  After the query of Director (Fin), case is to be put up with the recommendation of committee chaired by PGM(HR). PGM (HR) informed that  committee has conducted one meeting, but members require some more clarity on the issue. Again, committee will discuss.
  4. Term insurence--PGM(HR) informed that proposal of  SBI Life on term insurance has been approved by the CMD. Link will be uploaded on MTNL site shortly 
  5. Diploma holder AE (Elect/Civil) promotion to Executive Engineer- Association has written to CMD to promote these AEs on the line of BSNL and asked Director (HR) to put up the case for favorable decision. He assured to look into it
  6. Extension of stay of retired employees in departmental quarters --Association/ Forum has raised this issue many times. Director (HR) has put up the case to CMD to allow retention for one year on the ground of Covid 19 pandemic. 
  7. Pending dues of VRS optees and normal retires--Dir (HR) and PGM(HR) explained the funds positions of different trusts and steps being taken by management to address this issue. Further discussion will be held with CMD.
  8. Pending financial upgradation in HR/Mktg/Fin/Civil/electrical wing officers due to pending one week training-- Dir (HR) asked Association to discuss with ED, Delhi and get Training conducted immediately physical or online as per convenience, if required he will ask ED to do so. 
03-09-2020 GS had a telephonic discussion with CMD on 29th August 2020 on following issues
  1. Problems with new maintenance tenders and deteriorating services of MTNL-he assured to look into it
  2. Pending DPCs-
  3. Post VRS restructuring 
  4. Lockdown period transport allowance

GS requested CMD to fix a meeting with Association on service matters and pending HR issues. He asked GS to discuss HR issues with Director (HR) first

28-08-2020 GS writes CMD MTNL regarding discrimination of DRs in availing EL encashment and deputation. <<letter>>
28-08-2020 Order regarding inclusion of excluded family members in Group medical scheme for working employees. <<order>>
16-08-2020 MTNL CO writes letter to DOT for the CGHS facilities in IDA scales, on the basis of Forum letter. <<letter>>
10-08-2020 GS writes EPFO / CMD MTNL regarding higher pension for CPF optees. <<letter>>

GS writes CMD MTNL regarding pensionary benefits for whose court cases are pending. <<letter>>

04-08-20 Discussion with Director (HR)--On 3rd August, a discussion was held between GS and Dir (HR) on the issue of transfer of all liability of retired and working employees to EPFO and  option for higher pension. He said that now EPF trust along with all liability of working employees has been transferred to EPFO, so now the matter of option for higher pension is to be taken up with EPFO. As far as left out 30% CPF payment of retired employees is concerned, as and when funds are arranged , option is open either to pay to employees or to transfer to EPFO.

Regarding amendment in EL encashment rules, he informed that it was done to meet the requirement of income tax department to avail the income tax exemption on EL trust. Regarding 50% EL encashment to DR in case of resignation, he asked to discuss this issue with PGM(HR) first to know the background.

04-08-2020 Meeting with Director (Fin)--GS along with DGS, Shri D P S Chaudhary met Director (Fin) on 31st July and discussed about the VRS post abolition and DPCs in different executive cadres. Association requested him to clear the pending files with him related to  promotion/ VRS post abolition so that further process of DPC can be started. He assured that pending files will be cleared in a day or so.

During discussion, the issue of  issuance of Rs 6500/ crore bond was also discussed. It was informed that bonds will be issued by 30th August. Discussion on time bound promotions with financial upgradation was also held. He was supportive to our views that if scales are being given on time bound basis than responsibility should also be given by giving promotion in that grade. Issue will be further discussed with CMD

04-08-2020 As per the instructions from Corporate Office vide letter no MTNL/CO/Pers-II/Annual Appraisal Hierarchy/2010-11/885 as a one time measure the access to eapar portal for those Reporting/Reviewing officers who have retired after 30/06/2019 will be allowed from 05/08/2020 to 20/08/2020 for Reporting/Reviewing eapar pending at their end.
To check the status of pending eapars please visit eAPAR reports available on Delhi Intranet website. (Report no 3 and 4 for E5-E9 grade and Report no 11 and 12 for E0-E4 grade.
For any technical issue related to this please write email to eapar@bol.net.in
04-08-2020 Letter written by GS, MEA to CMD regarding release of payment of pensioners  benefits of employees whose court cases are pending. <<letter>>
04-08-2020 Letter written by GS, MEA to CMD regarding promotion in all cadre. <<letter>>

Letter written by GS, MEA to CMD regarding promotion of Marketing, HR, Financial, Civil, electrical, legal streams. <<letter>>

30-07-20 Letter written by GS, MEA to CMD regarding inadequate amount of insurance, deficiency of service by TPA & special arrangement for Covid 19 on 20-06-2020

<letterpage1 >>     <<letterpage2>>

22-07-2020 Meeting with CMD—GS , MEA Shri V K Tomar and GS, MTNL MS, Shri Dharamraj Singh met CMD Shri P K Purwar on 18-07-2020 and discussed some of the issues raised by forum.

1. Revival of MTNL--issues related to revival like maintenance, expansion of services, financial condition and human resource were discussed in detail. Forum representatives raised many concerns on all the aspects of revival. It was also raised that how services will be maintained after the expiry of human resource tender of ACME on 6th August. CMD informed that efforts were being made to put the maintenance tenders in place by 6th August, but because of some issue with nic, tenders are likely to be delayed for one week, but efforts are being made to complete the process by 15th August. CMD expressed his concern over the declining revenue and asked forum representatives to focus on revenue generation. Representatives suggested him various measures to increase the revenue and also the steps to be taken by management to motivate the work force and give them higher responsibilities.

2. Pending DPCs in all cadres in different disciplines—CMD was apprised how officers/officials in all streams are frustrated and de-motivated because of reluctance of management in conducting DPC for a long time. It was also requested to CMD that conducting LICE in any cadre in present situation is not good idea so all posts be filled up through SCF only. Regarding DPCs, he assured to discuss this issue next week with concerned officer to expedite it

3. Transport allowance for self vehicles during lockdown –It was informed to him that the payment was made upto 17th May 2020, but it was to be extended for more time in view of spread of corona virus and extended lockdown . He assured to look into it and decide.

4. 30% corpus and term insurance— these cases are yet to be put by HR wing, so will discussed later after they are put up to him. These are being pursued in HR wing.

5. Pending dues of VRS optees/ normal retires—Forum representatives raised the concern of retirees over delay in payments, and pressed for early payment. CMD explained the financial constraints of trusts and said that all pending payments will be made within 3 months

6. Quarantine centers in Delhi and Mumbai for MTNL staff-- The condition of MTNL employees of Delhi and Mumbai in the situation of rising corona virus spread in these cities and difficulty being faced by employees was brought to his knowledge and asked for setting up of quarantine centers in Delhi and Mumbai for MTNL employees, so that employees who have to be home quarantined may stay away from family members to avoid virus spread among them. CMD agreed for the same

7. Interest on delay payment of GPF and pending medical bills and also CGHS payment reimbursement of retirees. CMD said issues are logical demand but not in a position to commit time line of these payments because of financial constraints. Forum has pressed for early payment

8. Pension of EPS95 scheme employees—Work of completing the pension paper is going on, and it is the priority issue for management to see that their pension starts at the earliest. He also said that there is requirement of three retired officers of Account/finance wing for EPF related work to expedite the process. Interested officers can give their willingness to CO. He also informed that EPF amount will be transferred to EPFO within 15 days.

9. Issue of retention/ extension of staff quarters of retirees & Powai quarters issue of treating MTNL/BSNL employees on same footing- He remained non committal for now and said can be discussed further.
10. Call JNC meeting immediately & settle long pending issues: The General Secretary, MTNL MS has demanded to call JNC meeting immediately for detailed discussion and settlement of long pending issues accordingly.
29-06-20 Status of 30% corpus, term insurence and DPCs for regular promotion to different executive cadres--
  • 30% corpus for post retirement benefits to MTNL recruited employees--Case was put up by HR wing for creating a corpus for pension to MTNL recruited officers/employees according to the DPE OM to CMD through Director (Fin). Finance wing has sent the file back to HR wing asking to put the case with the recommendation of Committee formed for this purpose
  • DPCs for regular promotions in different Executive cadres--Case was put up to CMD for his approval of DPC schedule. CMD has returned the file with the queries of schedule of LDCE and restructuring of post according to present network.
  • Term insurance--Quotations were sought from LIC and private insurers. LIC has offered insurance coverage of 10 lakh only and private insurers have not responded . Now Association is also approaching to some private insurers to get high insurance coverage.  

GS discussed with Director (HR) on 24th June, 2020 and requested to reply the queries at the earliest in both the cases. He has assured early action in both the cases.

20-06-2020 GS writes to CMD regarding CGHS ward facility on the basis of last pay certificate, transfer of EPF trust to EPFO and retention of staff quarters for VRS  optee/retirees.


17-06-2020 Discussion with Director (Fin)--GS discussed following issues with Director (Fin) today (17-06-2020).
  1. DPC schedule--Director (HR) has proposed the DPC schedule of different executive cadres and sent to CMD for his approval through Director (Fin). Director (Fin) has raised some queries on this. GS explained him how officers are being deprived from their due promotions in different cadres in all streams because of unwarranted  process and practices just to deny the promotions. GS conveyed him the discontentment  amongst officers because of delay tactics of management to  deprive them from their due promotions on one or other ground. Dir (Fin) assured that he would discuss with HR wing and clear the file.
  2. Creation of pension fund for MTNL recruited employees in accordance of 2nd PRC recommendation and  DPE OM for creating 30% corpus for post retirement benefits--After long persuasion, Director (HR) sent proposal to CMD for creation of pension fund for MTNL recruited employees  through Director (Fin). It was learnt that case is still pending with Dir (Fin). GS explained him the background of the case and requested him to clear the file and send to CMD. He assured to look into it and discuss with CMD
  3. Charges to staff and officers @Rs 10/ Km- for four wheeler and @ Rs 5/ Km for two wheeler for personal vehicle for commuting from residence to office and on official duties. After persuasion of the Association, Director (HR) processed the case and sent to CMD for his approval through Director (Fin) which is pending with him. GS apprised him of the necessity of encouraging personal vehicle during this covid-19 pandemic to combat it and also need of personal vehicle when metro is not plying. He said he would discuss with CMD.
  4. GPF/CPF payment to VRS/normal retirees--He informed that GPF fund is being released to Delhi and Mumbai Units today or tomorrow and CPF fund will be released next week
15-06-2020 Forum writes to CMD regarding human resource outsourcing service



                         Meeting with CMD

Forum representatives, Shri V K Tomar, GS, MEA and Shri Mahaveer Singh, President, MTNL MS met CMD, MTNL Shri P K Purwar on 06-06-2020 and discussed following issues

1.       Payment of pending dues of VRS optees & normal retirees—Forum representatives expressed the anguish of thousands  of employees who opted VRS on the assurance of Management that their all terminal benefits will be paid in 2/3 months, but now more than 4 months have passed and their dues are not paid.  CMD informed that this situation arose because securities could not be sold due to prevailing market condition. Now,  decision has been taken to sell equities at the loss of 3% and larger part of their dues will be paid in this month

Gratuity of CPF optees—80% payment will be made by next week.    Both the units have been asked to send their fund requirement by Monday so that funds can be released by Corporate Office by Wednesday.

GPF payment—50% payment of GPF will be made in this month and financial condition will be reviewed next month to make fund arrangement for balance amount

CPF Payment----50% payment will be made this month and financial condition will be reviewed next month to make fund arrangement for balance amount  

Leave encashment---He informed that 70 to 80% payment of leave encashment has been made and funds for balance amount will be arranged shortly

Ex-gratia Payment—He said that as per information available with him, one installment of about 31% payment has been paid and DOT has about Rs-8000/-crore in this head which can be released shortly. With this payment about 80% ex-gratia will be paid. Meanwhile DOT is pursing for relaxing the sealing which govt has put after covid-19 breakout, so that 100% ex-gratia payment can be made. 

Forum representatives pressed for full payment of all dues at the earliest. CMD assured that all payments will be made as committed by management only thing is that because of prevailing conditions, funds are to be managed from different ways.

2.      Special leave for those who were stranded in lockdown—Circumstances of not attending office by some employees during lockdown were briefed to CMD, like non availability of public transport, containment zones, boarder sealing and struck in other state due to sudden lockdown, 14 days quarantine period etc. CMD said that no decision on this matter has been taken till date, but keeping in view all aspects including the guidelines and interest of service,   decision will be taken.

3.         Contact less working in MTNL to contain spread of Covid 19 virus—Representatives highlighted the increasing  corona positive cases in MTNL and stressed to encourage contact less working in MTNL . CMD informed that he has started e-office in BSNL and it can be started in MTNL for which he will ask Director (HR).

4.      Insurance cover of Rs 50 Lakh for Covid 19 fatalities—He said this case has been sent to DOT

5.      30% corpus for pension to MTNL recruited Employees—We informed him that proposal in this regard has been initiated by HR wing for your approval and requested him to consider it favorable.  Case has not yet reached to him. It is still in finance wing

6.      Maintenance charge from MTNL employees residing in Powai quarters whose allotment is done by BSNL—it was explained in detail that powai quarters were constructed by MTNL on its land and all municipal charges, property taxes etc are paid by MTNL. . Only thing is that authority of allotment of quarters of some towers was given to BSNL and with this authority y BSNL is demanding maintenance charges from MTNL employees residing in these quarters. We have raised many times that these quarters are of MTNL and be handed over  back to it and MTNL employees should not be forced to pay maintenance Charges. On this issue, CMD remained non committal. We have to fight this issue in the days to come

7.      Promotions and up-gradations in different cadres-- Matters of promotions and upgradations of different cadres were raised.  He informed that proposal of DPCs of executive cadres sent by Director (HR) has not yet been received in his office. He will take decision as and when he gets the file. In some cases of promotion/ financial upgradtion he asked us to discuss with Director (HR) first.

8.      Disconnection of RSTC  of MTNL employees in NCR in nonpayment of old dues--  It was brought to his notice that BSNL is disconnecting Residential Service Telephone  Connections of MTNL employees due to nonpayment of old bills. He agreed to review and take a appropriate decision, if RSTC are being disconnected for bills of the period before a cut of date which was decided to pay bills to each company by the MTNL/BSNL employees and get it reimbursed from their respective company. He asked us to write him  in this matter

9.      Medical facility to Pro-rata optee retired employees on the basis of last drawn pay--  It was informed to him that on the basis of court decision, 52 employees have been allowed to claim the medical facility entitlement on the basis of last drawn pay. We asked him to extend same benefit to other similarly placed employees. He said that this matter pertain to DOT and asked us to write so that matter can be sent to DOT to take decision for others also. 

10.  Retention of departmental quarters by VRS optees for more time in view of Covid 19 pandemic—He said matter will be looked into but did not commit any thing. This issue will be further discussed shortly in the days to come.

Forum representatives asked him to have another meeting after some time for detailed discussion on the agenda points submitted by forum to take decisions on various issues.


05-06-2020 Forum writes to Secretry DOT & CMD MTNL regarding greater role and responsibility to MTNL officers for revival of Company.


*Discussion with Director HR*-- following issues were discussed with Dir (HR) yesterday ( 1st June 2020).

1. *Payments of pending dues of VRS optees/ retirees*...He said 80% payments will be made within 15 days
2. *DPCs in different executive cadres*.. He informed that DPC schedule  along with VRS post abolition proposal has been sent to CMD for his approval after which DPC process of different executive cadres will be started.
3. *corpus for 30% post retirement benefits* He informed proposal has been processed and sent for CMD approval through Dir (Fin).
4. *Term insurence*. He informed that LIC is offering very less insurence coverage,  so quotations are also being invited from private companies
5. *Nodal officer for covid19 cases* He said appointing one officer as nodal officer in one circle will not serve the purpose. All the GMs are nodal officer for thier area and they have to  cordinate and help thier staf.
6. *Extending the fecility of payment to the staff and officers @Rs10 for four wheeler and @Rs 5/- for two wheeler during covid 19 pandemic --He agreed to process the case for approval

30-05-2020 GS writes letter to CMD MTNL regarding preventive measures and facilities to the employees. <<<letter>>>
30-05-2020 Yesterday, GS discussed with Dir (Fin) regarding salary payment of May month, who informed that salary payment will not be paid on 31st May but is expected on 3rd or 4th June because of some financial adjustment.
GS discussed following issues with PGM(HR) on 26th May 2020

1-Allowing to reimburse fuel charges for attending office During Covid-19 --She said no decision has been taken till date on this issue.  It can be discussed with higher ups.                                                                      

2. Term insurance*--She informed that employees data required by LIC has been sent to it. Now LIC has to revert back with quotation.  She said today she will remind LIC for the same. 


3-- pension corpus for MTNL recruited employees.. She informed that concerned staff was on leave so case could not be prepared, now he has joined and he has been asked to work on it to prepare the proposal. 


4.. Pending DPCs in different executive cadres--She assured to start DPC process shortly.  I hv come to know that DPC calendar of last year's pending DPC is being prepared and DPCs will be conducted accordingly. 
We will keep pursuing  with the management at every level to see the settlement of pending issues and promotions in all disciplines of different executive cadres  at the earliest.


26-05-2020 Forum writes to CMD for settlement of various payments to VRS-2019 pensioners/normal retirees and other inordinately delayed issues, like Promotions in executive cadres, 30% corpus, term insurance, trg increment, salary on due date, extension of department quarters for retirees till 31st March 2021 in view of Covid 19 pandemic etc.

<<<Forum letter>>


25-05-2020 NCOA press release to oppose reckless and hasty move of govt to privatize public sector units.

<<press release>>

25-05-2020 NCOA appeals Hon'ble Prime Minister for stimulus package to CPSEs in covid 19


22-05-2020 Forum writes to Secretary, DOT regarding 5% IDA fixation of retired employees


22-05-2020 Forum writes to CMD regarding post retirement dues of VRS/ normal retirees


18-05-2020 GS writes letter to CMD regarding maintenance charge of Powai Quarters, Mumbai. <<letter>>
15-05-2020 GS discussed with Dir(HR) today regarding payment of salary of ACME staff. He informed that MTNL has paid dues to M/s ACME for the months of FEB and March. He gave direction to PGM(HR) to look into matter.
14-05-2020 CMD MTNL has formed A committee of three functional Directors of MTNL to look after the financial, operational, and technical affairs of MTNL. <<ORDER>>
12-05-2020 Meeting with Director (Fin)--GS along with CS Delhi met Director (Fin) today and discussed regarding post retirement dues of VRS optees and normal retired employees. GS conveyed the heart burning and discontentment of retired employees who have not received their dues like GPF, CPF, gratuity and full leave encashment. He informed that Trusts are not in a position to make full payments against the liabilities which they own because of their inability to sell their securities during this covid 19 crisis. Association pressed that it is the responsibility of MTNL management to make payment  of all dues to the retired employees. It is the internal matter of MTNL and trusts, employees should not suffer. Director (Fin) today asked all the Chairmen of  four trusts to give a presentation to CMD regarding their trusts conditions, so that management can take decision regarding payment of dues to retired employees. He also assured that appropriate steps will be taken to ensure the payment of pending dues of retired employees. GS pressed for early payment   of  left out partial payment  of EL encashment because sufficient amount is lying in EL trust. Dir (Fin) assured to consider it   
12-05-2020 Meeting with Director (Tech)--Today , GS along with CS Delhi met Director (Tech) and discussed on various issues related to the 4G wire less service tendering in BSNL/MTNL and hurdles being faced in this process and revenue generation in MTNL through land line services and also personal protection of employees against covid- 19  pandemic. Steps towards merger of MTNL & BSNL were also discussed.
12-05-2020 Discussion with PGM (HR)--GS discussed following issues with PGM (HR) today in continuation of yesterday's discussion with Director (HR) yesterday .
  1. Corpus for post retirement benefits to MTNL recruited officers/employees as per 2nd PRC recommendation--GS briefed her about the yesterday's discussion on this issue with Dir (HR) and asked her to put this case with her recommendation in the capacity of Chairperson of the committee formed for this purpose for further action. She assured that after discussion with Dir (HR) case will be put up shortly.
  2. Term insurance--She informed that after discussion with LIC, data of employees was sought from Delhi & Mumbai and same has been received which will be provided to LIC and LIC will give fresh quotation. GS has requested to expedite the process and take final decision at the earliest.
  3. Promotions in different executives cadres of all disciplines--GS expressed discontentment over the abnormal delay in processing the promotion cases of executives in different cadres of all streams. PGM(HR)  said post VRS restructuring of posts is to be done first before processing the promotion cases, which was delayed because of less staff presence in the office due to  lockdown after covid- 19 crisis outburst . She assured that process will be started shortly
  4. Payment of gratuity to the CPF optee employees who retired on normal superannuation or  through VRS--She informed that CPF trust has liquidated the securities of Rs 195 crore and securities of Rs 120/- crore are still to be liquidated which will earn losses if sold today.  So management has to take decision on this. 
11-05-2020- Discussion with Director (HR)--Today on 11-05-2020, GS discussed following issues with Director (HR)..
  1. Payment of dues of VRS optees/normal retirees like GPF, CPF, gratuity and left out partial EL encashment--He gave the brief explanation of the status of the various payments and asked GS to further discuss these  payment issues with Director (Fin) and CMD
  2. Promotions in various executive cadres:
  3.  Term insurance--He informed that PGM(HR) has been asked to expedite this issue and she is working on this.
  4. 30% corpus for post retirement benefits--GS informed him that only 2200 eligible executives and non executives are left out post VRS and requested for early settlement of this case. Dir (HR) said that he would ask the PGM(HR) to put up the case.
08-05-2020 EPFO issued order to MTNL regarding transfer of EPF Trust of MTNL to EPFO. <<<order>>>
05-05-2020 Meeting with ED, Delhi--GS along with CS, Delhi met ED on 04-05-2020 and discussed following issues-
  1. Sanitization of MTNL Delhi building and release more funds for purchase of mask, sanitizer etc to combat covid 19.
  2. Early and centralized payment of outsourced staff
  3. Area problems
  4. pending cases of VRS optees

ED assured to take appropriate actions on the issues raised by Association

27-04-2020 GS writes letter to CMD regarding GROUP LIFE INSURANCE for new entrants after 01/01/2013. <<<letter>>>
23-4-2020 FORUM of MTNL Unions and Associations writes letter to CMD to implement SOP issued by MHA to fight with COVID-19. <<<letter>>>
22-04-2020 FORUM of MTNL Unions and Associations writes letter to CMD to give Rs 2000/- to each employee for purchasing hand sanitizer, hand wash, gloves, mask etc .... <<<letter>>>
20-04-20 GS writes letter to CMD regarding TERM INSURANCE, 30% CORPUS AND TRAINING PERIOD INCREMENT. <<< LETTER>>>

GS writes letter to CMD regarding DPC in all cadres. <<< LETTER>>>

GS writes letter to CMD regarding DPC from AM(Fin) to DM(Fin). <<<LETTER>>>

20-04-20 Calculator cum TA form for reimbursement of TA in Lockdown period. Just download and fill the form. <<<calculator>>>
14-04-2020 Many Many Congratulations and welcome to Sh Praveen Kumar Purwar ji for taking charge of MTNL. <<<news>>>
07-04-2020 Pensioners who have not received pension for the month of Feb, 2020 are requested to send a copy of blank cheque with name, Employee number to whatsapp no. 9013133533. It is required for Delhi CCA.
07-04-2020 State-owned telecom firm MTNL has cleared all pending salaries till March and is now looking to resolve debt issues through asset monetisation, a top company official said on Monday. <<news>>
03-04-2020 FORUM writes letter to CMD MTNL regarding donation of one day salary to PM CARE fund. <<<letter>>>

GS writes letter to HONBL'E MOC regarding Rs 50 lakh term insurance in the line of health worker announce by Central govt to MTNL/BSNL employees. <<letter1>>  <<letter2>>

GS Sh Tomar ji writes letter to HONBL'E PMO as Secretary General (NCOA) regarding Rs 50 lakh term insurance in the line of health worker announce by Central govt to all workers involved in essential services. <<letter>> 

20-03-2020 Reliance Jio, which started tariff war by providing free calls and data service, has been seen to be competitive, so it has turned against free service. This trend of Jio has come to light after a proposal of BSNL and MTNL preparing for revival with the efforts of the government. The two government companies have suggested to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) that companies with less than 15% market share should be exempted from the minimum rate rules for phone calls and data. But, Jio has opposed it. <<news>>
20-03-2020 Union Communications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has stated that the Central Government could be very severe about Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) and it’s essential to have public sector undertakings within the discipline of telecommunications and that’s the reason the federal government A revival bundle has been introduced for them. <<news>>
19-03-2020 GS discussed with CMD about precautionary steps to be taken by MTNL against CORONA. Some of the actions have been taken as suggested by us two days back. Other measures will be decided after PM's address today at 8pm.
Regarding salary payment---He said one month salary will be paid on 21 Feb and another salary will paid few days after in this month only. He said all dues like GPF, leave encashment etc will be paid in this month only.

GS writes email and Whatsapp to CMD MTNL regarding CORONA:


ED Delhi/ Mumbai

Subject: Special arrangement to tackle COVID-19 Epidemic in MTNL


As whole nation is preparing to confront the epidemic on war footing. Our Hon'ble PM had already raised this issue at SAARC level. Disease has proved highly contagious and a global threat now. WHO had also raise full alarm declaring it an World Wide Epidemic

As MTNL is providing services in each nook and corner of City and all crowded public space. Delhi & Mumbai also have International and National level passenger transit terminals, Airport, Railways, Metro, Buses, Taxies carrying thousands of passengers daily. Under these circumstances people in Delhi & Mumbai are more prone to threat of COVID-19. MTNL being a public service provider at all these places, it's employee are more so.

In view of this, it is earnestly required that MTNL take suitable precautionary steps immediately and provide proper protective equipments to it's employee at work, fool proof arrangement for regular sanitizing the facilities and premises and closer of non-urgent public interactions at Sanchar Haats, NCR Counters, which can be worked online and telephonically, at least for the time being.

Please note that MTNL employee are already undergoing financial hardships and any untoward incident may trigger panic and impact of company revival efforts also.
V K Tomar

13-03-2020- GS, MEA had a discussion with CMD MTNL on 11th March 2020 regarding:

1. Salary payment: He said there is no visibility of fund availability for salary payment as on date, but after 16th March visibility of fund availability is expected

2. Provisional Pension to VRS optees in Delhi Zone : GS informed him that CCA Delhi Zone is not releasing provisional pension to VRS optees as per DOT instruction while Mumbai CCA has released. MEA has written to Secy DoT and CMD MTNL in this respect bt nothing has been done. GS requested CMD to talk to Secretary in this respect.

3.  Regular Promotions in All Executive cadres: GS asked CMD to issue the regular promotion orders in all executive cadres. CMD assured action but after March.

09-03-2020 GS writes to Secretary, DOT and CMD MTNL regarding payment of provisional pension to MTNl Delhi unit VRS optee employees .


09-03-2020 May this festival of colors fill colors in your life. To every shade of you, MEA wishes happy and colorful holi to all MEA office bearers, members and  family !
05-03-2020 GS writes letter to Secy DOT and CMD MTNL regarding payment of Jan and Feb 2020 salary before Holi. <<<letter>>>

EPF Higher Pension on full pay Case --

Writ petition No: 1134/2018 filed by NCOA/NCR in Hon Supreme Court on EPF full Pension case. Our members are to become party in the Hon Supreme Court.

Now Attorney General (AG) is appearing for EPFO which makes the case costly and very serious and we have to engage very senior Advocates to the match the stature of AG. AG pleaded in the last sitting to hear and decide the SLP and Review Petition filed by the EPFO before hearing our petition and other SLPs. After hearing AG, Hon SC agreed to his plea.

Now the Advocate on Record (AOR) agreed to add new applicants in the petition with a fee of Rs 200/- per applicant. The list of applicants with details are to be given to the AOR latest by 05.03.2020 so that he can file the documents with the list of applicants in the Hon SC before the next hearing date. The next date of hearing is likely to be on 13.03.2020.

In the case of R C Gupta case (judgment dated 04.10.2016), EPFO has taken the stand that the benefits will be limited to the applicants alone. NCOA and NCR is trying its level best for a general judgment, applicable for all but our AOR advised us not to take any risk at this last moment and make all the members party by name.

 CSs, ASs and other office bearers are required to collect the information from the members and mail to CHQ urgently.  The amount of Rs 200/- each from Direct recruited and pro-rata opted officers who wish to be named in the case can be remitted to the CHQ account.

The format is also given.

EPF case data details

undertaking must be submitted with fees.

29-02-20 Meeting with ED, Delhi--GS, MEA Sh V K Tomar & GS, MTNL Mazdoor Sangh, Sh Dharamraj Singh met ED Delhi on 24th Feb,  PGM(O) was also present in the meeting . Forum representatives briefed him about the problems being faced in maintaining the services due to shortage of staff, both  executives and non executives and also non availability of the vehicles, required material  and funds for even petty works.

Representatives also informed him about the delay in sending the service books of the VRS optee employees because of shortage of staff in finance wing, and expressed the  heartburning of retired employees/officers, who are neither getting pay nor pension and running pillar to post to get their PPO/ pension settled but are not able to get it done in the absence of service books which are yet to be sent to CCA from MTNL.

ED sought information from all area GMs who informed that 2 or 3 employees are deputed in each area for pension related activities. But information was not available regarding non revenue units like HQ, IT, SS, etc  . After our pleading, it was agreed that some more staff will be deployed to complete the pension related work.

It was also agreed that some more non executive staff say about 100 will be outsourced for field units and also to meet the requirement of other GM units where staff has not been outsourced. Regarding vehicles, ED informed that inspite of making old payment of venders, no vendor is ready to provide vehicles, but he assured that efforts will be made to arrange the vehicles as early as possible. Regarding store items, he assured immediate action on his part.

View Media Reports:


24-02-2020 Meeting with PGM(HR) : GS, Sh V K Tomar along with AGS Shri Sunil Sonkar & CS , Delhi Shri Sunil Kumar met PGM(HR) today and had detailed discussion on following issues-
  1. Out sourcing of staff through MS/ACME--Association brought to her knowledge  the problem being faced by the units in getting the staff through the ACEMA and sought some clarifications which she clarified. She also said this tender of outsourcing of manpower  is for few months and maintenance tenders are required to be decided by units at the earliest.
  2. Regular Promotions in all executive cadres of different wings( -- Association raised this issue and pleaded for conducting  DPCs for promotions at the earliest to motivate the executives at this juncture when after VRS one executive has to take the work load and responsibility of many executives. She assured that pending DPCs will be conducted now.
  3. Promotions from AM to DM in  Fin/HR/Mktg wing--Association raised this issue and demanded promotion of left out  officers by converting LICE quota into SCF--She was not agreeing on this proposal but regarding HR/Mktg wing promotions, She gave a option of merging these  wings with Telecom wing and give promotion in this stream where there is no shortage of vacancies in DM cadre. This merger will be optional. There is no such cadre in BSNL so it may become the dead cadre after merger of MTNL with BSNL.   
  4. Promotion of civil/elect wing non engineering graduate  SDE To EE--This issue was discussed in detailed. She informed that some case is pending on this issue which is to be further discussed  with the concerned officer dealing this issue
  5. 30% corpus creation for pension fund of MTNL recruited employees--This issue was discussed in length. PGM(HR) informed that total 2347 employee/officers are left out post VRS in this category  and the case of 30% corpus will be take up after some time. 
  6. Medical policy of VRS optees--PGM(HR)  informed that retired employees have been given two options, one CGHS and another is through insurance company. any one can  exercise option for insurance company by the end of February 2020
  7. Transfer of EPS trust to EPFO-- She informed that MTNL has conveyed the willing ness to EPFO to transfer the trust and asked for modalities and other formalities to transfer it to EPFO
View Media Reports:
21-02-20 Meeting with ED Delhi

GS along with Circle Secy Delhi Sh Sunil Kumar and other office bearers met ED Delhi on 17-02-20 to discuss the different points ie shortage of staff, vehicle, imprest/ Ty advance, principle employer issue , shortage of drop wire , instrument etc enquired and raised by our Delhi  office bearers for smooth running of services. In a long meeting ED assured to take all possible steps as suggested by association for proper maintaining the services.


21-02-20 Meeting with director (T)

GS along with other office bearers met Dir (T) on 16th Feb to discuss the post VRS scenario and raised various problems faced in Delhi & Mumbai units in maintaining the services and also suggested various measures to improve the services 

17-02-2020 GS writes letter to CMD regarding regular promotions of executives in all cadres in post VRS scenario. <<letter>>

GS writes letter to CMD regarding regular promotions of Marketing executives. <<letter>>

07-02-2020 Today, GS had a discussion with CMD regarding salary payment and post VRS MTNL service maintenance . He informed that efforts are being made to arrange the funds for salary payment but exact date can not be predicted. Dir ( Fin) informed that Presidential approval for Rs 500/- crore loan from bank is being pursued with DoT for arranging funds for salary.

In respect of managing services, CMD said he has approved contract for hiring field staff, drivers/ guards, and now units will manage the required man power.
07-02-2020 MTNL और BSNL को लेकर मोदी सरकार का बड़ा ऐलान, कभी बंद नहीं होंगी दोनों कंपनियां.   <<news>>
31-01-2020 We wish a very happy retirement to all our members who are retiring from service after opting VRS or on their superannuation on 31st Jan, 2020. Thank you for everything you’ve done for MEA directly and indirectly. You will be missed at work place, but never forgotten.

Retiring does not mean that we will lose touch, rather we will have stronger bond and keep working together for the welfare of serving and retirees officers. May you have a relaxing new chapter ahead where you will have unlimited time to enjoy your life. We hope you have a wonderful retirement!

May all your future dreams come true and may your life be filled with joy and happiness.

Retirement doesn’t mean the end of your active life. You can do the things that you’ve always wanted to enjoy it! 

Happy Retirement. We are always with you.

29-01-2020 Comrade Sh Prashant Kumar Ji, Ex Area Secretary (West), Delhi donated Rs 5000/- to MTNL Executives' Association on retirement on VRS. We wish his healthy and happy retired life.
29-01-2020 MTNL CO issued order regarding expenditure on retirement. <<order>>

MTNL CO order regarding expenditure towards farewell on retirement for  Rs 2000/- per employee. <<<order>>>

29-01-2020 ED Mumbai issued LA Promotion order in the grade of DGM(Telecom). <<order>>

ED Delhi issued LA Promotion order in the grade of DGM(Telecom). <<order>>

24-01-2020 Comrade Sh Dilawar Ali Ji, Ex Area Secretary ( WS), Delhi donated Rs 5000/- to MTNL Executives' Association on retirement on VRS. We wish his healthy and happy retired life.
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17-01-2020 Meeting with PGM(HR)--- GS along with DGS, Sh D P S Chaudhary, CS, Delhi Shri Sunil Kumar & AGS Shri Satyavir Singh met PGM(HR) on 16th Jan, 2020 and discussed following issues
  1. Stopping of exgratia payment to those whose court/ vig cases pending-- Association argued that ex-gratia payment should not be stopped in the cases in which their is no court case against employees but employees have made court case against management/ govt to get their benefits, because in such cases in any condition employees are not going to be punished, so their is no ground to stop their ex-gratia (cases like 206 seniority, pro-rata optees or individual cases). PGM (HR) said that all these decisions have been taken in consultation of DOT decision can't be reviewed without DOT consent.
  2.  RSTC retention extension for VRS optees--Association raised this issue for issuing common order for retention of RSTC . She said that EDs are authorized for the same and issue can be discussed with both the EDs.
  3. Pending DPCs of different executive cadres- Association pressed for immediate conducting DPCs in different executive cadres. She said DPCs will be conducted after reviewing the post VRS  vacancy position and process will be started in February only.
  4. CGHS entitlement for pro-rata optees on the basis of last drawn pay instead of pay at the time of opting pro-rata pension--She said that instructions in this respect are to be issued by DOT and MTNL has no problem. Case will be discussed in DOT
  5. Some other individual cases were discussed
10-01-2020 Meeting with ED Delhi-- GS along with CS, Delhi Shri Sunil Kumar, DGS, Shri D P S Chaudhary, Circle President, Shri Arun Dixit, AGS, Shri Satyavir Singh & AGS, Shri Sunil Sonkar met ED, Delhi Shri Harvesh Bhatia on 9th January,20 and discussed regarding maintenance of services and other issues

           Association raised concern about maintenance of services after 31st January,20 when VRS optee staff will be relieved and there will be acute shortage of staff to maintain the services. He was apprised of the views of Delhi Circle CEC regarding difficulties in maintaining services post VRS and delay in restructuring & outsourcing of staff.

ED agreed with the anticipated challenges in maintenance of services post after 31st January and explained the action taken by management in this regard. He informed that in accordance of Plan A, out sourcing tender for maintenance of transmission services has been floated and another tender for maintenance of copper services will be floated in couple of days.    

And in accordance of Plan B, requirement of staff for maintaining services till plan A becomes operative has been sent to Corporate office, where HR wing is working on that. It is being planned to take man power through Govt Portal GEM. He said efforts are being made to bring out source staff by 21 Jan so that one week overlapping can be there to make new staff acquainted with the work of job.

He also said that about 40 executives from BB, IT, WS will be sent to field areas shortly. And regarding posting of DGMs in different areas, he  said that required eligible officers are not available, so a case for approval from CO to give charge of DGMs to SDEs on seniority basis has been sent to corporate office and orders will be issued after this approval shortly. Association has asked ED to decision and issue orders so that 15 days overlapping can be done to get new staff/officers acquainted with new work of Job.

Association also raised the issue of providing vehicle to field officers to make proper mobility of officers to maintain the services properly. He agreed with and assured to make arrangement of vehicles.

Regarding guarding the building and RSUs, he said that RSUs will be guarded by the staff of electrical wing who are their in every building to maintain electrical services, he also said that requirement of more driver and guards has been sent to corporate office.

Pending issues of VRS optee officers were also discussed. ED assured early decision on that.


07-01-2020 Massive Lunch Hour demonstration at ED Delhi office, K L Bhawan, and ED, Mumbai Office, Prabhadevi House for the early payment of all pending salaries and other legitimate issues. <<<photos>>>
07-01-2020                     Today's Lunch hour Demonstration

All are requested to attend lunch hour demonstration at Corporate Office , New Delhi & Prabhadevi, Mumbai today ie 07-01-2020 in large number to press for the settlement of issues raised by Forum including salary payment with arrear, pension revision, 30% corpus, 3rd PRC etc.

06-01-2020 After long persuasion of MEA MTNL CO issued order regarding all pending training exemption for VRS optees. <<<order>>
04-01-2020 Shri Harvesh Bhatia, PGM (LS&WS) has taken over the charge of ED, Delhi after Shri S P Rai, ED Delhi was relieved to join his new assignment on promotion. We assure our support and cooperation to Shri Bhatia at this crucial juncture when there is big challenge to maintain the services post VRS. Hope things will be better in his leadership in MTNL Delhi 
04-01-2020 Meeting with CMD--GS, MEA, Shri V K Tomar and GS, MTNL MS, Shri Dharamraj Singh met CMD on 2nd January and had a detailed discussion on salary payment and implementation of  revival plan particularly out sourcing tenders of maintenance of service after 31st January. CMD informed that loan is being arranged for salary for which Secretary, DOT has intervened and regarding out sourcing tenders, he informed that both the tenders of copper and fiber are ready and will be uploaded on the site in a day or two. Plan B also has been prepared for maintaining services till plan A is practically implemented.  
04-01-2020 MEA & MTNL MS representatives met  Senior officers of MTNL/BSNL, DOT & Hon'ble Minister on new year to greet them and had brief discussion with ED, CMD, Jt Secretary, Secretary and Minister of Communication on implementation of revival plan of MTNL at the earliest. We also met to CMD , BSNL and had a discussion on merger of MTNL & BSNL. All the officers and Hon'ble Minister of Communication were positive and hoped revival of MTNL in the coming days. 
04-01-2020 It is for the information of CPF VRS optees only (service less than 10 years) to fill the below mentioned annexure for availing indoor medical insurance CGHIS facility, OPD card for VRS CPF optees will be prepared after their retirement. These CPF VRS optees are not eligible for CGHS. it is a category of direct recruitees. Kindly submit the above mentioned annexure duly filled in medical section room no.321 atK. L. bhawan before 10 January 2020. <<LETTER>>


CEC of MTNL EA Delhi Circle will be held on 6th January 2020 Monday at 2 pm in Room No. 555, Kidwai Bhawan New Delhi to discuss the restructuring and other posts-VRS issues. All CHQ , Circle Office Bearers , Area Secretaries , Div. Secretaries, and CEC members of Delhi Circle are requested to kindly attend the CEC.



Forum of MTNL Unions and Association ( MTNL EA & MTNL MS)  organised Lunch hour demonstrations at GM offices in Delhi and Mumbai today.  At ED MTNL ND office a very well gathering of executives & employees (working in the offices near Janpath)  demonstrated  for the issues of non-payment of 3 months salary and others.

The pics of the Delhi/Mumbai demonstrations are in below link .........  <LINK>


Forum representatives, Sh V K Tomar, GS, MEA, Shri Dharamraj Singh, GS, MTNL MS, Shri Ratnesh Kumar, SG, ITEF, DGS, Shri D P S Chaudhary and Jt Secretary, Shri Pawan Dixit met   Shri Ravishankar Prasad, hon'ble Minister of Communication & IT on new year  and had a discussion on implementation of revival plan of MTNL. He was very positive and hoped MTNL/BSNL will be revived shortly



02-01-2020- Meeting with Addl Secretary DOT--Ms Aneeta Praveen, 1989 batch IAS officer has joined as Addl Secretary, DOT. GS Sh V K Tomar along with GS, MTNL MS, Shri Dharamraj Singh, Dy GS Shri D P S Chaudhary & AGS, Shri Satyavir singh greeted her on 30h December, 19 and had a detailed discussion on various issue related to revival of MTNL, Post VRS scenario and payment of last three months salary. She gave patient hearing and said that DOT is engaged on all issues related to revival of MTNL/BSNL and step by step all decisions of cabinet will be implemented. Regarding salary payment she said that raising bond of Rs 6500/  crore is taking some time, but funds for salary is being arranged from banks for which Finance Secretary is being requested by Secretary DOT. She also said that efforts are being made to clear all salary dues by 31st January.

26-12-19 Forum of MTNL UNIONS and ASSOCIATION ( MTNL EA & MTNL MS) has given a protest action plan for payment of salary, long pending issues of employees and fast forward revival of MTNL.

The program includes  -

3rd Jan 2020  -- Lunch hour demonstrations at all GM offices

7th Jan 2020 -- Lunch hour demonstration at MTNL CO & ED Mumbai offices.

Please click the following link for viewing the letter ....... <notice>

14-12-19 Meeting with GM(HR)---GS along with DGS, Shri D P S Chaudhary & AGS, Shri Sunil Sonkar met GM(HR) and discuused following issues
  1. Post VRS restructuring--GM(HR) informed that Delhi & Mumbai units are working on restructuring of staff and will decide in their MCMs and finally it will be placed in the board meeting on 21st December for its information and approval.
  2. Exemption of all pending mandatory trainings of financial upgradation for VRS optees--Association informed her that their are VRS optee officers who could not undertake mandatory training for one or more than one financial up gradation for one or another reason, so all mandatory trainings be exempted for these VRS optee officers or they should be given these mandatory training before 31-01-2020. She said that relaxation in clause 1(f) of promotion policy to exempt mandatory training is already given to the employees who are retiring within two years from the date of upgradation and same has been extended to VRS optees. We clarified her that exemption through this letter is for last training only not for earlier pending trainings. After meeting with GM(HR), GS met CMD and briefed this issue, but detailed discussion could not held because he was leaving to attend STPI board meeting. This issue will be deliberated further with the CMD to find the solution.
  3. Expedition of Vig/ other cases of VRS optees-- Association asked her to get the pending cases of VRS optees expedited and take decision before 31-01-2020. She informed that both the units have been asked to expedite such cases and take decision at the earliest and reminder will be sent in a day or two.     
View Media Report:


10-12-19 IMPORTANT NOTE for all the employees opting for VRS / Going to retire within 3 months ::

Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has decided for the central government employees to apply for the issue of pensioner's CGHS cards, 3 months before their date of retirement. The official interested in availing CGHS facility will have to complete the following formalities ::

1. Fill up the prescribed Pensioner's CGHS form
2. Affix stamp sized photos of the entitled family members.
3. Enclose DD / Pay Order for the appropriate amount payable to PAO, CGHS at New Delhi.
4. Last pay certificate (Provisional).
5. Last pay slip.
6. Photo copy of Identity Proof.
7. Vigilance clearance.


# Application for the issue of Pensioner's CGHS Card is to be signed by the Unit Officer and C/S by Dy. Manager (Medical) HQ, K. L. Bhawan, ND.
# The validity of Pensioner's CGHS Card will start from the last day service of the official.

Enclosures ::

# Prescribed Form for Pensioner's CGHS Card.
# IDA to CDA Pay Matrix for the purpose of deciding CGHS contribution and Ward Entitlement.
# Application for issue of Pensioner's CGHS Card.

<<CGHS1>>        <<CGHS2>>         <<CGHS3>>  

10-12-19 VRS related orders:


09-12-19 Meeting with CMD--GS along with DGS and CS Delhi met CMD and discussed about post VRS restructuring . CMD informed about the merger of  some GM units and reporting of AM/DM/SM to DGMs.  We objected on reducing the promotion prospects of executives by merging the reporting hierarchy and demanded that SM be retained as functional hierarchy cadre.   He said that in view of post VRS drastic reduction in manpower this interim arrangement is being made to run the services, and HR policy will be totally reviewed after some time. He also informed that tenders will be floated shortly for outsourcing the field staff and maintenance of distribution lines and transmission lines.

We also asked him to conduct the pending DPCs in the executive cadres of different disciplines. But CMD does not want to conduct any DPC before 31 Jan 2020. After our insistence, he said that he will discuss with BSNL CMD and take decision accordingly. We will have to put pressure in BSNL and MTNL to get the DPCs conducted.

Some officers were requesting to withdraw their VRS option. We discussed this issue with CMD, who clearly denied to review any matter on VRS option. No such request will be considered.   

View Media Report:

29-11-19 Efforts are on to revive the public sector BSNL and MTNL and make them professional, the government informed Rajya Sabha on Thursday while noting that the VRS scheme for existing employees is receiving an encouraging response. <<< media news>>>
28-11-19 GS, MEA along with Dharamraj Singh, Gen Secy, MTNLMS met CMD MTNL on 27/11/2019 and discussed the following issues:

1. How services will be maintained after 31-01-2019, when VRS optee staff will be relieved. A detailed discussion was held on this issue.
2. Salary payment- He informed that SBI might have approved our loan today and salary may be paid on 1st or 2nd December 2019.
3. GPF payment-We expressed the concern of those who applied GPF withdrawal for their urgent need like children's marriage but not received any amount. CMD assured to release some amount for GPF withdrawal to meet requirement of such type of urgent cases along with salary fund.

28-11-19 MTNL CO issued orders regarding VRS related queries.

<<<FAQ>>>           <<<Message of GM HR>>>      <<<imp Dates>>>

23-11-19 CHQ Conference & Delhi conference was held on 15th and 16th November at Indian Social Institute, New Delhi.

Open Session was held on 15th November, 2019 which was addressed by Chief Guest Shri Sunil Kumar, CMD, MTNL, Shri S P Rai, ED, Delhi, GS, SNEA,  Shri K Sabestin, GS, MTNL MS Shri Dharamraj Singh & GS, RTWOA Shri S S Nanda. GS, MEA Shri V K Tomar in his inaugural address welcomed chief guest and guest of honors and briefed how this revival plan came in existence after lot of persuasion and struggle against bureaucratic will of not revving MTNL/BSNL so it was great achievement of MTNL/ BSNL unions to see the revival plan after 10 years struggle. Mere plan will not ensure revival but post VRS planning and efforts of management and employees will decide, but in any case, time ahead is going to be tough. GS appealed management to take care of issues of both the categories ie those who are opting VRS and those who will be left out, and also to ensure that services during transit period and also post VRS are maintained properly. GS also raised some issues of the employees for attention of CMD.

CMD in his address explained the VRS process in detail and clarified the queries raised by the delegates. Some  of points touched by CMD are as below: 

1.. To sell asset for covering loan in one year. 
2. Asset monetization target of Rs. 7000 crore in this year. 
3. 2400 employees each in Delhi / Mumbai will be left after taking VRS by all employees. 
4. Target of 14000 employees for VRS. 
5. 12300 have filled the form. 
6. Likely option of first cum first serve basis for VRS but will be final as per BSNL. Will be decided later on. 
 7. 1300 people in Delhi and 850 people in Mumbai above 56 years are left to still take VRS. 
8.. pension revision  will be applicable on VRS optees as well. 
9.. No liability can be created afresh on MTNL Houses, however final decision is yet to be taken to allow to reside in MTNL quarters after VRS. 
10. Size of exchanges and buildings will be reduced. 
11. Finance of MTNL  will be centralized. 
12. Outsourcing will be done. 
13. Redeployment can be done. But will be finalized
14. Same procurement strategy with BSNL
15. Salary burden will be 600 crores and 350 crores getting from rent. 
16. K. L. Bhawan will be handed over to I. Tax department. 
17. 6000 crores of assets will be demonetize which is approved by dot. 


 ED , Delhi Shri S P Rai stressed on maintenance of services and explained how staff will be restructured and out sourcing will be done.

Delegate session- GS, and Treasurer report were read out and passed unanimously.

In delegate session, many suggestions regarding post VRS were given by delegates which were noted for action by CHQ. details will be posted later. concern of  VRS optees were noted for clarification from DoT/ MTNL.

some decisions

  • A committee was formed to sell out Association's Mumbai flat.
  • MTNL has filed a case in Mumbai high court for Rs.1.5 crore dam rage from Associations/ Unions for causing service disruption during protest action for 78.2% fitment. MEA received notice from MTNL. Delegates unanimously passed that Association should fight and demand left out 4.4% fitment and 3rd PRC.
  •  Association should take up with the management to decide the post VRS scenario of restructuring of staff and other measures to run the services smoothly.
  • Promotion policy and other HR issues are to be taken up with the management immediately after VRS implementation.

Open session photo

delegate session photo


Election of new CHQ body was held. Shri P N Vasane, Shri V K Tomar & Shri Shailendra R Tripathi were elected as President, General secretary and Treasurer unanimously.

<< Newly elected CHQ Body>>

20-11-19 GS writes letter to CMD MTNL regarding NEW CHQ BODY elected in MEA CHQ Conference held on 16th November at ISI, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. <<<letter>>>
20-11-19 GS writes letter to CMD MTNL regarding shifting of increment date of VRS optees to Jan 2020. <<<letter>>>

GS writes letter to CMD MTNL regarding LA Promotion to VRS optees. <<<letter>>>

19-11-19 ED Delhi office issued Time Bound Financial up-gradation from E5 to E6 in Telecom Cadre. <<letter>>


MTNL Executive Association is organizing CHQ conference on 15 and 16 November 2019 at Indian Social Institute Lodhi Road, New Delhi as per the provisions of MTNL EA constitution. Delhi & Mumbai Circles have to elect delegates as per the provisions of the constitution and submit the list of the delegates to CHQ latest by 31 October 2019.

The agenda of the conference is as below -

15 November  - Pre CWC

16 November - Representative council and election of CHQ office Bearers for the next term.


The notification is attached please ....  <notification> 



Forum of MTNL ASSOCIATION & UNION ( MTNL EA and MTNL Mazdoor Sangh) has given protest action notice to Secretary DoT & CMD MTNL  regarding non-payment of salaries of August and September in MTNL and prolongation of  MTNL's revival / other issues.

The Protest plan is as below --

9,10 Oct -Hunger strike at DOT, Sanchar Bhawan 

10 Oct  -- Lunch Hour Demonstration at Sanchar Bhawan  &  ED Mumbai office.

16 Oct -- Candle march at 5:30 pm from India Gate to PMO Delhi &

                Azad Maidan to Governer House Mumbai  


The protest letter is attached as follows ............  <letter>


                                                MTNL/BSNL Revival                                      

  It is understood that the discussions held at PMO yesterday was very positive and an understanding was reached that BSNL/MTNL Revival is required and BSNL/MTNL can be Revived. Discussions are continuing on the implementation of Revival package.

Hopefully it will be concluded in another one week and proposal may go to the Cabinet for approval before Deepavali.

03-09-19 Meeting with CMD-- GS, Sh V K Tomar, CS Delhi, Sh Sunil Kumar, GS, MTNL MS Shri Dharamraj Singh,& President, MTNL MS Shri Mahavir Singh met CMD, MTNL today. Director (Fin) and GM, Shri Ashok Grover were also present in the meeting. Following issues were discussed.
  1. Payment of salary-- CMD said that he had informed Secretary, DoT through his letter dated 30-09-2019 that MTNL is on the verge of default on account of bank/ statutory obligations. He informed that he has asked Rs 380 crore adhoc amount from DOT out of Rs 824/-crore claim of MTNL towards DoT and proposed to pay  one month salary to MTNL employees. But there is no arrangement of funds till date to pay salary of one month.
  2. Revival of MTNL-- He informed that there was a meeting in Finance ministry on Friday in which he was also present. In this meeting, Finance Ministry officers did not appear positive towards MTNL/BSNL revival. He also informed that today also there is one meeting on MTNL/BSNL revival in PMO.
  3. Payment of GPF--non payment of GPF amount to retiress and withdrawal of GPF by serving employees was strongly taken up by forum representatives. CMD said that GPF amount of retirees wiill be paid shortly and for GPF withdrawal, a amount of  Rs 45 Crore will be released today against demand of Rs 250 crore from Delhi & Mumbai, so priority will be decided for GPF withdrawal by both the units on urgent need basis.
  4. Payment of LIC installments--MTNL has not paid installment of employees LIC  since march. This issue was strongly raised. director (Fin) asked the concerned officers and assured appropriate action
  5. DPC of Civil and finance streams--Issue of DPC for regular promotion for DGM(Civil) and DM(Fin) was discussed in length and it was stressed for early DPC.
  6. Other issues like retiring officers in the same post on which they are working in looking after arrangement and promotions in PSU hierarchy were also discussed.
  7. Forum representatives showed their concern on declining revenue and discussed ways and means to improve the revenue.
  8. Proposed action against WS, Delhi unit officers was also discussed in length and his intervention was sought to ensure that no action is taken against the WS wing officers.
27-09-19 ED MTNL ND office issued letter asking for CRs for DGM (Telecom) promotion on Look after basis. The letter is attached as followed ...   <letter>
PMO meeting on BSNL/MTNL revival---The meeting convened by Shri PK Mishra, Principal Secretary to the PM on BSNL /MTNL revival plan could not come to a conclusion today, mainly on the question of whether BSNL/MTNL revival is possible or not.

A group of 4 Secretaries is asked to study that matter in 4 to 5 days. If the meeting of Secretaries decides for revival, then method of funding like SPV will be discussed and decided.

26-09-19 MTNL CO  asks CRs for regular promotion to the E5 cadres of ---

(1)  Sr. Manager ( Telecom) ---    <letter>

(2)  Sr. Manager ( Electrcial) ---   <letter>

26-09-19 View Media Reports:
Telecom sector revenue slips 7%, licence fee falls over 10% in 2018: Trai.
Jio joins DEFER 5G SALE chorus of Airtel, Voda Idea.
26-09-19 Meeting with CMD, BSNL, Shri P K Purwar--- GS Shri V K Tomar along with AGS, Shri D P S Chaudhary, CS, Delhi Shri Sunil kumar & CT Shri Satyavir Singh met CMD, BSNL Shri P K Purwar on 25-09-19 and discussed the  revival issue of BSNL/MTNL. He informed that he along with DOT officers met Addl Secretary, PMO on 24-09-19 and briefed him about the whole issue and same day in the evening Secretary, DOT met Principal secretary to PM, Shri P K Mishra, and it was decided that a full meeting on this issue will be held on Thursday evening at 5 PM in PMO under the chairmanship of Principal Secretary in which all concerned Secretaries will participate .
26-09-19 Meeting with Director (T)--  GS Shri V K Tomar along with AGS, Shri D P S Chaudhary, CS, Delhi Shri Sunil kumar & CT Shri Satyavir Singh met  Director (T) on 24-09-19 and had a detailed discussion on revival issue and improvement in MTNL services
26-09-19 Meeting with Dir (Fin)-- GS along with AGS, Sh D P S Chaudhary, CS, Shri Sunil kumar  CT Shri Satyavir Singh met Director (Fin) on 24-09-19 and discussed regarding salary and GPF payment. He informed that GPF payment will be made shortly and efforts are being made to arrange funds for salary but he was not in a position to tell the exact time of payment. He also informed that a loan of Rs 250/ - crore has been arranged but 190 crore out of this loan will be spent on  another bank installment and rest of the money will be utilized for paying electricity bills and other essential payments to run the services.


18-09-19 Delhi Unit Financial upgradation DPCs , E5 to E6 and E6 to E7 are to be conducted in the last week of September. All are requested to send their CRs by 23rd September urgently.
18-09-19 Meeting with ED, Delhi--GS along with CS Shri Sunil kumar & AGS , Shri D P S Chaudhary met ED on 17-09-19 and discussed the issue of WS Delhi unit and some individual cases which are to settled before proposed VRS. 
18-09-19 Meeting with GM(HR)--GS along with AGS, Shri D P S Chaudhary & Jt Secretary Shri R S Maan met GM(HR) Shri Sandeep Keskar  on 13-09-19 who has taken the charge of GM(HR) in place of  Mrs Meena Chauhan who has gone on two months leave. Issues pertaining to Executives were brought to the knowledge of new GM(HR) and asked him to expedite the DPCs for regular promotion in executive cadres to fill all vacant vacancies in view of proposed VRS.

Massive Lunch Hour Demonstration at Sanchar Bhawan on 12 September 2019

MTNL Executive Association alongwith MTNL Mazdoor Sangh Delhi  ( Under the Banner FORUM OF MTNL UNIONS & ASSOCIATIONS ) & Mahanagar Kamgar Sangh Mumbai held a massive Lunch hour demonstration at DoT, Sanchar Bhawan on 12th September 2019. The Demonstration was unprecedented and attended by more than 8-9 thousands Executives/Employees. In addition to prominent speakers Sh. V.K.Tomar ( GS MEA) & Sh. Dharmraj ( GS MMS) also addressed the gathering.

During the above demonstration Joint Secretary (T) called the representatives of the forum . All the issues raised by forum were discussed in length and during the discussions Jt. Secy.(T) has assured to release the salary for AUGUST at the earliest. Regarding  other issues like 3rd PRC , SPV , Merger with BSNL, , pension revision etc. he told that they will be taken up at appropriate level.

Similarly Lunch hour demonstration were also held in MTNL Mumbai too.


The Snaps of the demonstration are in below link ...... <<Link>>  



Fight for Right

All are appealed to participate in full strength in Dharna and lunch hour demonstration at

 Corporate Office on 9th September 2019

and Lunch hour demonstration at

Sanchar Bhawan on 12th and 13th September 2019

for payment of salary and other issues raised by Forum

04-09-19 Meeting with Secretary DOT-

GS, MEA, Shri V K Tomar, AGS, Shri DPS Chaudhary, CS, Delhi, Shri Sunil Kumar, GS, MTNLMS, Sh Dharamraj Singh, President, MTNLMS, Shri Mahavir Singh met Secy, DOT yesterday. Jt Secretary(Adm) was also present in the meeting. Following issues were discussed.

1. Disbursement of salary of July and August month: Secy informed that he has asked CMD to pay July salary immediately and arrangement of fund will be made shortly.
2. 3rd PRC before VRS: Detailed discussion was held but he said that as per DPE guideline on affordability condition and finance ministry's view on MTNL/ BSNL as well as financial condition of MTNL does not allow to consider it ,and if at all 3rd prc process is started at this moment than whole process of revival will be jeopardize because finance ministry will not consider any thing who is raising many queries on VRS payment.
3. Creation of SPV: He said that it was proposal of DoT but PMO did not agree so other way of land monetization is being considered.
4.Non requirement of 4G: He argued that 4G is not viable option for MTNL, so we don't require it and asked him to consider our proposal already submitted to him. He asked Joint Secretary to discuss this with MTNL management
5.Revision of pension by delinking it with pay revision: Secy was of the opinion that pension will be revised after pay revision. we have stressed to delink it with pay revision.
6. 5% fitment to retired employees: Jt secy informed that file is with him and he will clear shortly.

A detailed discussion was held on how we can increase revenue through FTTH in the light of launching of Jio fiber. Further discussions will be held with DoT and MTNL management. Counting of casual service and corpus for post retirement benefits were also discussed. Secy asked us to have a detailed discussion with Jt Secy. cabinet note on revival will be sent in next cabinet meeting.


04-09-19 BSNL, MTNL likely to get 4G spectrum worth Rs 20,000 crore: <<news>>
03-09-2019 FORUM OF MTNL UNIONS & ASSOCIATIONS ( MTNL EA & MTNL Mazdoor Sangh)  writes to ---

(A) Secretary (Telecom) & CMD MTNL, for Protest notice against non-payment of salaries and other issues ( w.e.f. 9 September 2019).....  <letter>

(B) Hon'ble MoC  regarding resolution of urgent issues before finalization of  Revival of MTNL/BSNL..................................................  <letter>

(C) CMD MTNL regarding the queries of MTNL Executives/Employees regarding VRS. ...............................................................................  <letter>      

28-08-19 ED Delhi office issued order regarding one step higher quarters. <<<letter>>>

ED Delhi office issued order regarding Rs 200 concession on FFTH plans for MTNL employees. <<<letter>>>


ED MTNL ND office has called for APAR's of the Officers ( Technical) for Time Bound promotions ---

(i)  From E5 to E6 ......... click the link for list  <List>

(ii)  From E6 to E7 ......... click the link for list < List>


All office bearers must ensure that the APARs of all the listed Officers should be received to SDE (DPC) HQ at the earliest to conduct DPC in the month of September.


 MEETING WITH  Hon'ble Minister of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, Shri Arvind Sawant ji

Today, a meeting of MTNL Unions and Associations on MTNL revival was held in the office of Hon'ble Minister of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, Shri Arvind Sawant. Secretary DoT and Chairman Telecom Commission , Shri Anshu Prakash was also present in the meeting.

Issues like creation of SPV to make MTNL debt free, merger of MTNL/BSNL,  implementation of 3rd PRC before offering VRS and reduction of retirement age from 60 to 58 were discussed. We are thankful to Shri Arvind Sawant for his sincere efforts for MTNL / BSNL revival. 


The minutes of the meeting of PMO is also attached  below ... <MoM>

22-08-19 Meeting with CMD, MTNL--GS, MEA, Shri V K Tomar,  MTNLMS, GS, Shri Dharamraj Singh , President Shri Mahavir Singh & CS, MEA Shri Sunil Kumar met CMD on 21-08-19 and discussed the outcome of the PMO meeting on MTNL revival. CMD gave detailed  insights of the meeting discussion which we have already updated. Forum representatives expressed their concern on disapproval of PMO on SPV & MTNL & BSNL merger and approval of  reduction in retirement age and non consideration of 3rd PRC. He again said that only Secretary and Minister can take the call of these issues    A detailed discussion on post VRS scenario was also done.

CMD said that, cabinet note is being redrafted in DOT is expected to be placed in cabinet meeting on 28th August. 

Regarding salary payment he informed that he is pursuing in DOT and arrangement of funds is being done there, but it will take some more time.     

21-08-19 PMO may go ahead with BSNL, MTNL revival package.  <<media news>>
Meeting at PMO on MTNL/BSNL Revival Plan on 20.08.2019:

Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister, Shri Nripendra Mishra called a meeting today in PMO to discuss the draft Cabinet Note on Revival of MTNL/BSNL.
1. 4G proposal accepted as 100% capital infusion.

2. VRS proposal followed by retirement age reduction to 58 accepted.

3. Proposal for SPV for land monetization and transfer of MTNL/BSNL loan NOT accepted.
4.MTNL/ BSNL land monetization proposal accepted. It will be monitored by a Committee consisting of MTNL/BSNL, DoT and DIPAM.
5. BSNL and MTNL merger proposal dropped.

Revised Cabinet Memo will be going to the Cabinet directly, most probably next week.

19-08-19 Today, Joint Forum representatives were called by CMD, MTNL and briefed about the efforts being made by MTNL management to pay the salary of July month and to ensure timely payment of salary every month. He informed that things are going positive in DOT to arrange funds and there is a meeting in PMO tomorrow on revival issue to discuss the queries of Finance and expenditure department. In view of detailed discussion on all issues, Forum decided that hunger strike programme at CO and ED, Mumbai office will be deferred and new programme if required will be communicated shortly.

Issue of 3rd PRC also discussed in length. CMD was also of the view that it should have been there in cabinet note and said that now MTNL management can't do any thing but, only Secretary, DOT and Minister can help. He asked Forum representatives to meet Secretary and Minister to get 3rd PRC included in cabinet note .


8-8-2019 Third Day-Full Day Dharna & Lunch hour Demonstration at ED MTNL, KL Bhawan  ND office - dated  8 August 2019

The third day dharna and Lunch hour demonstration of MTNL EA & MTNL Mazdoor Sangh  is carried out today , which is very well attended ( more than the first two days) by executives and non-executives.


Second Day-Full Day Dharna & Lunch hour Demonstration at ED MTNL, KL Bhawan  ND office - dated  7 August 2019

The MTNL EA & MTNL Mazdoor Sangh have organized  a full day Dharma and  Lunch hour demonstration ( attended by apprx. 800 Employees & Executives) at ED MTNL, KL Bhawan  ND office to press the MTNL /DoT management for timely payment of salaries/PRC/other issues. During the demonstration the top Office Bearers of Union & Association addressed the gathering. This is the second day of this phase of programme involving 3-days Dharna.

Similar well attended Dharna & demonstration programme are also held in ED Mumbai MTNL Office also.



Full Day Dharna & Lunch hour Demonstration at ED MTNL, KL Bhawan  ND office - Dated 6 August 2019

The MTNL EA & MTNL Mazdoor Sangh have organized  a full day Dharma and  Lunch hour demonstration ( attended by apprx. 900 Employees & Executives) at ED MTNL, KL Bhawan  ND office to press the MTNL /DoT management for timely payment of salaries/PRC/other issues. During the demonstration the top Office Bearers of Union & Association addressed the gathering. This is the first day of this phase of programme involving 3-days Dharna.

Similar well attended Dharna & demonstration programme are also held in ED Mumbai MTNL Office.


MASSIVE demonstration at Sanchar Bhawan OF 5th August 2019

MTNL Executive Association alongwith MTNL Mazdoor Sangh held a massive Demonstration ( attended by apprx. 8000-9000 MTNL Delhi Employees) at Sanchar Bhawan. Association thanks all for making the demo programme  a historic one , which was never witnessed in our memory. This huge gathering has given right message to the DoT establishment that our legitimate issues can  not be ignored.

Gen.Secy. MTNL EA Sh. V. K. Tomar , Gen. Secy. MMS Sh. Dharamraj ,  Gen.Secy. BMS Sh. Brajesh Upadhyay and Gen Secry. Retired MTNL Officers Association Sh. Nanda addressed the gathering in addition to other prominent speakers.

After demonstration, the leaders submitted the memorandum of issues to the Joint Secretary Depart. of Telecom. and held discussion with him , in which all the  issues ( including timely payment of salary, PRC etc.) were broadly deliberated. Jt. Secy (DoT) was also asked for fixing a meeting with Secretary Telecom to discuss their plan for MTNL employees.  Leaders strongly put forth their stand , that  MTNL employees under this leadership will continue to stage protest till all the issues of MTNL employees are resolved. 

In MTNL Mumbai today MTNL EA with MTNL Kamgar Sangh held a  demonstration at ED MTNL Mumbai office, which was a grand success and despite heavy rains in Mumbai.

Delhi demo pics  ------ >

Mumbai demo pics ---->

<<<click for more pictures>>>

Media coverage of Demonstration programmer  ---

1.   Economics Times --  MTNL employees stage protest for non-payment of wages, pension

2. Financial Express-   MTNL staff protest non-payment of salaries.

3. Hindustan -    वेतन, पेंशन का भुगतान नहीं होने के खिलाफ में एमटीएनएल स्टाफ का प्रदर्शन

View Media Report:

2-08-19 5th August, 2019---Lunch hour demonstration at Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi

All the Executives and non executives are appealed to ensure their 100 % participation in the above LUNCH HOUR Demonstration at Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi and ED office Mumbai. Office bearers have to ensure that no executive and non executive is left behind in offices. Bring all employees and officers to Sanchar Bhawan and ED Mumbai Office at lunch hour to press govt and MTNL management for our very legitimate right of payment of salary of two months immediately and other genuine issues. Now this is the time when we have to take every possible step for survival of our families.  Dont leave any stone unturned to make govt realize that now it the struggle of do and die in the situation when we are not able to feed our families. Nothing can be more important than survival of our families.

March on         March on       March on to SANCHAR BHWAN

29-07-19 Revised Cabinet Memo on BSNL/MTNL Revival plan based on Group of Ministers recommendation is approved by the Minister and circulated to other nodal Ministries on Friday, 26.07.19.
The proposal includes:
A. 4G spectrum by 100% capital infusion by Govt (total 14155 cr + 12% GST).
B. SPV for 23000 Cr MTNL loan (present loan 20000 + furture anticipated loan of 3000) take over with equivalent land parcel.
C. Land monetization for meeting MTNL/BSNL expansion jointly monitored by MTNL/BSNL, DoT and DIPAM.
D. Financial support for Rural Exchanges.
E. VRS for the employees above 50 years. After implementation of VRS, age reduction to 58.
i) Ex-gratia will be paid to the employees in cash, in single or
maximum 5 installments (optional) for Tax benefit.
ii) The formula will be: Ex-gratia+Pension OR 125% of the salary, which ever is less.
iii) For arranging money for VRS, MTNL will issue bonds to the public with sovereign guarantee of the Government of India. 50% of interest liability on bonds will be borne by Govt.
iv) Gratuity payment and commutation of pension after 5 years or attaining age of 60 as applicable. Gratuity payment WITH 8% interest.

V) Merger of BSNL and MTNL in a phased manner after addressing the contentious issues. Initially, debt free MTNL will become a subsidiary of BSNL.

26-07-19 Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations serves protest notice against non payment of salary and other critical issues.


  1. --Payment of june and July, 2019 salary by 31st July, 2019 and ensure regular payment of salary on due date of every month
  2. Implementation of 3rd PRC/ wage revision
  3. Pension revision of retired MTNL employees as per 7th CPC
  4. Counting of casual service period for pensionery benefits
  5. Consider our already conveyed proposals of MTNL revival


  1. 5th August, 2019---Lunch hour demonstration at Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi & o/o Executive Director, MTNL Mumbai
  2. 6th to 8th August , 2019-- Dharna at ED, MTNL Delhi & Mumbai Office
  3. 20th to 24th August, 2019---Relay Hunger strike at MTNL Corporate office & o/o ED, MTNL Mumbai



All are appealed to make all programmes a grand successful


26-07-19 Meeting with CMD, MTNL: MEA and MTNL MS office bearers met Shri Sunil Kumar, CMD, MTNL and greeted him for his new responsibility of CMD and wished that MTNL will perform better and come out from the present crisis in his leadership. Issues like improvement in services and diversification of business for generating more revenue were discussed. CMD sought support of Association/Union and hoped that our united efforts will improve the condition of MTNL.

regarding salary payment, he said that there are no funds available with MTNL and efforts are being made with DOT to arrange the funds, but at present nothing is clear. 

He also informed that MTNL loan restructuring of Rs 20000/- crore is being increased to 23000/ crore in cabinet note so that this additional 3000/ crore can be utilized in interim period for clearing liabilities and other expenditure till the revival plan takes final shape. 

26-07-19 Shri Sunil Kumar, Dir (HR) has been given additional Charge of CMD, MTNL. We congratulate him.
23-07-19 ED Delhi office issued endorsement order of regular promotion in the cadre of DM(Telecom). Congratulations to all promoted officers. <<order>>
23-07-19 It is understood that the Group of Ministers suggested considering VRS for the employees above 50 years of age. Accordingly the draft Cabinet note will be modified and circulated to the nodal ministries by this week end. Earlier proposal was VRS for the employees above the age of 55.
23-07-19 MTNL CO office issued provisional seniority list of JAOs. <<list>>

Congratulations! Congratulations!

ED Delhi office issued DE Look After arrangement of 47 SDEs in Telecom Cadre. <<order>>

Meeting with Hon’ble MOC & IT Shri Ravishankar PrasadToday (15-07-19), GS, MEA, Shri V K Tomar & GS, MTNLMazdoor Sangh (BMS) Shri Dharamraj Singh met Shri Ravishankar Prasad, Hon’ble Minister of Communication & IT at his Office in Parliament and discussed about nonpayment of salary to MTNL employees and revival of MTNL. A detailed discussion was held on all the issues and it was emphatically stressed that payment of salary should be made at the earliest because lot of hardship is being faced by employees and their families due to delay payment of salary for last few months, and it was also brought to his notice that this month salary has not been paid till date. He assured to look into this matter. Regarding revival of MTNL and BSNL, he said that in spite of negative opinion from different corners/sections, govt is trying to revive MTNL/BSNL, and for that some hard decisions are required. He said staff cost of MTNL and BSNL is very high which is to be reduced by reducing the staff strength. We strongly said that employees cannot be held responsible for today’s condition of the company. They are always prepared to do anything to save our company. Today’s condition is because of wrong policies and inefficient management. Regarding reducing staff strength, we suggested that if 3rd PRC is implemented before offering VRS, than desired target of staff reduction can be achieved through VRS only without going for reduction in retirement age. And by doing so, litigation and staff unrest can be avoided. Hon’ble Minister said that revival issue will be discussed in PMO shortly, and he will make all efforts to get positive decisions. Memorandums on our suggestions for MTNL revival and pending issues were handed over to him.
15-07-19 Meeting with Hon'ble Minister of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, Shri Arvind Sawant-- GS, MEA & Secretary General, NCOA Shri V K Tomar along with BHEL Executives Federation of India met Hon'ble Minister and discussed issues related to BHEL, BSNL & MTNL. GS, MEA apprised him about the on going developments in MTNL and requested for his help and actions to save MTNL and protect MTNL employees intrest. He assured all help and support and said that he was keeping watch on all developments. 
13-07-19 Meeting with CMD--GS, Sh V K Tomar along with CS, Sunil Kumar, Jt Secretaries, Sh R S Maan & Sh Sunil Sonkar , Shri Satyavir Singh, CT met CMD, Shri P K Purwar who was relieving yesterday for BSNL to join as Regular CMD of BSNL. We wished him for best future and discussed about payment of salary to MTNL employees and Revival of MTNL and BSNL.

regarding salary payment, he said that at this moment, I cant say any thing, only the person who will take charge of CMD , MTNL will tell about salary payment and regarding revival of mTNL and BSNL, he said that things are moving fast and group of ministers meeting will be held shortly and things will be in public domain by Tuesday


13-07-19 Meeting with ED, Delhi-- GS along with, CS Delhi, Sh Sunil Kumar, CHQ Vice President, Sh Parmil Gupta, AGS, Shri D P S Chaudhary & CT, Sh Satyavir Singh met ED Delhi yesterday and discussed following points
  1. Delay in issuing LA promotion cadre in SM(T) cadre--Association brought to the knowledge of ED that DPC has been conducted long back but promotion orders have not been issued till date. ED talked to GM(A) and assured that orders will be issued on Monday/Tuesday
  2. Delay in endorsing regular promotion orders in the cadre of DM(T)---After discussion with GM(A) and Vig wing, ED assured orders will be issued by Monday or Tuesday.
  3.  Association raised the issue of timely orders of financial up gradation of executives in all cadres on due date . Association asked him to instruct the concerned officers to call for the ACRs of the executives whose financial up gradation is due on 01-01-2019 immediately so that DPC process can be completed well before the due date so that financial upgrdation orders can be issued on 01-01-2019. ED agreed with our contention and assured to start the process immediately.
  4. Association also raised that officers working in Looking after arrangement should be retired in the the post which they are holding during their retirement in looking after arrangement. ED, supported our view and asked us to take this matter in CO because decision is to taken for both Delhi and Mumbai and assured that he will also take up with corporate office.
  5. Pending medical cases--He said he will approve all genuine cases, but payment is to be paid by CO.   
View Media Report:

11-07-19 CEC meeting of MEA Delhi circle was held on 6th July 2019 at BSNL recreation club , 5th floor Kidwai Bhawan which was presided over by Shri Pramil Gupta, CHQ Vice President and attended by large number of office bearers. Main agenda of the meeting was revival of MTNL and nonpayment of salaries for the month of June 2019. GS elaborately explained the proposal of MTNL management and DOT for which cabinet note has  been approved yesterday by Minister of Communication  and being circulated amongst the nodal ministries for their comments. We welcome this move

 GS also clarified in the CEC that MEA and Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations have taken a official stand that 3rd PRC be implemented before offering  VRS and there should not be any reduction in retirement age. Now after going through the cabinet note in which there is proposal of reduction of retirement age and no mention of 3rd PRC, Forum will hold its meeting on Monday and decide further course of action.

Regarding non payment of salary of June month, after discussion with Director (Fin) and CMD , MTNL who informed no visibility of fund availability for June salary, Forum has issued the protest notice .


17-07-2019---Lunch hour demonstration at all GM offices in Delhi & Mumbai

19-07-2019 to 20 -07-2019---Dharna infront of Office of Executive Directors of Delhi & Mumbai

Make all programmes a grand success



The Cabinet Memo on BSNL and MTNL Revival Plan is approved by the Hon Minister and will be sent to other nodal Ministries today or tomorrow for their comments:

It is learned that Cabinet Memo is redrafted based on the discussion between Cabinet Secretary and Secretary DoT.

The proposal includes:

1) 4G spectrum by 100% Govt equity infusion.

2) Taking over all the loan of BSNL and MTNL by an SPV with land parcels for equal amount.  SPV will care of debt only.


3) Allowing BSNL to monetize the remaining land, monitored by a Committee of officers from DoT and BSNL.

4) VRS for the employees above 55 years age and then retirement age reduction to 58. Funding will be through bonds having sovereign guarantee of Govt of India. The ex-gratia is worked out in such a manner that ex-gratia plus pension amount will be 25% higher than the present pay.


5) Merger of BSNL and MTNL in a phased manner after addressing the contentious issues. Initially, debt free MTNL will become a subsidiary of BSNL.


10-07-19 Pravin Kumar Purwar has been appointed as the CMD, BSNL for a period of five years. Order issued by the Personnel Ministry.
10-07-19 GS writes to CMD, MTNL regarding MTNL Staff Quarters for retired officers. <<<letter>>>

GS writes to CMD, MTNL regarding withdrawal of hired vehicle and option for OLA, UBER, etc CAB. <<<letter>>>

10-07-19 GS met GM (HR) and discussed the the pending DPCs of executive cadres today. AM (F) to DM (F) and calling of ACRs for promotion from DM(T) to SM(T) were discussed in length. Issues related to SCF and LICE quota of DM(F) was clarified to her. ACRs for SM(T) promotion will be called for shortly.
09-07-19 Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations serves protest notice for non payment of salaries to MTNL employees.


17-07-2019---Lunch hour demonstration at all GM offices in Delhi & Mumbai

19-07-2019 to 20 -07-2019---Dharna infront of Office of Executive Directors of Delhi & Mumbai


02-07-19 GS writes to CMD, MTNL regarding wrong deduction of Perquisite Tax from the salary of MTNL employees, allotted MTNL Quarters. MTNL also can save huge payment towards Perquisite Tax:


View Media Reports:


29-06-19 Consequent to the retirement upon superannuation of Sri Anupam Srivastava, CMD BSNL on 30/06/2019. In order to ensure continuity, as an interim measure and subject to approval of the ACC, the additional charge of CMD, BSNL entrusted to Sh P K Purwar, CMD MTNL for three months w.e.f. 01/07/2019, or till the appointment of a regular incumbent to the post, or until further orders.

 MEA wishes his bright career and bright future for MTNL and BSNL. <<<letter>>>

27-06-19 Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!

After long persuasion of MEA: MTNL CO issued  Regular promotion orders from AM(T) to DM(T). Please click the below link for the orders ........ <list>

Congratulations to 2009 Batch on promotion .


Meeting with CMD---

MEA & MTNL Mazdoor Sangh BMS) representatives met CMD yesterday and had a long discussion on ongoing development on MTNL revival. He informed that a high level meeting chaired by Cabinet Secretary was held on 25 th June which was attended by eight departments including  Secretary finance, expenditure, DIPAM, Niti Ayog, Pension, DPE etc. From Telecom Department, Secretary, Addl Secy, Jt Secy, Member (Fin), Member ( Services), CMD ,MTNL and CMD, BSNL attended meeting. No decision on any issue including reducing retirement age to 58 and VRS except discussion on 4G and land monetization. No positive approach at beurocratic level for MTNL/ BSNL revival. Decisions will be taken at political level. We have to pursue with Political leaders now.

27-06-19 We want BSNL/MTNL to survive: Ravi Shankar Prasad blames stiff competition, high employee cost for crisis in telecom PSU ....View Media Report.
20-06-19 GS along with AGS Sh D P S Chaudhary & Jt Secretary Sh Sunil Sonkar met GM(HR) and discussed following issues
  1. Authenticity of rumours of reduction of retirement age to 58--She informed that DOT has asked certain information and Data which are being sent to DoT
  2. Corpus for post retirement benefits--She informed that a proposal was sent to CMD, but now committee has been asked to look into this issue in comprehensive way keeping in view the other category of employees who are not getting pension from govt for the service rendered in MTNL
  3. Promotion orders from AM(T) to DM(T)-- she informed that case has been put up for CMD approval and orders will be issued shortly. 
20-06-19 DoT may choose lower retirement age over Voluntary retirement scheme ......View Media report.
20-06-19 Association representatives greeted Shri Arvind Sawant, Hon'ble Cabinet Minister, Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises. We congratulate him on being the cabinet Minister and wish all the best with the hope that his position will help us in MTNL and BSNL revival



20-05-19 Meeting with GM(HR)--GS along with CS, Delhi, Jt Secy, Shri Sunil Sonkar & DS, Sh Amit Gupta met GM(HR) on 16th May and discussed following issues-
  1. Term Insurance Policy--Association expressed its disagreement on the proposal of LIC in which it has quoted the premium only for one bracket of 18 to 60 year of age for the sum assured of Rs 20 lakhs only. Association asked GM(HR) to get quotations for different age bracket for increased amount of sum assured. She has asked to LIC representative to come with revised proposal in a week time.  
  2. Corpus for post retirement benefits to MTNL recruited officers who are not cover under CCS pension rule 1972.--She informed that she had moved file to higher ups for decision/approval.
  3. DPC for regular promotion from AM(T) to DM(T) and AM(F) to DM(F)--She informed that all preparations have been done and just waiting fresh vig clearance from Delhi Unit for AM(T) to DM(T) and case has been put up to Dir (HR)/CMD for AM(Fin) to DM(Fin) for approval to conduct DPC..

Note--AM(T) to DM(T) fresh  Vig clearance of Delhi unit will be sent today to CO

15-05-19 ED Delhi office issues Look after arrangement in the cadre of DGM(Telecom). <<order>>

ED Delhi office issues Look after arrangement in the cadre of EE(Civil). <<order>>

15-05-19 Association is persistently pursuing various HR issues in Corporate Office and had various discussions with management on many issues. Status of  some of the issues --
  1. DPCs for regular promotion in various executive cadres
  • SM to DGM---HR wing has put the case for approval of CMD for conducting the DPCs for regular promotion in the cadre of DGM(T) and DGM(Fin)
  • AM(T) to DM(T)--Screening report of both the circles have been received and corporate office is working on it for conducting DPC
  • AM(F) to DM(F)--after our long persuasion, case for holding DPC has been put for approval of CMD

 2.    Corpus for post retirement benefits to MTNL recruited employees--         After our long persuasion HR wing has put up the case to CMD for decision.  

 3.     Term insurance policy--quotation given by LIC were vary high and insured amount was very low. After our discussion with CMD and Dir (HR), a meeting with LIC representatives will be held again tomorrow to ask them to rework the proposal and quotations from other private companies have also been asked.

4.  Clarification/Guidelines regarding filling eAPAR---After Association raised the issue of long pending uncompleted eAPARs because of retirement of reporting/reviewing officers. Now CO has proposed solutions to ED Delhi and GM(IT) to resolve such issues.

09-05-19 MTNL CO issues DPC calendar for year 2019.

Please click the link for letter ... <letter>

08-05-19 GS wrote to CMD MTNL regarding wrong implementation of recruitment rules amendments and denial of promotion to about 100 Officers.

Please click the link for the letter .....  <letter>

07-05-19 Media News about BSNL/MTNL ..

EconomicsTimes : New government to take up BSNL, MTNL revival plans

03-05-19 General Secretary alongwith AGS Sh. DPS Chowdhary, Circle Secretary Sh. Sunil Kumar & Circle Treasurer Sh. Satyavir Singh met ED MTNL Delhi on 02/05/19 and discussed the issues for improvement of services in Delhi. Association gave some suggestions for improvement in revenue of Delhi unit. Association requested the ED to fill up all the vacant posts in DE/DGM  cadres on look after basis at the earliest as there is acute shortage of these cadre Officers in various units. ED assured that these look after orders will be issued shortly.  
03-05-19 GS writes CMD regarding pension revision of MTNL absorbed employees as per 7th CPC. <<letter>>

GS writes CMD regarding creation of corpus for pension of MTNL recruited employees as per 2nd PRC. <<letter>>

05-04-19 GS writes CMD regarding vacancies in the cadre of DM(Fin) for the DPC from AM(Fin) to DM(Fin). <<letter>>
View Media Reports:
02-04-19 Outcome of today's PMO meeting on BSNL/MTNL revival-- Today,  a meeting on MTNL/BSNL revival was held in PMO chaired by Principal Secretary, Shr Nirpendra Mishra. In this meeting it was learnt that PMO has agreed for 4G spectrum allocation to BSNL/MTNL, VRS for employees above 50 years, assets monetization after approval from Cabinet. It is also learnt that PMO  discussed on possibilities of MTNL and BSNL merger. PMO did not agree on reduction of retirement age from 60 to 58 years. Further details will be uploaded shortly.  
02-04-19 EPFO Pension News: The Supreme Court on Monday gave a major relief to private sector employees by dismissing EPFO's plea against the HC ruling that had asked the organisation to pay full pension to retiring employees on the basis of their total salary.  <<news>>
02-04-19 Delhi Unit has sent screening report of AM(T) to DM(T) for regular DPC to CO. Mumbai screening report is awaited. Mumbai Executives are requested to send their CR at the earliest.
02-04-19 BSNL-MTNL merger to create a financially stronger entity; employees to benefit: Frost & Sullivan <<news>>

BSNL, MTNL woes: PMO convenes meeting on April 2, 2019  <<news>>

26-03-19 ED Mumbai office issued Look After arrangement for the post of SM(T). <<list>>
25-03-19 Don’t disconnect BSNL, MTNL power connections over pending dues: DoT to state govts. <<news>>

Telecom regulator: No government reference on 4G spectrum to BSNL, MTNL. <<news>>

BSNL, MTNL may look at leveraging assets to fix finances. <<news>>

14-03-19 Joint meeting of MEA and MTNL MS ( recognized union of Delhi) was held today in Karol Bag Exchange to to discuss and decided the line of action on the present situation of MTNL where  salary and other legitimate benefits are not being paid on time. Large number office bearers of both the organizations attended meeting. GS of MEA and MTNL MS, CS, MEA and GS RTWOA Sh S S Nanda, Mahavir Singh & Ratnesh Kumar addressed the meeting and instructions were given to all office bearers to ensure filling of repatriation form by all employees and officers for further action as decided by Forum. It was stressed that Forum will fight with full strength for MTNL revival and to ensure timely payment of salary and other benefits like 3rd PRC etc.
14-03-19 Proposed protest of Forum of MTNL Unions and Association from 15th March 2019 is withdrawn after the payment of salary on 14th March 2019 . Forum had issued a protest notice to MTNL management, Minister of Communication and Secretary DOT to go on protest action from 15th March 2019 if salary is not paid by 14th March 2019. 
14-03-19 CEC Meeting of Delhi circle

 was held on 12-03-19 in Kidwai Bhawan which was presided over by Shri J R Gangwar, Vice President of Delhi Circle. Large number of office bearers attended meeting. Circle Secretary Delhi Shri Sunil K and General Secretary Sh V K Tomar briefed the house about the current issues of non payment of salary on time and revival of MTNL. It was clearly explained that there is threat to the revival of MTNL and if permanent solution of revival is not done than this situation of non payment of salary will become the permanent feature in MTNL which will l put employees and their families and great financial and mental stress, so we have to fight with full might for getting MTNL revive to ensure regular salary payment and other benefits.

GS  reminded the house of the past situations where we have come out with flying colors and achieved our all legitimate rights because of persistent struggle and persuasion by using all sort of means available in trade unins,  and assured this time also we will not leave any stone unturned to see the MTNL to come back to good financial condition and settlement of all legitimate rights like 3rd PRC, pension etc. But it will be achieved through great unity and prolonged struggle which we have started through the platform of united forum of MTNL Unions and Associations of Delhi and Mumbai. 

It was also informed that for last two months salary was paid only after the protest of forum and  this month also salary is going to paid only after the notice of Forum that if salary is not paid by 14th March than Forum will go on protest from 15th March. But this is not the way to run the company we have to find a solution where salary is paid on time with any protest. For this Forum has decided that all employees and Officers of Delhi and Mumbai will write to Secretary DOT, Minister and Prime Minister that either you ensure regular timely payment of salary, pay revision and other benefits or take all of us back to DOT to keep your assurances that after absorption benefits of employees will be better than govt. To decide further line of action, Joint meeting of Forum will be held on 14th  March.

It was also explained how after long struggle and persuasion of  our forum, revival plan was prepared and sent to DOT by our management after board approval. Now, Forum is doing all out efforts to see the approval of DCC, and will go to any any extant to ensure revival of MTNL and legitimate rights of employees.  All employees have to be ready for any sort of protest and struggle to achieve our goal. 

Repatriation form for DoT recruited employee..  repatriation

Redeployment form for MTNL recruited employee.. redeployment

08-03-19 Forum has served protest action notice to CMD and Honbl'e Minister, Secy DOT for non-payment of salary of February, 2019. <<<letter>>>
08-03-19 ED Delhi office call ACRs for looking after promotion in the cadre of DGM(Telecom). <<<letter>>>
01-03-19 Today, GS had a  discussion with CMD regarding salary payment of this month and reply of the points sought by DCC on MTNL revival. He informed that till date there is no visibility of funds availability for disbursement  of salary of this month and he is going to meet CMD Andhra Bank today regarding sanction of loan to MTNL. Regarding reply of proposals of MTNL revival sought for by DCC, he said that reply is being prepared with the stress on the importance of Public Sector Companies, MTNL/BSNL in telecom industry to  avoid private monopoly which will not be in the interest of  customers and country as a whole. Further discussion on salary payment and MTNL revival will be held next week and course of action will be decided.
28-02-19 ED Delhi has called CR for the look after promotion from DM(T) to SM(T). All eligible executives are requested to send their CR at the earliest. <<letter>>

Outcome of Digital Communication Meeting

Revival of MTNL through Introduction of Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS), Refund of interest on surrendered Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) spectrum cost and Debt Restructuring by monetisation of land &  building assets of MTNL.
The Commission noted that the telecom industry is highly competitive technology intensive and requires continuous investment. To have a comprehensive examination, the Commission asked for submission of an additional note with following information regarding financials, time taken for turn around and pros and cons of following options:
i ) If MTNL retains only fixed line (wireline) business and sell/lease out mobile (wireless) business.
ii) If MTNL sells/leases out both fixed line and mobile business and retaining land/building assets and pays its employees through land/building monetisation.
iii) If MTNL is provided the proposed revival package along with 4G allocation.


Media Report ( Times of India) about yesterday's DCC Meeting outcome -

20-02-19 Congratulations to all executives of MTNL to make today's Rally a grand grand success. Special thanks to CHQ and circle office bearers, Area Secretaries, Divisional Secretaries, Area President, Divisional president and other office bearers to mobilise to all executives of MTNL and  make arrangements to come to the Rally point at right time. We showed our strength to Govt.

After Massive rally , forum representatives (Shri V K Tomar, Shri Dharamraj Singh, and Sh Subhash Gupta )met Secretary DoT, Smt Aruna Sundarajan and Submitted memorandum to her in his chamber and informed her that ten thousand working and retired employees and officers have come in the form of rally to submit this memorandum on burning issues. Forum representatives also briefed her about the present condition of MTNL where even salary is being paid very late and there is uncertainty for future and demanded permanent solution of this situation by taking positive decisions in tomorrows DCC meeting on MTNL revival. All other issues raised in memorandum were also briefed. She gave patient hearing and assured some positive actions and decisions in tomorrows DCC meeting on MTNL revival and also assured for further discussion after DCC meeting.

For viewing Memorandum ........... <Memo>

For other photos please click the link ---<Web_link_photo>



Media coverage of Massive rally ...


MTNL seeks Rs 4130 crore refund, monetisation plan approval... <news>


Govt to discuss BSNL, MTNL revival plan today..... <News>


In Mumbai there was a grand demonstration held at Prabha Devi Telephone exchange.

We will win! Hope positive outcome in tomorrow's Digital Communication Commission meeting.

18-02-19 Meeting with CMD--

Forum representatives, Shri V K Tomar, GS/MEA, Sh Dharamraj Singh, GS/ MTNL-MS, Shri Mahavir Singh, President/ MTNL-MS & Sh Sunil Kumar, CS/MEA Delhi had a meeting with CMD and discussed  all the issues related to MTNL revival, payment of salary,3rd PRC, 30% corpus etc in length and expressed its strong resolute to find the permanent solution of MTNL revival and timely payment of salary. Forum representatives stressed that 3rd PRC implementation decision  of MTNL must be along with BSNL.  CMD informed that salary may be disbursed most probably  by 20th  and instructions may be issued today.

But we have conveyed strongly that Forum struggle is not for temporary measures but for clear decisions by govt and management for absolute revival and implementation/ solution of legitimate issues of MTNL employees/officers with timely payment of salary every month.

It has been categorically conveyed to CMD that our Mass rally to Sanchar Bhawan will continue. All employees and Officers are requested to come in 100% strength  to make Rally a grand success to give clear message to govt  that we are not going to leave any stone unturned to see revival of MTNL and settlement of other issues. DOT must take positive decisions on these issues in 21st DCC meeting


18-02-19 Bullet points submitted to  Honbl'e Minister of communication Sh Manoj Sinha Ji by Forum. <<<letter>>>
18-02-19 NCOA has given full support to 3 day strike by ALL UNIONS & ASSOCIATION in BSNL ( AUAB).

Please click the link for viewing the letter ... <letter>

16-02-19  MTNL EA Mumbai unit's protest programme pics ....  <picks>


On 15th Feb, OSD to Minister of Communication, Shri Anand Kumar called representatives of Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations to discuss the issues raised by Forum. GS, MEA, Sh V K Tomar, GS, MTNL MS ,Sh Dharamraj Singh, President MTNL MS, Sh Mahavir Singh and CS, MEA, Sh Sunil Kumar attended meeting. Non payment of salary, MTNL revival and 3rd PRC etc were discussed in details. He informed that Govt is considering MTNL issues seriously and salary of this month will be paid shortly. But, we conveyed him categorically that we are here to find the permanent solution of MTNL revival and other issues including implementation of 3rd PRC and will continue to fight till the solution. 

The Representation letter is attached please .......  <letter>

Dir (HR) also had a discussion with Forum representatives and briefed about the salary payment status and revival proposal sent to DoT which will be discussed in Digital Communication Commission on 21st Feb. Friends, MTNL revival proposal which has been placed in Commission meeting agenda is the outcome of consistent struggle and persuasion of our Forum right from MTNL Management to DoT to Hon'ble Minister. 

Now, we have to fight to ensure decision from DCC and Cabinet on MTNL revival, 3rd PRC and other issues. Make 20th Feb rally a grand success and ready for further struggle. Forum is sincerely and honestly pursuing all issues and  committed for permanent solution of all the problems. 

Have faith and fight with full might. We will surely succeed.

11-02-19 ED MUMBAI has call CR for the regular promotion from AM(T) to DM(T). All eligible executives are requested to send their CR at the earliest. <<letter>>
08-02-19 FORUM of MTNL UNIONS and ASSOCIATIONS SERVE NOTICE TO HONBLE' MINISTER OF COMMUNICATION regarding timely payment of salary and other issues. <<<letter>>>
07-02-19 Representatives of MEA and MTNL MAZDOOR SANGH met  CMD MTNL today at 3 pm for  payment of January salary earliest.  CMD told that he is trying his level best to pay the salary earliest and a series of discussion is going on in DOT. Yesterday CMD met secretary DOT in evening and gave some proposal to pay the due amount by DOT. Again secretary DOT called CMD in today morning and then discussed this issue. CMD also met Minister of communication to clear the proposals for early payment of salary. CMD will again meet with secretary DOT today at 5pm . He assured us that some decision will definitely be taken by DOT today or tomorrow. We told CMD that FORUM has taken a decision to protest if decision has not been taken by DOT/MTNL management today to pay the salary. Be ready for protest action. Programme will be finalized soon.
07-02-19 ED DELHI office issued Time bound financial upgradation from E4 to E5 in telecom cadre. <<order>>
Regarding long delay in disbursement of salaries........

Yesterday, Digital Communication Commission ( Formally known as Telecom Commission) meeting was held but Secretary Expenditure could  not attend meeting, so MTNL revival issue was not discussed and deferred . Now it will be taken up in next meeting most probably on 19th or 20th February when Secretary Expenditure will be present.

Regarding salary payment, detailed discussion was held with CMD.  He informed that till date no arrangement of fund has been made, but yesterday  he gave two proposals to Adviser ( Fin) DoT to manage funds for MTNL salary . He will try to meet Secy DoT today. It may take week time for salary disbursement probably.

Protest programme will be communicated shortly.

Regarding long delay in disbursement of  GPF amount, CMD assured to resolve it.

05-02-19 Regarding regular payment of salaries timely

MTNL EA  had a discussion with Dir (Fin) yesterday. He informed that bank loans and dues from BSNL are expected but not recieved yet . CMD also went DoT yesterday evening for managing funds. Mazdoor Sangh also talked to minister to intervene in this matter who assured to manage salary funds and also arrange a meeting with Secretary for permanant solution. Yesterday evening we along with Mazdoor Sangh and Kamgar sangh decided to launch agitation programme at the earliest. Today evening after Telecom Commission meeting, MTNL EA will discuss with CMD and let everybody informed about the actual position and further action. All efforts from different platforms are being made/planned only to see the regular payment of salary and other benefits. This is not the issue of one month salary but permanent solution. Long struggle is required for which we have planned. Be ready. No stone will be left unturned to ensure regular payment of salary and othet benefits. We will update again in the evening


AIPCOC and AIBOC massive rally

All India Public Sector and Central Government Officers’ Confederation (AIPCOC) (Sh. V.K. Tomar is the National President of AIPCOC)  , a joint platform of officers of all Central Govt. establishments, Public Sector Undertakings, Public Sector Banks etc. organized a "Maha Morcha" at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on 04th February 2019 on various issues concerning the entire officers community working in these sectors. The Maha Morcha originated in the form of a massive ‘Jatha’ from Modern School, Barakhamba Road, Delhi, at 11 a.m. and proceeded towards Parliament Street (Sansad Marg) via Tolstoy Marg and finally culminated into the ‘Morcha’ at Jantar Mantar, Parliament Street. The rally / DEMONSTRATION continued upto 4 p.m. The robust rally of not less than 20000 members was addressed by AIPCOC leadership, Hon’ble Members of Parliament, leadership of fraternal organisations as well as leaders of various central trade unions, academicians, social workers, representatives of Retirees' Association and eminent citizens. AIPCOC was overawed by the support that poured in from fraternal organizations.

Press release attached as following ........ <Press>

Photos of the rally/demonstration ........... <link>

01-02-19 ED Delhi office issue list of the eligible executives and CR call for the regular promotion from AM(T) to DM(T). <<letter>>



by NCOA,


AIPCOC and AIBOC on 04.02.2019:

About 15,000 Officers/Executives from all the sectors, Banking, Telecom, Oil, Power, Insurance, Central Govt Officers etc are expected to participate in the March.


The main demands are:

1. Remove affordability clause for Pay Revision in CPSUs.

2. Wage settlement in Public Sector Banks.

3. Allot 4G spectrum to BSNL & MTNL.

4. Stoppage of all moves towards Privatization

5. Govt support for revival of CPSUs..

6. Ensure Assured Pension for all.


<<,letter to secy DOT and CMD MTNL>>

View Media Report:

  NCOA served the notice to Govt of India to take out a rally to Prime Minister Office on 4th February, 2019 to draw the attention of Hon'ble Prime Minister towards the following issues
  1. Stoppage of all moves towards privatization/ closure of public sector units
  2. Govt support for revival of Public sector Undertakings
  3. Removing affordability clause for pay revision in PSUs
  4. alloting 4G spectrum to BSNL and MTNL
  5. Parity in taxation of CPSE employees

All officers of MTNL are requested to participate in this rally with full strength

Rally will start at 11 am from Modern School Barakhamba road, New Delhi to submit memorandum to hon'ble Prime Minister on the above issues

<<notice to cabinet secretary>>

22-01.19 Sh. V.K. Tomar , Secretary General NCOA ( a representative body of more than 250 CPSEs)   gave  notice to CABINET SECRETARY for Rally to Prime Minister Office on dated 4th February 2019 for grawing the attention of Government on the significant issues of CPSEs.

All the MTNL executives are requested to attend the same in full strength.

Please click the link for the letter ........  <notice letter> 


CHQ  Office Bearer’s  Meeting

Meeting was held in Room No. 555 Kidwai Bhawan, Janpath New Delhi to discuss issues related to MTNL revival, implementation of 3rd PRC and organizational matters.  After detailed deliberations following decisions were taken –

(1)   Protest Action Programme is to be launched for MTNL revival & implementation of 3rd PRC along with both recognized unions of Delhi/Mumbai and MTNLOA Mumbai.   The dates of the same will be decided shortly.

(2)   MTNL EA will participate in full strength in Joint Protest Programme & Maharally of NCOA/IPCOC/ AIBOC of dated 4th February 2019 for PSU revival , removal of Affordability condition from DPE orders to implement 3rd PRC and assured pension to all.

(3)  Organizational matters --  Sh. S.S. Singh and Sh. J. L. Sarode from MTNL Mumbai unit are nominated as AGS and Jt. Secy in CHQ body against vacant posts.

Following Office Bearers attended the meeting -

Sh V.K. Tomar, Sh Sunil Kumar, Sh R.S. Mann, Sh P N VASANE, Sh G P YADAV, Sh V K GANGWAR, Sh S S SHETE, Sh V S SINGH, Sh M M MANJURE, Sh J J MATHIAS, Sh VIRENDRA SINGH, Sh  A B JAVALIKAR, Sh G R NEOGI, Sh S S SINGH, Sh J L SARODE, Sh Sunil Sonkar, Sh Arun Dixit, Sh Satyavir Singh.

Please click here for photo of meeting .........  <link>


Joint Meeting with MTNL Mazdoor Sangh Delhi, MTNL Kamgar Sangh Mumbai  & MTNLOA Mumbai.

A joint meeting was held in T-28, Atul Grove Road New Delhi ( MTNL MS office),  which was attended by all the CHQ office Bearers/ Circle Secretaries  and other Circle Office Bearers of Delhi/Mumbai . Issues related to MTNL revival & implementation of 3rd PRC were discussed in detail and it was decided that both the recognized Unions & Officers/Executives Associations of Delhi/Mumbai will launch a Trade Union action programme  to press the MTNL Management/Government.

Please click the link .... <link>


Meeting with Director (HR)

GS along with CHQ/Circle Office Bearers of Mumbai met  Dir (HR) and had a detailed discussion on HR and EB issues. Various issues related to Officers and MTNL revival were discussed in the meeting which lasted for two hours.


Meeting with Director ( Tech.)

GS along with CHQ/Circle Office Bearers of Mumbai met  Dir (T) and had a discussion on service matters related to Mumbai unit.  Various issues related to Officers and MTNL revival were discussed in the meeting which lasted for two hours.


07-01-19 ED MTNL ND office issues Look-after CAO list .

 Please click the link for details ....... <list>


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